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March 1995

Date:         Thu, 2 Mar 1995 11:19:27 EST
Reply-To:     Ulrich Riehm <afs778@ucla.hdi.kfk.d400.de>
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From:         Ulrich Riehm <afs778@ucla.hdi.kfk.d400.de>
Subject:      Electronic Telegraph
Does anybody know the URL for the WWW-service of the
Electronic Telegraph?
The Electronic Telegraph relates to the british Daily
Telegraph.  It has already won an award for its design from
Interactive Publishing Alert, a US newsletter.  More infos
you can get from an article in EPJOURNAL Vol 8, January
1995, p 1-3.
Ulrich Riehm
Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe
Date:         Fri, 3 Mar 1995 09:35:53 EST
Reply-To:     Brendan Kehoe <brendan@zen.org>
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From:         Brendan Kehoe <brendan@zen.org>
Subject:      Re: Electronic Telegraph
In-Reply-To:  Your message of "Thu, 02 Mar 1995 11:19:27 EST."
> Does anybody know the URL for the WWW-service of the Electronic Telegraph?
Yup, it's `http://www.telegraph.co.uk/'.
Brendan Kehoe                                                  brendan@zen.org
Web page: http://www.zen.org/~brendan/
Date:         Fri, 3 Mar 1995 09:36:10 EST
Sender:       Electronic Journal Publishing List <vpiej-l@vtvm1.cc.vt.edu>
Subject:      Call for submissions for a new Hypermedia Webspace
X-cc:         TNC@GITVM1.BITNET, LERI@PYRAMID.COM, Fringeware@Fringeware.Com,
              sci-tech-studies@kasey.umkc.edu, FUTUREC@UafsysB.BITNET,
    Topothesia means a "viewing or touring of fictitious or imaginary
places." It's a place for unravelling the complex intersections of
humanity, technology, and imagination.
    Topothesia is not quite an electronic journal. It's an Information
Singularity (IS) - a place for information accretion. You throw us data,
and if it happens to be sympatico with the direction of the Webspace, it
    For the "mission statement" ("vision") of Topothesia, view the
following URL using your web browser:
When do we want stuff?
NOW, or pretty darn soon.
What are the areas of interest?
Here are some possible imaginary spaces...
the anthropology of science, technology, and computing (what I call
anthro-of-STC); examples might include ethnographies of defense
installations, computer labs, video production studios, or so forth...
speculations about future technologies and their potential human impacts
(what I call anthrofuturism) - examples might be space colonization,
virtual reality, genetic engineering, life extension, androids, etc...
the anthropology of net.culture/cyberculture/virtual culture (what I call
cyberanthropology) - examinations of sociocultural, linguistic, or even
political (censorship, access, privacy, control, equity, etc.) dynamics of
various parts of cyberspace, such as MUDs/MOOs, the Web, Internet Relay
Chat, electronic newsmedia, Usenet, BBSes, online services, etc.
discussions of anthropological concepts and concerns found in science fiction...
discussions of ways to that technological methods are affecting the social
sciences for good or ill - content analysis software, CD-ROM, video editing
equipment, online databases, etc...
"human factors" (or their neglect thereof) in technological design...
you get the idea, run what you've got by us, if any of this even sounds
remotely like what your stuff is about.
Who do you have to be?
We primarily want to publish the work of students interested in the areas
that the IS covers. That means mostly graduate students - they're the only
ones who really care about being published anyway - but we'll certainly
take stuff from undergrads and postdocs, and maybe even members of the
professoriate, if you ask nicely. You don't have to be in anthropology -
but you need to be familiar with some of the concepts of the social
sciences. And oh yeah, we'll even take stuff from people outside the
academy. The main requirement is interest in the subjects of the journal,
and an ability to present theories about them cogently and clearly.
What do you have to do?
We would ultimately like all submissions to be in plain-Ascii HTML format.
You can easily do this using "vanilla" editors like Emacs or BBEdit, or one
of the specialized HTML editors for Mac/DOS/Unix/etc. We ask people to
follow our style guide.  If your submission is of a
multimediac nature, we ask all accompanying sounds, images, video, etc. to
be in Mosaic-friendly file formats. All linked documents and files should
then be compressed into an archive and deposited in our ftp inbox. But
What do you have to tell us first?
We want to first see a pre-HTML abstract of the work. Tell us whether you
want your work to go in the "Perspectives and Offerings" section or the
"Main Engine" section. If it's just for Perspectives and Offerings (we
expect things for this area to be short), we'll look over the abstract and
tell you whether it's going in the current IS or not... or if we don't want
it at all. If it's for the Main Engine, we'll ask you (if we like the
abstract) for the document, and then the whole text will be peer-reviewed
(mostly by the editorial board, but perhaps some outside review as well)
and then sent back to you with suggestions for revisions, corrections, etc.
