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November 1994

Date:         Tue, 1 Nov 1994 09:03:59 EST
Reply-To:     Bryn Mawr Reviews <bmr@ccat.sas.upenn.edu>
Sender:       Electronic Journal Publishing List <vpiej-l@vtvm1.cc.vt.edu>
From:         Bryn Mawr Reviews <bmr@ccat.sas.upenn.edu>
Subject:      Mellon Grant to BMCR/BMMR/BMAR
Bryn Mawr College is pleased to announce that it has received a
grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to further its
innovative work in the field of scholarly publishing over the
electronic Internet.  *Bryn Mawr Classical Review* was founded in
1990 by Richard Hamilton, Paul Shorey Professor of Greek at Bryn
Mawr, and by James J. O'Donnell, Professor of Classical Studies
at the University of Pennsylvania.  It publishes well over 150
reviews a year of current work in the field of Greco-Roman
classical studies, distributing them around the world to a
rapidly growing subscriber base who receive them by "e-mail".  In
1993, the *Bryn Mawr Medieval Review* was added to the project,
and a *Bryn Mawr Archaeological Review* is now planned with
support from this Mellon grant.
  The grant is intended to enhance the technical production and
distribution of the journal; to study the economics of cost and
use that underpin it; and to take steps to make the model -- low-
cost publishing of high quality scholarly discourse -- available
to other scholars and institutions who wish to enter this
important field.  As the cost of traditional library materials
skyrockets and access contracts, electronic publication offers
the possibility of reducing costs and sharply enhancing access,
not only for scholars, but for the general reading public beyond.
The prospect of making what scholars do more accessible to the
general public will be good for both communities -- readers will
appreciate better what scholars do, and scholars will be
stimulated to pay more attention to a reading public beyond their
collegial common rooms.
  The grant will support activities at all three journals for a
period of five years and should leave the journals in a position
to continue to grow and exercise their influence as pioneers in
this field.  For further information:  bmcr@cc.brynmawr.edu
Date:         Tue, 1 Nov 1994 16:53:51 EST
Reply-To:     "Charles Bailey, University of Houston" <lib3@uhupvm1.uh.edu>
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From:         "Charles Bailey, University of Houston" <lib3@uhupvm1.uh.edu>
Subject:      PACS Review Articles on E-Publishing
PACS Review articles that deal with electronic journals and publishing
have been gathered together in the UH Libraries Gopher as part of a new
"Articles by Subject" menu structure.  Currently, there are 21 papers in
this category.
URL: gopher://info.lib.uh.edu:70/11/articles/e-journals/uhlibrary/pacsreview/
Best Regards,
| Charles W. Bailey, Jr.             Voice: (713) 743-9804   |
| Assistant Director For Systems     Fax:   (713) 743-9811   |
| University Libraries               lib3@uhupvm1.uh.edu     |
| University of Houston              or cbailey@uh.edu       |
| Houston, TX 77204-2091                                     |
| Co-Editor, Advances in Library Automation and Networking   |
| Editor-in-Chief, The Public-Access Computer Systems Review |
Date:         Thu, 3 Nov 1994 09:18:56 EST
Reply-To:     "Zane Berge, Ph.D." <berge@guvax.acc.georgetown.edu>
Sender:       Electronic Journal Publishing List <vpiej-l@vtvm1.cc.vt.edu>
From:         "Zane Berge, Ph.D." <berge@guvax.acc.georgetown.edu>
Subject:      Readership Surveys
We have completed a readership survey and are working on analyzing the
data and writing it up.  Have any of you conducted readership surveys
yourself?  Do you know of anything in the literature about readership
surveys of e-journals?
Do you have an opinion as to the value of readership surveys to
electronic journals?  Do paper journals ever conduct them? If not, why
We can find a lot of lit on newspaper readership and some about
magazine readership...but not readership of scholarly paper
journals... and certainly nothing yet about e-journals...
