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Date:         Mon, 2 May 1994 08:45:48 EDT
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From:         IAN.WORTHINGTON@classics.utas.edu.au
Subject:      *ELECTRONIC ANTIQUITY* 1, 8
----------------------------Original message----------------------------
[Apologies: a problem with my distribution list has meant that this
announcement/issue is coming out a couple of days later than planned.  IW]
As a subscriber to *Electronic Antiquity* you are now being contacted to
let you know that April's issue (Volume 1 Issue 8) is now available.  A
list of contents and access instructions follow.
ISSN 1320-3606
Peter Toohey (Founding Editor)
Ian Worthington (Editor)
VOL. 1 ISSUE 8 - APRIL 1994
Fantham, Elaine, 'New Directions in Latin Literary Criticism'
Tarrant, Harold, 'Chronology and Narrative Apparatus in
        Plato's Dialogues'
Goetsch, Sallie R., 'Aristophanes *Wasps* in Detroit'
Powell, Barry B., 'R. Thomas, *Literacy and Orality in
        Classical Greece*'
Chair of Classics, University of New England
Lectureship in Ancient History, University of Reading
International Society for the Classical Tradition,
        Boston University (call for papers)
        University of Tuebingen (announcement)
Electronic Forums & Repositories for the Classics
        by Ian Worthington
*Electronic Antiquity* Vol. 1 Issue 8 - April 1994
edited by Peter Toohey and Ian Worthington
ISSN 1320-3606
A general announcement (aimed at non-subscribers) that
the journal is available will be made in approximately 12
hours time over the lists - as a subscriber you will be
automatically contacted in advance when future issues
are available.
Volume 1 Issue 9 will be published in May 1994.
The editors welcome contributions (all articles will be refereed,
however a section - *Positions* - will exist for those wishing
to take a more controversial stance on things).
Access is via gopher or ftp.
The journal file name of this issue is 1,8-April1994;
Volume 1 Issues 1-7 may also be accessed in the same way.
-- info.utas.edu.au and through gopher:
-- open top level document called Publications
-- open Electronic Antiquity.
-- open 1,8-April1994
-- open (01)contents first for list of contents, then other files as appropriate
-- FTP.utas.edu.au (or ftp.info.utas.edu.au)
        --> departments --> classics --> antiquity.
-- In Antiquity you will see the files as described above.
Since a few people had problems accessing the journal via ftp,
here are the stages in more detail:
at your system prompt: FTP
at the subsequent prompt: open FTP.utas.edu.au
at login prompt: anonymous
at password: your username (which won't show)
then: cd departments
then: cd classics
then: cd antiquity
then: ls -l
then: cd 1,8-April1994
then: ls -l
   You will now have a list of the various directories (the 'd'
   beginning each line 'drwx....' indicates you're dealing with
   a directory)
then: cd (into whichever directory you want)
then: ls -l
   If the first character in the line is not 'd', you've got a file.
   Use the 'get' command plus the file name to download.  If you're
   still in a directory, use the 'ls-l' command to list its contents.
        Use 'get' to transfer files.
To move back up the directory tree:
type: cdup
then: ls -l
And repeat the process.
If still having trouble, try, once you have the directory list for
the journal:
Type (for example)       cd (01)Contents
Your response should be 'CWD command successful', but no list.
Type                     ls-l
Your response should be in a form such as:
-rw-rw-r--1  1689  77030  DATE  TIME contents
Type  get contents
and you should have a copy.
A final alternative if a space is magically inserted in the parenthesis
of the file number is to specify:
CD ./(01)Contents
Please also be very careful when ftping *not* to leave *any* spaces
in file names or make typos.
Do NOT use Telnet.
The best way to access the journal (in terms of both ease and
time) is by gopher, and we would urge you to do so.  The
structure of the journal is also more easily recognisable on gopher.
