Volume 14

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Outspoken Tomboys and Arrogant Women: Four 10th-Grade Girls' Talk about Female Characters in English Class (PDF 269 K)
Pamela Hartman

Welcoming and Educating Students' Emotional Responses to Disturbing Literature (PDF 258 K)
Alexandra DeSiato and Elaine J. O'Quinn

Childhood Readers of the Classics: A Narrative and Biographical Account (PDF 304 K)
Jane M. Gangi

Literacy as a Means for Re-Imagining a Woman's Identity(PDF 293 K)
Mariana Souto-Manning

Chanting Flowers (PDF 267 K)
Zsuzsanna Bacsa Palmer

Getting to Here from There: One Woman's Journey from the South Bronx to the Academy(PDF 173 K)
Yolanda Sealey-Ruiz


Waves(PDF 150 K)
Pamela Waterbury

Running in Montpellier: Winter (PDF 150K)
Pamela Waterbury

Grandmother's Hands(PDF 150 K)
Pamela Waterbury


Acceptance Speech for the Rewey Belle Inglis Award (PDF 100 K)
Patricia P. Kelly

Call for Manuscripts(PDF 82 K)

Membership Application(PDF 59K)

Radiya Rashid