The questionaire we used is in the April 1994 issue of _Interpersonal
Computing and Technology_ and a summary of results can be found in
the latest issue.  These issues can be retrieved by sending
the following message to listserv@guvm.georgetown.edu  GET CONTENTS
IPCTV2N2 and GET CONTENTS IPCTV2N4 respectively.
Your help would be appreciated!
  *   Zane L. Berge, Ph.D.           Bitnet:   BERGE@GUVAX                 *
  *   Director, Center for           Internet: BERGE@GUVAX.GEORGETOWN.EDU  *
  *     Teaching and Technology                                            *
  *   Academic Computer Center       Publisher, Interpersonal Computing    *
  *   238 Reiss Science               and Technology Journal IPCT-J@GUVM   *
  *   Georgetown University          Phone  202-687-6096                   *
  *   Washington DC  20057  USA      FAX    202-687-6003                   *
Date:         Fri, 4 Nov 1994 10:06:19 EST
Reply-To:     PATRICK WILKEN <x91007@pitvax.xx.rmit.edu.au>
Sender:       Electronic Journal Publishing List <vpiej-l@vtvm1.cc.vt.edu>
From:         PATRICK WILKEN <x91007@pitvax.xx.rmit.edu.au>
Subject:      Paper on ejournals/, peer review & quality control
The Australian Vice-Chancellor's Committee has set-up a special Working Party
on Electronic Publishing. They have commissioned me to write a position paper
based around the themes of "Electronic publishing, quality control and peer
review" and I have been asked to explore the following series of questions:
1. What is the best way for electronic journals to be set-up? What special
problems and advantages exist for ejournals/?
2. How can existing academic paper journals best be converted into the
electronic form?
3. What do electronic journals need to do to ensure that they gain both the
respect and acceptance of their paper counterparts? What are the current
hurdles towards this acceptance?
4. What are international examples of best practice for ejournals/?
5. Conversely what are examples of worse practice?
6. How useful will other electronic communications forums (preprint services,
electronic conference digests, MUDs etc.) be to the academic community? And if
useful how should they be encouraged?
So as to ensure that this position paper is as comprehensive as possible I
would like to invite feedback on any or all of the above questions. After this
paper is formally submitted it is my understanding that it will be made freely
available in electronic form and I will post details back to the group on how
to access it.
Yours sincerely,
Patrick Wilken
Date:         Mon, 7 Nov 1994 08:47:24 EST
Reply-To:     "Charles Bailey, University of Houston" <lib3@uhupvm1.uh.edu>
Sender:       Electronic Journal Publishing List <vpiej-l@vtvm1.cc.vt.edu>
From:         "Charles Bailey, University of Houston" <lib3@uhupvm1.uh.edu>
Subject:      Serials Review: Policy, Issues, and Networked Information
The latest issue of Serials Review (vol. 20, no. 3 1994) has a
special theme: policy, issues, and networked information.  It was
edited by Czeslaw Jan Grycz, who also edited the Economic Models
for Networked Information special issue (vol. 18, nos. 1-2 1992).
Papers include:
Charles W. Bailey, Jr., "Scholarly Electronic Publishing on the
Internet, the NREN, and the NII: Charting Possible Futures," 7-
Maria Anna Jankowska, "Printed Versus Electronic: Policy Issues
in the Case of the Environmental Journal," 17-22.
Clifford A. Lynch, "Scholarly Communication in the Networked
Environment: Reconsidering Economics and Organizational
Missions," 23-30.
Vicky Reich and Mark Weiser, "Libraries Are More Than
Information: Situational Aspects of Electronic Libraries," 31-37.
The issue also includes a paper on TULIP:
Katherine Willis et al., "TULIP--The University Licensing
Program: Experiences at the University of Michigan," 39-47.