Please try to access *here* in Tasmania  either during the night,
very early morning or at weekends, since during the business
day the lines are crammed.  This means you'll need to check
with (e.g.) the international operator for the right time difference.
Queries and contributions may be directed to the editors at:
Peter Toohey (ptoohey@metz.une.edu.au)
Ian Worthington (ian.worthington@classics.utas.edu.au)
Ian Worthington,
Department of Classics,
University of Tasmania,
Hobart, Tasmania 7001,
Tel. (002) 20-2294 (direct)
Fax (002) 20-2288
e-mail:  Ian.Worthington@classics.utas.edu.au
Date:         Fri, 6 May 1994 15:07:41 EDT
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From:         Herbert Jacob <mzltov@nwu.edu>
Subject:      Info on CD Roms
An association to which I belong  (Law & Society) is thinking about putting
the back issues of its journal on CR-ROM.  Does anyone have experience with
that?  Whom should one contact to get price estimates?
Please respond to j-casper@nwu.edu with a copy to mzltov@nwu.edu.
Date:         Wed, 11 May 1994 16:02:53 EDT
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From:         hrosenba@ucs.indiana.edu
Subject:      Netiquette ???????????
This announcement came across my screen this morning. The
book seems interesting enough, but what caught my eye was
that the author or publisher has trademarked the term
Would this mean that the people who post the netiquette
files on USENET now have to ask for permission? Pay a
small fee? I can't sell my "Netiquette is for geeks"
t-shirts anymore? 
Is this reminiscent of Comptons' attempt to patent
Just wondering on a beautiful summer day in Bloomington,
Indiana (the annular eclipse, which has just run its course,
seems to have affected our cognitive abilities...)
>Date: Tues, 10 May 94 11:31:33
>From: <net-happenings@is.internic.net>
>Subject: BOOK> _Netiquette_ (fwd)
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>Forwarded by Gleason Sackman - InterNIC net-happenings moderator
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>Date: Tue, 10 May 1994 08:25:35 -0700
>Sender: seth@albion.com (Seth Ross)
>Subject: BOOK> _Netiquette_
>                        A L B I O N    B O O K S
>   P R O U D L Y   A N N O U N C E S   T H E   P U B L I C A T I O N   O F
>                        N E T I Q U E T T E   <--------!!!!!!!!!!! [My
 editorial addition]
>                     B Y  V I R G I N I A  S H E A
>"Mandatory reading for new users of the Internet. It should be bundled with
>every modem..." -- from the foreword by Guy Kawasaki
>Netiquette / by Virginia Shea
>160 pages / 6" X 9" / $19.95
>Albion Books / info@albion.com
>ISBN 0-9637025-1-3
[Stuff deleted]
~Howard Rosenbaum~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~~~School of Library and Information Science~~~~
~~~~Indiana University~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~~~~~Bloomington, Indiana 47405-1801 USA~~~
~~~~~~812-855-5113 [Vox~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~812-855-6166 [Fax~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Date:         Tue, 17 May 1994 16:48:02 EDT
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From:         "C. M. Sperberg-McQueen" <u35395@uicvm.bitnet>
Organization: ACH/ACL/ALLC Text Encoding Initiative
Subject:      TEI Guidelines published
----------------------------Original message----------------------------
Readers of this list/group will, I hope, be interested in the following
announcement; please feel free to re-post it to other appropriate
lists and groups.  Thanks. -CMSMcQ
On May 16, the Text Encoding Initiative (TEI) publishes its
"Guidelines for Electronic Text Encoding and Interchange."
This report is the product of several years' work by over a hundred
experts in fields ranging from computational linguistics to Ancient
Greek literature. The Guidelines define a format in which electronic
text materials can be stored on, or transmitted between, any kind of
computer from a personal microcomputer to a university mainframe. The
format is independent of the proprietary formats used by commercial
software packages.