If you've got things you want to see "in print" fast, send 'em to P & O; if
you want the benefits of the formal scholarly process (as well as the
delays), tell us it's for ME...
If we like your stuff, we give you the ftp address. DO NOT MAIL SUBMISSIONS
TO THE JOURNAL ADDRESS. We will not take anything that way.
What if you're Web-challenged?
We'll take non-HTML ASCII too, even without any attached files or
hyperlinks or anchors. We ask people to use HTML if at all possible,
because if we HTMLize your document, it won't have your own individual
'touch'... however, these submissions must still go through the same
process. We look over the abstract, then you ftp the document into the IS
inbox if we like it.
What do we want for the Main Engine?
Stuff for Perspectives and Offerings can be experimental, multimediac in
nature, basically "anthing goes" - within reason. Mainly, things for P & O
should be short - less than 1200 words.
For the Main Engine, things are more formal. We expect you to follow the
style guide closely; not to use images spuriously (but inlined charts,
tables, graphs, and diagrams are always a plus); to use footnotes,
citations, cross-references (to other documents on the Net), and a
bibliography; to have a table of contents that links to anchors in the
document; and to be prepared to deal with the commentary and response
structure that will build up around your documents... also, if you're
describing a certain phenomenon on the net (say, a particular MOO or BBS),
we ask you to give 'directions' for other cyberanthropologists to go there
and do their own "fieldwork"...
Got all that? Got an abstract for us to take a look at? Send it to
Topothesia@rice.edu, and give us some time to look it over. We'll get back
to you shortly.
Seeker1    [@Nervm.Nerdc.Ufl.Edu] (real info available on request)
CyberAnthropologist, TechnoCulturalist, AnthroFuturist, Topothesian
Home Page URL: http://www.clas.ufl.edu/anthro/Seeker1_s_CyberAnthro_Page.html
"One measures a circle, beginning anywhere." -- Charles Fort
Date:         Sun, 5 Mar 1995 16:54:17 EST
Reply-To:     mwheeler@startext.demon.co.uk
Sender:       Electronic Journal Publishing List <vpiej-l@vtvm1.cc.vt.edu>
From:         Martin WHEELER <mwheeler@startext.demon.co.uk>
Organization: StarTEXT
Subject:      Re: Electronic Telegraph
In article <"95-03-02-10 AFS778@UCLA.HDI.KFK.D400.DE  writes:
> Does anybody know the URL for the WWW-service of the
> Electronic Telegraph?
The Electronic Telegraph has been running since Nov. 15th last year,
and may be found at:
You will (initially) require a forms capable browser to access the
magazine, as the registration process requires you to fill in a short
questionnaire, on completion of which you will be allocated a PIN
(Personal Identification Number) to allow free access thereafter.
Should you not have a forms capable browser, or should you experience
difficulty in registering, e-mail:
who will carry out the registration for you.
Enjoy your browsing!
Martin Wheeler        Editorial Director, StarTEXT  +44 (0)1242 52 32 31
mwheeler@startext.demon.co.uk      CHELTENHAM - UK      GL53 7PJ England
Date:         Tue, 14 Mar 1995 08:45:56 EST
Reply-To:     phil-preprints-admin@phil-preprints.L.chiba-u.ac.jp
Sender:       Electronic Journal Publishing List <vpiej-l@vtvm1.cc.vt.edu>
From:         phil-preprints-admin@phil-preprints.L.chiba-u.ac.jp
Subject:      News from the IPPE (08 Mar 95)
News from the IPPE -- 7 Mar 95
World Wide Web access redesigned
-------------------------------- In support of the mission of the
International Philosophical Preprint Exchange to facilitate the exchange
of working papers between philosophers world-wide, Carolyn Burke of the
IPPE has recently redesigned our World Wide Web access, making it much
easier to use, and enabling philosophers to locate papers of interest to
them in the IPPE's collection with greater ease than ever before.
The IPPE's World Wide Web service supplements the previous methods of
access via Gopher, ftp, and automated email (see the end of this
newsletter for details on all these access methods).
The IPPE's WWW service is available by opening the URL
http://phil-preprints.L.chiba-u.ac.jp/IPPE.html using Netscape, Mosaic,
Lynx, or any other WWW browser (we recommend Netscape).