Best Regards,
| Charles W. Bailey, Jr.             Voice: (713) 743-9804   |
| Assistant Director For Systems     Fax:   (713) 743-9811   |
| University Libraries               lib3@uhupvm1.uh.edu     |
| University of Houston              or cbailey@uh.edu       |
| Houston, TX 77204-2091                                     |
| Co-Editor, Advances in Library Automation and Networking   |
| Editor-in-Chief, The Public-Access Computer Systems Review |
Date:         Mon, 7 Nov 1994 21:53:40 EST
Reply-To:     phil-preprints-admin@phil-preprints.L.chiba-u.ac.jp
Sender:       Electronic Journal Publishing List <vpiej-l@vtvm1.cc.vt.edu>
From:         phil-preprints-admin@phil-preprints.L.chiba-u.ac.jp
Subject:      News from the IPPE (04 Nov 94)
N e w s   f r o m   t h e   I P P E
===================================  6 Nov 1994
World Wide Web access now available
----------------------------------- Access to the preprints and all
other materials in the International Philosophical Preprint Exchange's
collection, including the abstracts and tables of contents of an
increasing number of philosophical journals, is now available via Mosaic
and the World Wide Web.
Our WWW server is still under development and is changing rapidly, and
at the moment there are still several rough spots, but access to all the
IPPE materials is in place.  Due to the rich interface provided by the
Web, browsing the IPPE via Mosaic (or any other Web browser) is now the
preferred access method.  Mosaic and other Web browsers allow easy
access to the multiple formats in which the IPPE stores each paper,
allowing users to as easily browse an abstract or an ASCII version of a
paper online as to download or print a fully-formatted version.  In
addition, we have provided navigation aids such as a colorful graphical
map of the IPPE (not to mention the attractive new graphical IPPE logo).
In addition, much of the IPPE's structure, and many of our informational
documents, are being redesigned to take full advantage of the hypertext
capabilities of the Web.  Expect further announcements soon.
In NCSA Mosaic, Netscape, lynx, or your WWW browser of choice, open the
URL http://phil-preprints.L.chiba-u.ac.jp/IPPE.html to pay us a visit.
New journals online
------------------- Since the last "News from the IPPE" in July, several
more journals have joined our program of making pre-press abstracts,
tables of contents, and in some cases selected full-text articles
available online.  Recent additions include Ethics and the Journal of
the History of Philosophy, and arrangements are currently being made
with five other journals, bringing the total number of journals
available or soon to be available through the IPPE to over a dozen.  We
invite the editors of other journals to contact us at the address given
Call for submissions
-------------------- The IPPE invites the submission of working papers
in all areas of philosophy.  Submissions undergo an informal process of
"minimal refereeing" by the IPPE's international board to ensure that
they are of contemporary philosophical interest, but need not be in
fully publishable condition as they stand.  Due to the flexibility of
our electronic media, no length limits apply.
The IPPE's large collection of working papers is currently being visited
by over 1000 philosophers and graduate students each month, providing
the widest possible exposure for works in progress.  Authors benefit
from the critical attention of colleagues world-wide.  Many authors have
received incisive commentaries and forged important international
connectins with workers in their areas, and the exposure produced by
placing a paper on the IPPE has also in a number of cases yielded
tangible benefits including speaking invitations and offers of
Copyright to a paper placed on the the IPPE remains with the author, and
therefore placing a paper on the IPPE is no obstacle to subsequent
publication.  Placing a working draft on the IPPE provides an ideal way
to beenfit from the critical attention of the international philiophical
community before submitting a work for publication.
Call for commentaries
--------------------- The IPPE invites the submission of well-reasoned
commentaries on any working paper currently available on the IPPE.
Commentaries are subject to the same "minimal refereeing" process
described above for working papers.  Accepted commentaries are made
available on the IPPE alongside the original papers to which they apply,
and the authors of the original papers are invited to respond in similar
IPPE represented at PSA/4S/HSA meeting
-------------------------------------- The Round Table on Electronic
Communications at October's joint meeting of the PSA, 4S, and HSA
provided an opportunity for members of the IPPE's Board to meet with
representatives of several other leading projects in electronic media
for philosophy and science studies.  Among the topics discussed were
means of lowering the technological barriers to access to electronic
communications resources, and especially to the submission of materials,
and the formation of a consortium or clearinghouse for electronic
publishers in these fields.  Much was accomplished, and even greater
possibilities lie ahead.