The TEI came into being as the result of the proliferation of mostly
incompatible encoding formats, which was hampering cooperation and reuse
of data among researchers and teachers.  Creating good electronic texts
is an expensive and time-consuming business.  The object of the TEI was
to ensure that such texts, once created, could continue to be useful
even after the systems on which they were created had become obsolete.
This requirement is a particularly important one in today's rapidly
evolving computer industry.
To make them "future-proof", the TEI Guidelines use an international
standard for text encoding known as SGML, the Standard Generalized
Markup Language.  SGML was originally developed by the publishing
industry as a way of reducing the costs of typesetting and reuse of
electronic manuscripts but has since become widely used by software
developers, publishers, and government agencies.  It is one of the
enabling technologies which will help the new Digital Libraries take
The TEI Guidelines go beyond many other SGML applications currently in
use.  Because they aim to serve the needs of researchers as well as
teachers and students, they have a particularly ambitious set of goals.
They must be both easily extensible and easily simplified.  And their
aim is to specify methods capable of dealing with all kinds of texts, in
all languages and writing systems, from any period in history.
Consequently, the TEI Guidelines provide recommendations not only for
the encoding of prose texts, but also for verse, drama, and other
performance texts, transcripts of spoken material for linguistic
research, dictionaries, and terminological data banks.
The Guidelines provide detailed specifications for the documentation of
electronic materials, their sources, and their encoding.  These
specifications will enable future librarians to catalogue electronic
texts as efficiently and reliably as they currently catalogue printed
The TEI Guidelines also provide optional facilities which can be added
to the set of basic recommendations.  These include methods for encoding
hypertext links, transcribing primary sources (especially manuscripts),
representing text-critical apparatus, analyzing names and dates,
representing figures, formulae, tables, and graphics, and categorizing
of texts for corpus-linguistic study.  The Guidelines also define
methods of providing linguistic, literary, or historical analysis and
commentary on a text and documenting areas of uncertainty or ambiguity.
The TEI Guidelines have been prepared over a six-year period with grant
support from the U.S. National Endowment for the Humanities,
Directorate General XIII of the Commission of the European Union, the
Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, and the Social Science and Humanities
Research Council of Canada.  The effort is largely the product of the
volunteer work of over a hundred researchers who donated time to share
their experience in using computers and to work out the specific
recommendations in the Guidelines.
The project is sponsored by three professional societies active in the
area of computer applications to text-based research:  the Association
for Computers and the Humanities, the Association for Literary and
Linguistic Computing, and the Association for Computational Linguistics,
which have a combined membership of thousands of scholars and
researchers worldwide.
Many projects in North America and Europe have already declared their
intention of applying the TEI Guidelines in the creation of the large
scale electronic textual resources which are increasingly dominating the
world of humanities scholarship.
The Guidelines are available in paper form or electronic form over the
Internet.  For more information contact the TEI editors by e-mail at
tei@uic.edu or lou@vax.ox.ac.uk. Orders may be placed at the TEI offices
in Chicago, Oxford or Chiba, addresses of which follow:
In Europe: TEI Orders, Oxford University Computing Services,
          13 Banbury Road, Oxford OX2 6NN, UK
          fax +44 865 273275
In East Asia: Prof. Syun Tutiya, Department of Philosophy
          Chiba University, 1-33 Yayoi-cho Inage-ku
          Chiba 263, Japan
          fax: +81 43 290 2287
Rest Of World:  C. M. Sperberg McQueen, University of Illinois at
         Chicago, Academic Computing Center (M/C 135), 1940 W. Taylor,
         Rm. 124, Chicago IL  60612-7352, USA
         fax: +1 312 668 6834
Date:         Tue, 17 May 1994 16:48:24 EDT
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From:         Ann Okerson <ann@cni.org>
Subject:      Directory of E-Journals, 4th Edition
----------------------------Original message----------------------------
Please excuse all cross-postings.   The editors
For Immediate Release:  May 23, 1994
To Order Contact:
ARL Publications
(phone) 202-296-2296
(fax)   202-872-0884
(e-mail)  osap@cni.org
The Association of Research Libraries announces publication of the
Fourth Edition of the hard-copy standard reference work for serials on
the Internet: the Directory of Electronic Journals, Newsletters, and
Academic Discussion Lists.
