WILLA v2 - Secondary Editor

Volume 2
Fall 1993

Secondary Editor

Barbara A. Schaffner

In the first issue of WILLA, Pat Bloodgood called for teachers with a growing interest in women's issues to join our Women in Literature and Life Assembly (WILLA). At our membership booth in Louisville, Kentucky, in November, 1992, we were pleased to register a large number of new members, especially secondary school teachers.

Too often when we speak about women in life, we overlook the young women from ninth to twelfth grade, who experience abusive boyfriends, overly affectionate instructors, date rape, and other problems just as do their older counterparts. Perhaps these young women are all the more vulnerable because they see themselves as students rather than adults. Consequently, there is a need for all of us, particularly educators, to be aware and to make young women aware that they are not alone with these problems.

As we sat at the booth in Louisville and talked with new members and interested questioners, person after person expressed happiness and approval of WILLA and its efforts in women's issues. The requests for our guide to a gender-based curriculum were numerous, and our rolls increased by more than a hundred new members. Now we encourage you to send us topics and ideas for programs for young women which might be developed into NCTE presentations or workshops for teachers to help all women deal with the problems and issues of living in today's world.

We look forward to seeing you in Pittsburgh in 1993.

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Reference Citation : Schaffner, Barbara. (1993). Column as secondary editor. WILLA , Volume II, 4.