Renovations nearly complete
--------------------------- The International Philosophical Preprint
Exchange's ambitious project to create an integrated system allowing the
preprints and other documents on the IPPE to be distributed
simultaneously by means of the World Wide Web in addition to the
previously implemented Gopher, ftp, and mail-server access methods is
nearly complete.  The customized software we have developed for this
purpose allows the IPPE staff to easily make a single copy of a working
paper available through all four of our supported access methods.
Accessing the International Philosophical Preprint Exchange:
By www:    Open the URL http://phil-preprints.L.chiba-u.ac.jp/IPPE.html
By gopher: Use Gopher to go to either apa.oxy.edu or kasey.umkc.edu
By ftp:    ftp to either Phil-Preprints.L.Chiba-U.ac.jp, or
By email:  Mail to phil-preprints-service@Phil-Preprints.L.Chiba-U.ac.jp
To place a paper or comment on the IPPE: see pub/submissions/README.
If you have questions: send mail to <cburke@nexus.yorku.ca>.
Date:         Fri, 11 Nov 1994 09:53:38 EST
Reply-To:     journal@garnet.berkeley.edu
Sender:       Electronic Journal Publishing List <vpiej-l@vtvm1.cc.vt.edu>
From:         journal@garnet.berkeley.edu
Subject:      New Electronic Journal
November 9, 1994
For Immediate Release
Project SCAN
University of California Partners
Seek Trailblazers for the Electronic Frontier
Would you like to help shape the electronic future of humanities
scholarship? You can do so the next time you sit at your keyboard, by
exploring SCAN--Scholarship from CAlifornia on the Net. SCAN is a pilot
project to facilitate broad scholarly access to humanities journals and
monographs by publication on the Internet. This project is a collaboration
among the University of California Press, the University Libraries at
Berkeley, Irvine, and Los Angeles, and the Division of Library Automation
of the Office of the President. It draws together the resources of the
University of California community to harness electronic technologies in
support of new methods of scholarly communication in teaching, learning,
and research. Because the goal of SCAN is to create a viable electronic
publishing and research model, the SCAN partners are encouraging
librarians, faculty, researchers, and students to help test and enhance the
pilot project.
In its pilot phase, SCAN represents an early experiment to develop an
economically viable publishing model for humanities scholarship that
integrates electronic publishing, library access, and scholarly use.
Initially, the SCAN partners have created a prototype electronic edition of
an existing print journal, Nineteenth-Century Literature, to test networked
access from remote and local workstations, ease of use, searching tools,
and cost recovery mechanisms. To encourage widespread use and feedback, the
current and recent back issues of Nineteenth-Century Literature -
Electronic Edition (NCL-E) are available free of charge on the gopher
server of the Library at the University of California at Berkeley.
The NCL-E files can be reached by the following gopher path: at the prompt,
use gopher to connect to infolib.lib.berkeley.edu (make sure your settings
indicate port 70 and gopher+ [Gopher Plus] server.)
Once you have reached infolib through gopherspace, select menu items:
Electronic Journals, Books, Indexes and Other Sources; Journals;
Nineteenth-Century Literature.
Nineteenth-Century Literature - Electronic Edition features full texts of
the current year and the past three years of the journal, including tables
of contents, all articles, books reviews, notes, and descriptive lists of
contributors. New issues will be added as they are released. To facilitate
the broadest possible use, the articles are formatted in two different
ways: text-only version (ASCII), and Rich Text Format (Microsoft RTF). The
text-only versions of the articles are included in a WAIS index to
facilitate limited on-line browsing. A simple command from the NCL-E gopher
menu allows you to use keywords, such as an author's name or a particular
term, to search across the entire on-line collection, providing
paragraph-by-paragraph views of the search hits. These hits can be used to
locate the abstract of the article, which can then be read on-screen to
confirm interest in the selection.
In order to view the full, formatted text, you will need to download or
print the file. The downloaded files can be manipulated using a variety of
standard word-processing programs, including all versions of Microsoft
Word, newer versions of WordPerfect, and the Write application of Windows.