The extraordinary rate of expansion of microcomputers and linked
networks as vehicles for scholarly exchange, along with growth in the
rate of the use of the Internet, does not abate.  The number of
journals, newsletters, and serial-like academic publications continues
to increase daily and scholarly communication expands in exciting new
ways.  Although many journals, newsletters, and scholarly lists may be
accessed free of charge through Internet and affiliated networks, it is
not always simple to find what is available.  The new edition of the
Directory is a compilation of entries for nearly 1800 scholarly lists
and some 440 electronic journals, newsletters, and related titles such
as newsletter-digests -- an increase in size of about 70% since the
third edition of April 1993 and 3.5 times since the first edition of
July 1991.  The directory provides instructions for electronic access to
each publication.  The objective is to assist the user in finding
relevant publications and connecting to them quickly, even if he or she
is not completely versed in the full range of user-access systems.
Diane Kovacs of the Kent State University Libraries continues to lead
the KSU team -- nine individuals who collaboratively created the fourth
edition's scholarly discussion lists and interest groups section.
Principal compiler of the journals and newsletters section is Lisabeth
A.  King, Research Assistant for the ARL Office of Scientific & Academic
Publishing, with support from Dru Mogge, Electronic Services
Coordinator.  Ann Okerson of the ARL/OSAP is overall project coordinator
for the printed directory.
The printed directory points to the widely available Kovacs files as the
free-of-charge Internet sources for the discussion lists section.
According to the OSAP, it is ARL's intent to make an abridged version of
the journals section available on its Internet server as well, during
summer, 1994.   A diskette version will be available in June.
The Fourth Edition is produced in 8.5 x 11 paperbound format in 588
pages.  Scholarly lists are grouped by broad subject areas, and journals
and newsletters are in alphabetical order.  A substantial index of
keywords, titles, and institutional affiliations is provided.  As in the
previous three years, frontmatter of value to electronic serial readers
is included.
A scholarly article, Geoffrey Nunberg's (Xerox PARC) "The Places of
Books in the Age of Electronic Representation," reprinted with
permission from the University of California Press journal
Representations (Spring 1993) leads.  It is followed by other
commissioned articles related to electronic journals.  Jean-Claude
Guedon, co-editor of the electronic journal Surfaces and a specialist in
the History of Science at the University of Montreal, contributes an
essay on "categorizing" serials in a new medium.  Birdie MacLennan of
the University of Vermont has prepared a listing and assessment of sites
for electronic serials that are maintained by various organizations on
the Internet.  Again, David Robison of NorthWestNet offers an updated
annual bibliography of articles on electronic publishing.  A new
addition is Steve Outing's early listing of newspapers available on the
Internet, a project he has begun and hopes to expand in detail.
The Association of Research Libraries is a not-for-profit organization
representing 119 research libraries in the United States and Canada.
Its mission is to identify and influence forces affecting the future of
research libraries in the process of scholarly communication.  ARL
programs and services promote equitable access to, and effective use of
recorded knowledge in support of teaching, research, scholarship, and
community service.  These programs include annual statistical
publications, federal relations and information policy, and enhancing
access to scholarly information resources through telecommunications,
collection development, preservation, and bibliographic control.  The
Office of Scientific and Academic Publishing works to identify and
influence the forces affecting the production, dissemination, and use of
scholarly and scientific information.
Pricing:        $54.00, PLUS postage/shipping/handling (inquire for
                rates depending on country)
Discount:       To ARL member libraries (inquire)
All orders must be prepaid in U.S. Dollars only, or we accept MasterCard
and Visa.
