WILLA Volume 5 - Table of Contents

Volume 5
Fall 1996

Table of Contents



"A Good Aunt Is More to a Poet Than a Patron:" Mary Moody Emerson, a Model of Self-Reliance
by Janice Battiste

A Different Kind of Wonderful
by Pat Bloodgood

The Gaia Genesis
by Marilyn Day

Ties That Blind
by Barbara Dreher

Piecing It: The Mother-Quilter as Artist and Historian
by Angeline Godwin Dvorak

Mother's Fasting
by Sita Kapadia

Revisiting Shakespeare and Gender
by Jeanne Gerlach, Rudolph Almasy, and Rebecca Daniel

Strawberry Moon
by Lee Ann Hughes

Knowing Your Place
by Sita Kapadia

Book Review of A Voice of Her Own: Women and the Journal-Writing Journey
by Leonore Hoffmann Walters

Journals Spanning Time: Virginia Woolf, the Indigo Girls, Me
by Michelle Lee

Review of Orenstein's SchoolGirls: Young Women, Self-Esteem, and the Confidence Gap
by Robin Milanovich

Tara's Story
by Sharon Shelton-Colangelo

My Name's Not Susie : A Model for Teaching the Literacy Narrative
by Nancy Thompson

The Mother/Daughter Dilemma: The Failure of Motherhood in Wilkie Collins' The Woman in White
by Julianne White



From the Editor's Desk...
Jo Gillikin

Section Editors:

Establishing Learning Patterns
Sara Allen, Elementary Section Editor

Barbara Schaffner
Patricia P. Kelly

Reflecting on Retirement
Bruce C. Appleby, Retired Section Editor

Call for Papers

The editors of WILLA, the journal of the NCTE Women in Literature and Life Assembly, encourage contributions from varied perspectives, formats, and voices. Contributions should focus on the status and image of women. Contributions may include criticial essays, teaching strategies for all levels, bibliographies, personal essays, and other creative works. Each should be no more than twelve double-spaced, typed pages and use current MLA style for documentation. Send three copies of the manuscript with the word count included and a self-addressed, stamped envelope. Author's name and institutional affiliation should not appear on the manuscript. Deadline is April 30, 1999. Mail to: Jo Gillikin, Editor, 380 Riverside Drive, 3F, New York, NY 10025.

New Editor information: Lee Williams, 325 Normal Avenue, Slippery Rock, PA 16057