A brief set of instructions is included below. In addition to complete
instructions for using the search and formatting features, the NCL-E gopher
menu contains a questionnaire soliciting feedback and suggestions for how
the electronic journal prototype can be further developed to meet the needs
of scholars. We encourage you to fill out and return this questionnaire.
The University of California partners are currently seeking funding to
expand the pilot project to include additional journals, monographs, and
primary source materials in literary studies, classics, and history. They
envision SCAN as a base of scholarship enhanced with authoring and
document-preparation tools and sophisticated electronic-navigation tools
that will enable scholars working at individual workstations to access a
database from which pieces can be combined and repackaged to meet a variety
of specialized research, teaching, and learning needs.
With SCAN, the University of California partners are beginning the
development of a sustainable model for the creation, dissemination, and
utilization of humanities scholarship that both offers an economically
viable transition to electronic communication and also supports the
University's mission of providing widespread public access to the research
results achieved by its scholars.
Contacts: Rebecca Simon
email: rrs@violet.berkeley.edu
Sandra Whisler
email: smw@garnet.berkeley.edu
Nineteenth-Century Literature
(c) University of California Press, 1994
A. Overview
        This document provides instructions for Nineteenth-Century
Literature Electronic Edition (NCL-E). Because there are many different
versions of gopher client and server software, the descriptions contained
here cannot address all the needs of all users. Instead, we offer helpful
guidelines for using this electronic product.
B. NCL Menu Structure and File Locations
        1. NCL-E currently includes files for Volumes 46-49:2
        2. To access ASCII files
                a. go to NCL-E gopher menu
                b. the top menu item will let you search all the files (see
                    * text-only (ASCII) versions of the articles are included
                    * the full ASCII files are not available separately
        3. To access Rich Text Format (Microsoft RTF) files
                a. look for them by volume and issue number
                b. download the file (see below)
                c. on your computer, open your word processor FIRST
                    open the RTF file from inside your word processor
C. Searching NCL-E
        1. If you know the volume and issues you want
                a. select it from the top-level NCL-E gopher menu
        2. If you want to conduct a keyword search
                a. go to NCL-E menu
                b. choose "Search Index to Nineteenth-Century Literature"
                c. dialog box will appear asking for words for which to search.
                    keep the following in mind:
                    * you may enter more than one word at a time, but
                    searches will be done
                    * search command is NOT case-sensitive
                    * you cannot use boolean search qualifiers such as AND or OR
                    to limit searches
D. Downloading Articles
        1. Use hits information to identify the RTF files you want
        2. To download articles from the gopher server
                a. select from menu
                b. enter file name
                c. file will be placed in home account under filename
                d. you may need to move the file from a server to your own
                computer. (If more details are needed, consult your local
system        administrator or technical support staff.)
E. Questions and Suggestions
        1. NCL-E and this document are currently in development. We
encourage you to complete the on-line user questionnaire that is available
from the main NCL-E menu. We welcome feedback to the following addresses:
                via e-mail: journal@garnet.berkeley.edu
                via post: University of California Press
                                Journals Division
                                2120 Berkeley Way
                                Berkeley, CA 94720
Date:         Mon, 14 Nov 1994 08:37:09 EST
Reply-To:     Leslie Morris <morrislr@eagle.niagara.edu>
Sender:       Electronic Journal Publishing List <vpiej-l@vtvm1.cc.vt.edu>
From:         Leslie Morris <morrislr@eagle.niagara.edu>
Organization: Niagara University
Subject:      Call for papers
  Call for Papers
  The Journal of Interlibrary Loan, Document Delivery & Information
  This Call has been posted to a number of lists. Please excuse the
  Papers are invited for any and all topics in document delivery and
  interlibrary loan including, but not limited to, the topics listed
  below. Take that report you wrote, and turn it into an article. If
  you would like to discuss your potential article, feel free to call,
  write or E-mail me.