Status Report
------------- The IPPE continues to enjoy a rate of access of
over 100 users per day at our main site in Japan.  Additional
accesses to the many North American and European sites mirroring the
IPPE collection probably greatly exceed this number, but are difficult
to quantify.
In addition, the rate of submissions to the IPPE has climbed steeply in
recent weeks.  We are delighted by this trend, and encourage all
philosophers to submit their manuscripts to the IPPE in order to benefit
from the commentary of their peers.
Call for Volunteers
------------------- The IPPE seeks motivated and enthuiastic volunteers
to assist in the areas of administration, publicity, and technical
support.  We especially seek persons able to carry out some or all of
the following tasks:
  - liason with the IPPE's international user population of professional
    philosophers, graduate students, the editorial staffs of
    philosophical journals, and the staffs of other on-line projects
    in the humanities and social sciences
  - editorial work on the newsletter and publicity materials
  - administrative activities (regarding funding, etc.)
  - computer support work: UNIX and CGI scripting and related activities.
The IPPE Staff
Coordinators:  Dr. Syun Tutiya (Chiba University) and Dr. Richard Reiner
               (visiting in '95 at the Center for Philosophy of Science,
               University of Pittsburgh).
Adminstrator:  Carolyn L Burke (CMU).
Board members: Dr. George Gale (University of Missouri, Kansas City), Andrew
               Burday (McGill University), Istvan Berkeley (University of
               Alberta), Stephen Rice (York University).
Accessing the IPPE
To access the IPPE, proceed as follows:
By www:    Open the URL http://phil-preprints.L.chiba-u.ac.jp/IPPE.html
By gopher: Use Gopher to go to either apa.oxy.edu or kasey.umkc.edu
By ftp:    ftp to either Phil-Preprints.L.Chiba-U.ac.jp, or
By email:  Mail to phil-preprints-service@Phil-Preprints.L.Chiba-U.ac.jp
To place a paper or comment on the IPPE: see pub/submissions/README.
If you have questions: send mail to Carolyn Burke at the address
Date:         Tue, 14 Mar 1995 08:46:36 EST
Reply-To:     Erhan Erdem <erdeme@boun.edu.tr>
Sender:       Electronic Journal Publishing List <vpiej-l@vtvm1.cc.vt.edu>
From:         Erhan Erdem <erdeme@boun.edu.tr>
Subject:      Imagination: Go beyond your limits !!!
        Please forgive the duplication caused by cross-posting of the
following to several listservs.  Please feel free to forward this posting
to any individual or list that would be interested in it.
                          IMAGINATION  E-JOURNAL
                            BOGAZICI UNIVERSITY
                An adventure into the jungle of imagination...
Imagination, a new e-journal on marvelous world of Internet, is now
accepting submissions for its initial issue due out May 1995.
Imagination is intended as a tool of the Imagination Project, which is
being developed by students at Bogazici University in Istanbul, Turkey,
and whose main objectives are :
        o       To show the importance of imagination in our lives
        o       To encourage people to discover their imagination
        o       To encourage people to make use of their imagination in
                their daily lives
        o       To explore alternative theories and their applications
                for current problems in various fields by combining knowledge
                and imagination
Imagination is a medium for individuals to:
        o       realize their imagination by means of their articles, their
                contribution to the publishing process of "Imagination", their
                participation in special international and multidisciplinary
                projects held in "Research & Cooperation (R & C)" column, and
                through proposals of their inventions and ideas to be published
                in "Lighting Bulb!!!" column
        o       cooperate, exchange ideas and share experience, knowledge and
                imagination with others.
Works published in Imagination can be classified into five categories:
a) editorial part such as letters from readers, news from reporters etc.;
b) studies on the issues of imagination;
c) reports of the special projects (in R & C column);
d) proposals of new inventions and ideas (in Lightning Bulb!!! column);
e) various articles on other columns such as Poetry, and Inventions &
The columns include articles of relating subject written by using
knowledge (e.g., a technical article about what SO2 gas is), imagination
(e.g., an article about situation of earth in the future due to air
pollution), and both knowledge and imagination (e.g., an article about a
solution for the air pollution problem).
Imagination will be available via E-mail, Gopher and WWW. For more
information please try "Imagination Gopher", whose URL address is:
URL: gopher://gopher.boun.edu.tr:70/11/ActivityClubs/Imagine_Project
                  __GUIDELINES FOR SUBMISSION__
        1- Submit your drafts in ASCII format
        2- Do not use any figure or diagram (instead send the
           image via ftp for the WWW version of the journal)
        3- Submissions must be sent by e-mail to:
        4- Send a short biographical note by e-mail to:
           These biographical notes from authors will be available to readers
           via E-mail, Gopher and WWW.
