WILLA Volume 3 - Table of Contents

Volume 3
Fall 1994

Table of Contents



Beauty and the Beast -- Wedding Still Pending: Male-Female Integration in the Legendary Fable
by Elouise Bell

It's A Long Lane That Has No Turning
by Barbara Dreher

Casey Miller and Kate Swift: Women Who Dared to Disturb the Lexicon
by Elizabeth Isele

Balsa Women
by Kathleen Rohr

Voice Breaks to Fingers
by Donna Decker

Bearing Witness
by Martha Marinara

Feminist and Other(?) Pleasures
by Alayne Sullivan

This Thing of Memory
by Andrena Zawinski

Kate Chopin's "Lilacs" and the Story of the Annunciation
by Jacqueline Olson Padgett

The Little Details of Our Lives
by Deborah Straw

The Question of the Personal: "Woman" in the Academy
by Carol L. Winkelmann

Teaching Ain't No Joke: A Response
by Allison McCormack and Kathryn C. Lacey

We Remember Skinning Chicken
by Andrena Zawinski

Book Reviews

Weaving in the Women
reviewed by Margaret Carlson

Re-educating the Imagination: Toward a Poetics, Politics, and Pedagogy of Literary Engagement
reviewed by M. Alayne Sullivan

Missing Chapters
reviewed by H. Thomas McCracken

Failing At Fairness: How America's Schools Cheat Girls
reviewed by Jeanne Gerlach



From the Editor
Jo Gillikin, Fran Holman Johnson

Section Editors:

Early Childhood and Elementary Editor
Vicki Silver Zack

Secondary Editor
Barbara A. Schaffner

College Editor
Driek Zirinsky

CALL FOR PAPERS for the fourth issue of WILLA, the journal of the NCTE Women in Literature and Life Assembly: The editors encourage varied perspectives, formats, and voices. Contributions should focus on the status and the image of women. Contributions might include critical essays, teaching strategies for all levels, bibliographies, personal essays, and other creative works. Each should be no more than twelve double-spaced, typed pages. Three copies of the submissions should be sent. Include word count and a self-addressed envelope to which stamps are clipped. Please use MLA style. Author's name and institutional affiliation should not appear on the manuscript. Receipt of manuscripts will be acknowledged promptly if a self-addressed, stamped card or envelope is included. Deadline for receipt of manuscripts is April 30, 1995. Mail to: WILLA, Jo Gillikin, Editor, 380 Riverside Drive, 37, New York, New York 10025.