  Send papers to: Leslie R. Morris, Editor
  The Journal of Interlibrary Loan, Document Delivery & Information
  Niagara University Library
  Niagara University, NY 14109-2200
  FAX 716-286-8030
  *Uncover use studies
  *Document delivery systems, prices or service
  *UMI and other document delivery vendors
  *First Search
  *Number of staff needed in ILL
  *Rank or level of staff in ILL
  *Regional or state ILL systems
  *ILL systems in any country, province, state or region in the world
  *ILL software evaluation and use
  *Subject ILL problems or procedures, i. e., music library ILL, art
      ILL, health science ILL
  *International ILL
  *Local systems and ILL
  *School library ILL
  *History of ILL
  *Access vs. ownership
  *Internet ILL and document delivery
  *State-wide OPACs
  *Mailing costs, delivery spedd of ILL and document delivery
  *Bibliographic verification
  *ILL and document delivery costs
  *Turnaround times
  *ILL manuals and handbooks
  *The future of ILL and document delivery
  *ILL patron surveys
  Leslie R. Morris
  Director of Libraries
  Editor, The Journal of Interlibrary Loan, Document Delivery &
      Information Supply
  Niagara University
  Niagara University, NY  14109-2200
  FAX 716-286-8030
End of returned message
Leslie R. Morris
Director of Libraries
Editor, The Journal of Interlibrary Loan, Document Delivery &
    Information Supply
Niagara University
Niagara University, NY  14109-2200
FAX 716-286-8030
Date:         Thu, 17 Nov 1994 13:24:15 EST
Reply-To:     TAMARA CODY <kansbar1@ink.org>
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From:         TAMARA CODY <kansbar1@ink.org>
Organization: Information Network of Kansas
Subject:      Publishing on diskette
I am looking for any information concerning the art or practice of
publishing on diskette.  Help!
Date:         Mon, 21 Nov 1994 12:54:05 EST
Reply-To:     James Powell <jpowell@vtvm1.bitnet>
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From:         James Powell <jpowell@vtvm1.bitnet>
Subject:      US Thanksgiving holiday
Due to the forthcoming US Thanksgiving holiday, there will be a few days
down time for VPIEJ-L.  Postings will not be forwarded Nov. 23-Nov. 25.
Normal operations will resume Nov 26.  Thanks.
James Powell ... Library Automation, University Libraries, VPI&SU
1-4986       ... JPOWELL@VTVM1.CC.VT.EDU
             ... jpowell@borg.lib.vt.edu - NeXTMail welcome here
             ... Owner of VPIEJ-L, a discussion list for Electronic Journals
Archives: http://borg.lib.vt.edu:80/   gopher://oldborg.lib.vt.edu:70/
Date:         Sun, 27 Nov 1994 07:19:09 EST
Reply-To:     L Dempsey <lisld@ukoln.bath.ac.uk>
Sender:       Electronic Journal Publishing List <vpiej-l@vtvm1.cc.vt.edu>
From:         L Dempsey <lisld@ukoln.bath.ac.uk>
Subject:      elect pub
UKOLN have made available the full text of the following recent
report available on their server:
   The impact of electronic publishing on library services and
   resources in the UK: report of the British Library Working Party
   on Electronic Publishing;
   edited by Peter Vickers and John Martyn.
   Library and Information Research Report 102.
   ISBN 0712332936.
We have mounted it in several formats:
Plain ASCII text (~212Kb)
PostScript (~2.6 Mb)
compressed PostScript (using gzip) (~513 Kb)
Rich Text Format (~397 Kb)
As you can see these are quite big files.
If enough interest is expressed we may put up postscript versions
of individual chapters.
