WILLA Volume 8 - Table of Contents

Volume 8
Fall 1999

Table of Contents


Famous Mothers (And Others): Notebook of a First Year Teacher
by Cynthia Miller

In Search of Janie: Tracking Character Development and Literary Elements in Their Eyes Were Watching God
by Judi Berridge

Writer in the Workshop
by Candice Rowe

Bathtubbing It: The Writing Process of a Teacher-Writer-Woman
by Kathleen Evans

Wrestling with the Angel of the House: Collections of Interviews with Women Writers
by Terry Martin

A Woman's Journey to Wholeness: The Diaries of Janette Miller, 1879-1869
by Liz Rohan


Salem, Then and Also Now
by Elizabeth R. Curry

Flu Season and Fuzzy Caterpillar
by Elizabeth R. Curry

Departments Teachers Write: Report Card on Equity:

Gender-based Achievement Gaps: There is Something a Teacher Can Do
by Edna Brabham, Elementary Representative

Gender Representation in College and Elementary Classrooms
by Jane Chapman, College Representative

Tears, Not-so-idle Tears
by Carol Sullivan, Secondary Representative

Content vs. Pedagogy or Content and Pedagogy?
by Pat Bloodgood, Retired Representative

by Radiya Rashid