Date:         Sun, 22 May 1994 20:38:52 EDT
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From:         IAN.WORTHINGTON@classics.utas.edu.au
Subject:      *EA* announcement
----------------------------Original message----------------------------
Peter Toohey (Founding Editor)
Ian Worthington (Editor)
We would like to announce the following editorial board of *EA*:
Jenny Strauss-Clay (Virginia)
Elaine Fantham (Princeton)
Joseph Farrell (Pennsylvania)
Sallie Goetsch (Michigan)
Mark Golden (Winnipeg)
Peter Green (Austin)
William Harris (Columbia)
Brad Inwood (Toronto)
Barry Powell (Wisconsin)
Harold Tarrant (Newcastle, NSW)
The editors welcome submissions to the journal, and aim to have articles
peer-refereed and, if accepted, published within 1-2 months.  Those sending
"kite-flying" pieces are not subject to review, and appear in a section
Ian Worthington,
Department of Classics,
University of Tasmania,
Hobart, Tasmania 7001,
Tel. (002) 20-2294 (direct)
Fax (002) 20-2288
e-mail:  Ian.Worthington@classics.utas.edu.au
Date:         Sun, 22 May 1994 20:41:37 EDT
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              and Access" <vpiej-l@vtvm1.bitnet>
From:         XIMENA VALENZUELA PEREZ <xvalenzu@cipres.bitnet>
Organization: Universidad de Chile, Depto. de Ciencias de la Computacion
Subject:      Delay Lines for audio effects
----------------------------Original message----------------------------
Walter Hans Scheu Torres. (Wst)               | Los computadores se inventaron
Estudiante de Ingenieria Civil en Computacion.|para hacer mas agradable la vida
Universidad de Chile.                         |de los usuarios, no para tener
(I &@!%$*&^ CEC)                              |mas problemas y burocracia.
Date:         Sun, 22 May 1994 20:47:44 EDT
Reply-To:     John Merritt Unsworth <jmu2m@jefferson.village.virginia.edu>
Sender:       "Publishing E-Journals : Publishing, Archiving,
              and Access" <vpiej-l@vtvm1.bitnet>
From:         John Merritt Unsworth <jmu2m@jefferson.village.virginia.edu>
Subject:      IATH publications by WWW
----------------------------Original message----------------------------
The Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities
Publishes it First and Second Series of Research Reports:
                     * * * * * * *
As of May 20th, 1994, the following reports are available via
the World-Wide Web, at http://jefferson.village.virginia.edu/
Under the heading Publications:
Research Reports, First Series (1993)
        Ed Ayers, "The Valley of the Shadow: Living the Civil
        War in Pennsylvania and Virginia"
                The Archive
                        Geographic Information
                        Military Rosters
                The Story
        Jerome McGann, "The Complete Writings and Pictures of
        Dante Gabriel Rossetti: A Hypermedia Research Archive"
                The Paintings, Drawings, and Designs
                The Poems
                The Prose Works and Fragments
                The Translations
Research Reports, Second Series (1994)
        Ellen Contini-Morava, "Semantic Stucture of Swahili
        Noun Classes"
                The Swahili Noun Class System
                Preliminary Results
        John Dobbins, "The Forum at Pompeii"
                        Nature of This Report
                The Macellum
                The Imperial Cult Building
                The Sanctuary of the Genius of Augustus
                The Eumachia Building
        Hoyt Duggan, "Piers Plowman"
                Creating an Electronic Archive of Piers Plowman
                        The Nature of the Problem
                        The Piers Plowman Electronic Archive
                        Activity at IATH from July 1993-May 1994
                The Electronic Archive--a sample
                        Critical Text
                        B Archetype
                        Documentary Editions
                        Manuscript Descriptions
                        Linguistic Descriptions of Manuscripts
                        Textual Facsimiles
                        Sample Collations
        Mike Gorman, "The Bell Notebooks"
                Master Map
                        Sound Into Visible Form
                        Sound into Current
In addition to the research reports, the Institute also makes
available the following:
        Staff, Technical Reports
                Minutes from IATH Meetings, 6/92 - present
                        Virtual Disk on Tape
                        Songs from Naked Lunch on an RS6000