Enquiries to Chris Brown, Network Systems Officer, UKOLN
For gopher users, the files can be found in the following directory:
  --> Document Store
      --> Electronic Publishing
          --> The Impact of Electronic Publishing ... (BL report)
ASCII text
Compressed Postscript
------------------    Lorcan Dempsey
ph: +44 225 826254    UKOLN: the Office for Library & Info Networking
fx: +44 225 826838    University of Bath, Bath BA2 7AY, UK
Date:         Sun, 27 Nov 1994 07:23:35 EST
Reply-To:     nk28 <natalie_a_schoch@umail.umd.edu>
Sender:       Electronic Journal Publishing List <vpiej-l@vtvm1.cc.vt.edu>
From:         nk28 <natalie_a_schoch@umail.umd.edu>
***************************CALL FOR PAPERS*****************************
The Scientific and Technical Information Systems Special Interest Group
(SIG/STI) of the American Society for Information Science (ASIS) is seeking
participants for a panel discussion on partnerships in access to scientific
information for the 1995 ASIS Annual Meeting in Chicago, IL, October 9-12,
Topics may include but are not limited to
     - design of scientific databases
     - descriptions of completed research or research in progress on the use
or evaluation of scientific information systems
     - establishment and/or use of scientific communications networks
     - demonstrations of pertinent products
Submissions from both scientists and information specialists are of interest
with special consideration given to those projects involving both.
If you would like to join the panel, please submit a brief proposal of your
topic (200 words or less) by December 12, 1994 to Natalie Schoch at the
address below.  Questions about the program and additional information can
also be directed to this address.  Final program copy is due March 15, 1995.
Natalie Schoch, Ph.D.                        E-mail: nk28@umail.umd.edu
Rm. 4121E Hornbake Building South Wing       Voice: 301/405-2052
College of Library and Information Services  FAX:   301/314-9145
University of Maryland at College Park
College Park, MD 20742-4345
Date:         Sun, 27 Nov 1994 07:24:06 EST
Reply-To:     "Charles Bailey, University of Houston" <lib3@uhupvm1.uh.edu>
Sender:       Electronic Journal Publishing List <vpiej-l@vtvm1.cc.vt.edu>
From:         "Charles Bailey, University of Houston" <lib3@uhupvm1.uh.edu>
Subject:      Paper on SGML-to-HTML Filtering Via Web-to-PAT Gateway
+ Page 1 +
            The Public-Access Computer Systems Review
Volume 5, Number 7 (1994)                          ISSN 1048-6542
Files are available from the University of Houston Libraries'
Gopher server: info.lib.uh.edu, port 70.  Or, to retrieve an
article file as an e-mail message, send the GET command given
after the article information to listserv@uhupvm1.uh.edu.
A Gateway Between the World-Wide Web and PAT: Exploiting SGML
Through the Web
     By John Price-Wilkin (pp. 5-27)
     URL:      gopher://info.lib.uh.edu:70/00/articles/
This technical paper discusses how the World-Wide Web can be
linked to the PAT system, Open Text's search engine that supports
access to SGML-encoded documents.  This Web-to-PAT Gateway
utilizes the Web's Common Gateway Interface (CGI) capability and
SGML-to-HTML filter programs.
     After briefly overviewing key technical concepts, the paper
explains the operation of the Web-to-PAT Gateway, using several
examples of how it is employed at the University of Virginia
Libraries, including access to text files such as a Middle
English collection, the Oxford English Dictionary, and the Text
Encoding Initiative's Guidelines for Electronic Text Encoding and
Casting the Net
     A User's-eye View of the OPAC
     By Priscilla Caplan (pp. 28-33)
     URL:      gopher://info.lib.uh.edu:70/00/articles/
     E-mail:   GET CAPLAN PRV5N7 F=MAIL
+ Page 2 +
            The Public-Access Computer Systems Review
Charles W. Bailey, Jr.
University Libraries
University of Houston
Houston, TX 77204-2091
(713) 743-9804
Internet: cbailey@uh.edu
Associate Editors
Columns: Leslie Pearse, OCLC
Communications: Dana Rooks, University of Houston
Editorial Board
Ralph Alberico, University of Texas, Austin
George H. Brett II, Clearinghouse for Networked Information
     Discovery and Retrieval
Priscilla Caplan, University of Chicago
Steve Cisler, Apple Computer, Inc.
