WILLA Volume 7 - Table of Contents

Volume 7
Fall 1998

Table of Contents


Using Sexism to Enlighten:
Robert Herrrick and other `Wanton Amblers' Shanfield suggests the process of "re-vision" of sexist literature acts as a vaccine against sexist thought.
by Lillian Shanfield

Honoring the Difficult and the Different in the Classroom:
Walker's The Same River Twice, The Color Purple, and Communicative Ethics Using Walker's texts to critique assumptions about difference as normalcy or deviancy enables heterogeneously grouped students to acknowledge simultaneous realities within both a seemingly uniform classroom and within texts themselves.
by Danette DiMarco

On Receiving the Rewey Belle Inglis Award
by Leila Christenbury

Chicana Writers on Carmen Tafolla and Sandra Cisneros
Using Friere's theories about teaching, Flores shows how basic writers who examine their lives and their history through reading about their culture improve their writing
by Berta Flores

Telling un Cuento in Travel and Journal Writing—Project Chiapas
A university based research project in Chiapas, Mexico results in a broader coming to know than expected for the author as she makes connections with her past and her students by writing about her experience.
by Linda Rader Overman

Karle Baker Wilson: The Making of a Texas Poet
We learn of Wilson, a poet who gained national prominence against the odds, and who has slipped from contemporary popularity.
by Sarah R Jackson


by Angela Schmidt

Hand Me Down
by Kathenne Schmidt

Far Too Long
by Marianne Peel Forman


Book Review: Gold Rush Women
by Diana Mitchell

Teachers Write: From the Schools

The War Against Whole Language and Reform-Oriented Mathematics
by Vicki Zack

Seizing "One Moment in Time"
by Ruth McClain

Trying to Do It All
by Patricia Kelly