WILLA v1 - The Acquisitive Maiden

Volume 1
Fall 1992

The Acquisitive Maiden

He flattered her with painted words and phrases.
His talk of wedding bells remained evasive.
In time, he might have won her
Had it not been for a blunder
Which has foiled so many scoundrels thru the ages.

Come summer while he itemized his cravings,
He tactlessly inquired about her savings.
Her answer was to scorn him,
As there had been no forewarning
Of such interest which the lady thought outrageous.

She told him that his friendship had been tested.
"Found wanting" was the way that she expressed it.
And when the autumn leaves turned yellow,
She latched onto an honest fellow
Who taught her how to triple her investment.

By Maryjane O 'Connor

Reference Citation: O'Connor, Maryjane. (1992). The acquisitive maiden. WILLA, Volume I, 11.

by Radiya Rashid