WILLA v9 - Poetry - Being Female/Being Male Who's Talking?

Volume 9
Fall 2000

Being Female/Being Male
Who's Talking?

I like wearing pink and playing with dolls.
I like getting dressed up in elegant dresses and being made to look like a princess…
…because I am a girl.

I like giving advice without judging.
I like helping people by showing them gentleness and compassion…
…because I am a friend.

I like giving all of myself until a task is complete.
I like playing all the positions and scoring the winning points in the last seconds of the game
… because I am and athlete.

I like building bridges for those who need them.
I like setting down rules and keeping people in line and on task…
…because I am a leader.

I like wiping tears and aiding a skinned knee or a broken heart.
I like knowing that I am part of a person's life and can never be replaced…
…because I am a mother.

I like cutting the path through discouragement and disappointment for those who follow.
I like being the example of how to keep your head up in defeat and not strut with victory…
…because I am a role model.

I like knowing that I can do anything and be wonderful at it.
I like having dreams, dealing in facts, never losing touch with my ideals…
…because I am a girl.


Bob Dandoy's Senior English class, Kams City High School, PA
in response to the Willa poster "Who's Talking"

by Radiya Rashid