WILLA v2 - Cinderella Plays the Palace

Volume 2
Fall 1993

Cinderella Plays the Palace

"My foot ain't gonna wear
No glass slipper, honey."
That's what I said.
This stud comes drivin' up
In a big white hog.
Out he prances and smiles
Like butter won't melt in his mouth
And talk -- that boy could talk
He wants to tell me his life story
All 'bout his momma and daddy wantin'
Him to get married.
All 'bout his long lost love.
"Shee-it," I said, "I am
A workin' girl, honey.
I ain't got time to stand here
And listen to this shit."
Then he hauls out this
Glass stilleto heeled open toe number
Sittin' on this cute little satin pillow.
No kinky stuff, honey.
I don't do no kinky stuff."
But no, he says.
He only wants me to try the damn thing on
'Cause if it fits
He gonna take care of me
And take me to the palace
And feed me bon-bons
And I won't never have
To work no more.
Talk, they all talk, honey.
And I've heard that shit before
And I figured what kind of schmuck
Needs to find his woman by her shoe size.
"I am a working girl, honey,
And that will be ten dollars...
Dance what do you mean
You want me to dance?
For that, honey, I charge extra."

by Karen Fulton

KAREN UITVLUGT FULTON is an Associate Professor of English and coordinator of the Writing Placement Examination at Missouri Western State College.

Copyright 1993, The Women in Literature and Life Assembly of the National Council of Teachers of English (ISSN #1065-9080). Permission is given to copy any article provided credit is given and the copies are not intended for resale.

Reference Citation : Fulton, Karen. (1993). Cinderella plays the palace. WILLA , Volume II, 30.