                Digital Images
                        Capturing Digital Images
                        Manipulating Digital Images
                        An Image Annotation Tool
                        A General Archival Format
                        Using Autocad to Reconstruct Pompeii
                Using the Net
                        Using the World-Wide Web
                                Setting up a server
                                Controlling access
                                Managing Web Documents
                                Creative Uses of Imagemapping
                                Using Fill-out Forms
                                ToolBook to HTML
                                        Moving Text and Images
                                        Using Ismapping
                                        Approximating ToolBook
                                Upgrading the Server
                        MOOS, MUDs, and Other Virtual Hangouts
                Standard Generalized Markup Language
                        The Rossetti Archive
        "The Rationale of Hypertext," by Jerome McGann
        Postmodern Culture: an interdisciplinary electronic journal
        (published with North Carolina State University and Oxford
        University Press)
                V1 N1, September 1990
                V1 N2, January 1991
                V1 N3, May 1991
                V2 N1, September 1991
                V2 N2, January 1992
                V2 N3, May 1992
                V3 N1, September 1992
                V3 N2, January 1993
                V3 N3, May 1993
                V4 N1, September 1993
                V4 N2, January 1994
                Archives of PMC-Talk
And elsewhere on our World-Wide Web Server, you can find:
        Information about Work in Progress on the 1994-95
        Research Projects:
                Gary Anderson, "The Life of Adam and Eve: The
                        Biblical Story in Judaism and Christianity"
                Ken Schwartz, "Urban Design Strategies and Housing
                        for the City of Charlottesville"
                Judith Shatin, "The Hierarchical Audio Construction
                        Kit: Composition and Design"
                Michael Stern, "Visions for a Sustainable City:
                        Owings Mills, MD"
        Related Readings: a selection of resources available
        elsewhere on the internet, in the following categories:
                General Resources
                Electronic Publishing
                Legal Issues
                Literary Studies
                Medieval Studies
                Teaching Resources
                Technical Research and Information
                Text-Based Virtual Reality
                Other IBM-Supported Projects
        IATH Software development, demonstration, and distribution
                Forms-Based Demonstration of the Image Annotation Tool
                A Sound Driver for the RS6000
        IATH-MOO: A Real-Time Multi-User Conference Facility
        Access to other Networked Resources at the University of
        Information about the Institute's History, Personnel, and
        Fellowship Opportunities
Date:         Sun, 22 May 1994 20:48:39 EDT
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From:         Valerie Bross <vbross@koko.csustan.edu>
Subject:      Request for presenters
----------------------------Original message----------------------------
The ALCTS/SS Committee to Study Serials Standards would be interested
in hearing from any publishers or librarians who are involved in
development/use of the emerging standards for electronic serials.
We will be meeting at ALA in Miami on Sat., June 25 (11:30-12:30)
and Mon., June 27 (11:30-12:30).
If you would be willing to share your expertise with us, please
Valerie Bross
tel: 209-557-3519
Date:         Tue, 24 May 1994 08:44:28 EDT
Reply-To:     Beth.Weston@MVS.UDEL.EDU
Sender:       "Publishing E-Journals : Publishing, Archiving,
              and Access" <vpiej-l@vtvm1.bitnet>
From:         Beth Weston <beth.weston@mvs.udel.edu>
Subject:      new e-journal?
----------------------------Original message----------------------------
I received a request for the "Journal of computing and information."  It may
be published in either CD-ROM or electronic format.  I haven't had any luck
tracking this title down, and would appreciate any information about its
availability.  Please send responses directly to me at:
Beth Weston
Coordinator of Serials Acquisitions
University of Delaware Library