        5- Do not have any line that exceeds 80 characters in length
        6- You can submit an article at any time
        7- Reception of any article will be acknowledged within 6 days
        8- Acceptance or rejection of the article will be notified to the
           author within 90 days of the arrival of the submission.
Articles will be accepted by the editor by referring recommendations of
three qualified reviewers.
All subscriptions are free of charge. To subscribe to Imagination please
send an e-mail to
In the body of the message write:
                subscribe imagination Your_First_Name  Last_Name
Please do not write anything at subject line.
Imagination is an e-journal for anyone who wants to explore his/her
imagination. We welcome your contributions as authors and participants.
If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us:
        Ersin Beyret, Editor            Can Baysal, Technical Editor
        Elec. Electrical Eng.Dept.      baysalc@boun.edu.tr
                        Erhan Erdem, Contributor
                        Computer Engineering Dept.
        B. Adil Ozturk, Contributor     Mustafa Bodur, Contributor
        Mechanical Engineering Dept.    e102200@narwhal.cc.metu.edu.tr
                  Imagination, the skill to dream the different one...
                                 Bogazici University, Istanbul TURKEY.
Date:         Tue, 14 Mar 1995 08:48:00 EST
Reply-To:     lukacin@igd.fhg.D400.DE
Sender:       Electronic Journal Publishing List <vpiej-l@vtvm1.cc.vt.edu>
From:         lukacin@igd.fhg.D400.DE
Organization: FHG
From: lukacin@korfu.igd.fhg.de (Bernad Lukacin)
Subject: WWW-Press-information
April 10- 14, 1995   Darmstadt, Germany
The Third World Wide Web Conference `95, which will be held in Darmstadt,
Germany between the 10th and the 14th April, 1995 is the international
conference which will bring together users, developers and researchers
working with the World Wide Web. It will provide the participants with the
opportunity to come together and share the current knowledge and research
about Technology, Tools and Applications of the World Wide Web. This
conference will give a comprehensive picture of all activities associated
with the World Wide Web.
Many different activities will take place during these 5 days:
The Monday is devoted to Tutorials and Workshops. Each registrant may
attend two half-day sessions of instructional lectures; both introductory
and advanced will be offered. Introductory tutorials will be presented in
the morning, so people can attend tutorials and/or workshops in the
afternoon with a better comprehension of the topics. Tutorial notes will be
provided, including a list of the URLs used during the presentation.
The Workshops provide the opportunity to discuss details of specific topics
among a small group of experts.
The conference (Tuesday to Thursday) will feature Paper Presentations,
State of the Art Reports, Panel Sessions and Posters & Demonstrations.The
panels will consist of key people holding various viewpoints, discussing
their positions. The audience will get the most current view of status,
trends, and controversies in the respective fields:
-       Commercial Use of the World Wide Web in Europe
        (Chair: Harald Summa, Summa Consulting, Germany)
-       Enterprise-wide Information Systems
        (Chair: Ira Goldstein, OSF Research Institute, USA)
-       Marketing on the Web
        (Chair: Albert Vezza, MIT, USA)
-       Security on the Web
        (Chair: Ira Goldstein, OSF Research Institute, USA)
-       Standardization and Innovation
        (Chair: Dale Dougherty, O'Reilly and Associates, USA)
-       SGML on the Web
        (Chair: Bertrand Melese, SGML OPEN)
-       HTML3 and Mathematics
        (Chair: Flemming Topsxe, Kxbenhavns Universitet, Denmark)
-       Infrastructure for the Global Information Society
The exhibition will present the most current status of systems, software,
services, and literature of the leading vendors and service providers in
this field.
        Workshops/Tutorials                     April 10th, 1995
        Demonstrations/Exhibitions       April 11th - 13th, 1995
        Developers Day                          April 14th, 1995
        - Living Documents
        - New Applications
        - Tools for Analyzing WWW Use
        - Tools for Developing Web Services
        - Enhancements to the Lower Level WWW Protocols
        - Resource Discovery and Retrieval (2 Sessions)
        - Authoring Environments (2 Sessions)
        - Training and Teaching on the Web (2 Sessions)
        - Intellectual Property and Security
        - Resource Discovery and Retrieval
        - Authoring Environments
        - Alan Kay, Apple Computer, Inc.