Walt Crawford, Research Libraries Group
Lorcan Dempsey, University of Bath
Pat Ensor, University of Houston
Nancy Evans, Pennsylvania State University, Ogontz
Charles Hildreth, University of Oklahoma
Ronald Larsen, University of Maryland
Clifford Lynch, Division of Library Automation,
     University of California
David R. McDonald, Tufts University
R. Bruce Miller, University of California, San Diego
Paul Evan Peters, Coalition for Networked Information
Mike Ridley, University of Waterloo
Peggy Seiden, Skidmore College
Peter Stone, University of Sussex
John E. Ulmschneider, North Carolina State University
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Tahereh Jafari, University of Houston
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The Public-Access Computer Systems Review is an electronic
journal that is distributed on the Internet and on other computer
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Date:         Mon, 28 Nov 1994 08:28:22 EST
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Sender:       Electronic Journal Publishing List <vpiej-l@vtvm1.cc.vt.edu>
From:         wleric@showme.missouri.edu
Subject:      JAC Online
Subject: * Announcing JAC Online *
Please Distribute Widely (sorry for cross-postings)
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
The editors of JAC, a journal of composition theory, have just developed
a beta version of the journal that is available on the WWW at the
following location:
JAC Online is a hypertextual version of the journal's traditional bound
format, meaning that it is (probably?) the first major journal in the
field of rhetoric and composition to be available in its entirety in both
electronic and print formats.
JAC Online is accessible through WWW browsers such as Mosaic or Lynx.  The
version located at the above WWW site is a prototype that the editors wish
to use as a guide for establishing a permanent format for JAC
Online--please send any feedback, questions, or recommendations to Todd
Taylor at <taylor@chuma.cas.usf.edu>.
Only the latest issue (14.2, Fall 1994) is currently available through JAC
Online.  Release dates for upcoming and archived issues remain to be
Date:         Wed, 30 Nov 1994 08:22:49 EST
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From:         Vianne Tang <tang@law.missouri.edu>
Subject:      Library cataloging INET guide ver. 2.0
This message is crossed posted to several lists, please pardon
the duplicates.
Thanks for a lot of helpful comments on the first version of this
guide.  A new version of the Library Cataloging: Internet
resources in electronic format, dated 11/15/94, is available for
access now.
What's in this guide and what to expect in the future?
     This guide covers description and location information of
cataloging-related Internet resources in six sections:
(A). LC systems and related documents; (B). National
bibliographic utilities catalogs, information servers, and
email lists; (C). Local library systems information servers and
email lists; (D). Professional associations servers and
publications; (E). Cataloging tools and training resources; and,
(F). Cataloging-Related software.  USMARC format 856
field is used to provide location and access information.
An outline of the USMARC format 856 field is attached.
    856 field is still provisional, changes will be made in
December.  This guide will be updated then.  Thanks for the
information provided by Rebecca Guenther, LC's Senior MARC
Standards Specialist, the next revision (expected in late
December) of this guide will include some new subfields and more
accurate interpretation of the 856 field.
    Hypertext format of this document is also under construction.
Immediate access to the full text documents and other electronic
resources through the USMARC 856 field of this guide is the goal
for the next version.  Message will be announced when it's
What's new in this version?
     The scope of this version is more comprehensive than
the first version.  A brand new section "Cataloging-Related
Software" is added.  Access information to major guides to
library catalogs and library-related email lists are
provided.  Some URLs are updated and some sections are
reorganized to include new resources.
Where to send comments?
     Comments, suggestions, additions, and modifications are
welcome.  Please send them to Vianne Sha,
TANG@LAW.MISSOURI.EDU.  If you create or compile any
cataloging resource on Internet that you want to share with other
library staff, you are also welcome to send either the URL or the
host and path of the resource to me.  I will include it in the
next revision.
How to access this guide?
     Access to this guide through:
1.   URL: gopher://una.hh.lib.umich.edu
2.   Gopher to University of Michigan Libraries, follow the path:
     Contents of ULibrary Gopher
       Keyword Search (Type "SUBJECT ORIENTED")
         Subject-Oriented Internet Resource Guides (UMich)
           Guides on the Social Sciences
               Library Cataloging
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