WILLA Volume 1 - WILLA Directory

Volume 1
Fall 1992

Jo Gillikin, The College of Staten Island
Fran Holman Johnson, Louisiana Tech University

Jane L. Christensen, Past Deputy Executive Director, NCTE
Ruth K. J. Cline, University of Colorado, Past President, NCTE
Janet Emig, Rutgers University, Past President, NCTE
Kim Gandy, Secretary, National Organization of Women
Lenore Hoffman, Borough of Manhattan Community College
Nancy McHugh, Past President, NCTE
Sallie Rose Hollis, Consulting Editor

Elouise Bell, Brigham Young University
Jeanne Gerlach, West Virginia University
Shirley A. Rau, Nampa High School, Nampa, Idaho
Silver Stanfill, University of Anchorage
Ann Trousdale, Louisiana State University

Elementary School -- Sandra DeCosta, West Virginia University
Secondary School -- Pat Bloodgood, J.F. Kennedy H.S., Bellmore, N.Y.
College -- Nancy Huse, Augustana College, Rock Island, Illinois

Lynne Alvine, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Deborah Andrist, Baylor University
Elouise Bell, Brigham Young University
Patricia L. Daniel, University of Houston, Victoria
Betty Hart, University of Southern Indiana
Joan Hartman, College of Staten Island
Elizabeth Morris, Columbia College
John Sutton, Francis Marion College

OFFICERS (Fall 1991-Fall 1992)
Chair -- Sue Ellen Holbrook, Southern Connecticut State University
Associate Chair -- Deanne Bogdan, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education
Secretary -- Elizabeth Isele, Scholastic, Inc.
Treasurer -- Irene M. Myles, Louisiana Tech University
Program Chairs -- Lynne Alvine, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Lynn Butler-Kisber, McGill University
Newsletter Editors -- Betty Hart, University of Southern Indiana
Lisa McClure, Southern Illinois University

PUBLISHED BY the Women in Literature and Life Assembly, National Council of Teachers of English, once a year in October/November. The staff, the Assembly, and NCTE do not necessarily endorse the views presented in the journal.

WILLA, Volume I, Fall 1992

by CNB