        - Commercial Use of the World Wide Web in Europe
        - Enterprise-wide Information Systems
        - Marketing on the Web
        - Security on the Web
        - Standardization and Innovation
        - SGML on the Web
        - Infrastructure for the Global Information Society
Monday, April 10
1:      Multimedia User Interface Design Principles for HTML Documents
2:      Authoring Methods for the WWW
3:      Putting Media Into Hypermedia
4:      Introduction to Security on the Web
5:      The Policy Wave is Coming: Authorship in a U.S. Government
6:      Providing Information on the Web - A Technical Review
7:      CCI Applications: Local and Remote
8:      Writing CCI Applications - Interfacing with NCSA Mosaic for Windows
9:      Secure Authorization Issues on the Web
Monday, April 10
A:      Web-wide Indexing/Semantic Header or Cover Page
B:      W3-Based Online Kiosk Systems
C:      Graphic Art in the Context of WWW
D:      Interactive and Distributed Multi-Media Systems on Highspeed Networks
E:      Biology on the Web
F:      Webserver Applications for Hospitals and Medical Research Institutions
G:      Innovation and Research in Commercial Applications on the WWW
H:      Teaching and Training on the Web
I:      SGML and the Web
Friday, April 14
Chair: Tim Berners-Lee
You will find more detailed and timely information at the
Conference Server: http://www.igd.fhg.de/www95.html
or contact the Conference Office to receive the complete printed version of the
advance program.
Email:  www95_office@igd.fhg.de
Fax:    +49 - 6151 - 155 440
Join us and share the exitement, the knowledge, and experience of the WWW
community and its commitment to truly global perspectives.
We look forward to seeing you in Darmstadt!
Bernad Lukacin
Third International World Wide Web Conference
        April 10 - 14, 1995
If possible please use the electronic registration at
URL: http://www.igd.fhg.de/www95.html
(FAX: +49 - 6151 - 155 194!)
Please make sure to identify yourself as a press-member on the registration
form (additional information field) or complete the following registration
Mail to:
        Press Office
        Mr. Bernad Lukacin
        c/o Fraunhofer IGD
        Wilhelminenstrasse 7
        D- 64283 Darmstadt, Germany
Fax to: +49 - 6151 - 155 - 194
Email:  lukacin@igd.fhg.de
Last Name:      ____________________________________
First Name:     ____________________________________
Title:          ____________________________________
Affiliation:    ____________________________________
E-Mail:         ____________________________________
Phone:          ____________________________________
Personal URL:   ____________________________________
Remember to give street name, city and country at least.
Address:        ____________________________________
Country:        ____________________________________
Fax:            ____________________________________
Affil. URL:     ____________________________________
( ) I do not want my name to appear on the attendee list.
( ) Conference
(Tuesday thru Thursday, April 11-13)
This is the registration for the three-day conference (April 11, 12, 13)
( ) Extra Dinner Tickets
90,-DM each (leave empty if you only want a ticket for yourself).
________________________        _____________________________________
Date                            Signature
Please visit our press-office on arrival to receive additional information
and press-kit.
We have made special arrangement for hotel reservations. Please make sure
to book directly with the hotels by using the Hotel Registration Form:
Third International World Wide Web Conference
        April 10 - 14, 1995
        Please fill in this form and fax it to:
        +49 - 6151 - 893194
        ( ) Single room (165,-DM per day, breakfast and tax included)
        ( ) Double room (224,-DM per day, breakfast and tax included)
        ( ) VISA    ( ) MasterCard    ( ) American Express
        Card holder:    ____________________________________
        Card number:    ____________________________________
        Card expiration date:   ____________________________
        Please fill in this form and fax it to:
        +49 - 6151 - 13 - 2783
        ( ) Single room
        ( ) Double room
        (from 85,-DM to 130,-DM per day, breakfast and tax included)
Name:                   ____________________________________
Daytime phone:          ____________________________________
Fax:                    ____________________________________
City:                   ____________________________________
State:                  ____________________________________
Country:                ____________________________________
Postal Code:            ____________________________________
Date of arrival:        ____________________________________
Time of arrival:        ____________________________________
Date of departure:      ____________________________________
Time of departure:      ____________________________________
Special needs or requests:
________________________        _____________________________________
Date                            Signature
From:   ____________________________________
To:     ____________________________________
Fax:    ____________________________________
Herewith we confirm your booking:
confirmation number ____________________________________
| Bernad Lukacin              |/|  //|
| Pressestelle                |-  // |
| Telefon: (49)6151/155-174   |  //  |
| Telefax: (49)6151/155-194   | //  _|
| Email:   lukacin@igd.fhg.de |//  |/|
Date:         Tue, 14 Mar 1995 08:49:06 EST
Reply-To:     PATRICK GIGNAC <gignac@fis.utoronto.ca>
Sender:       Electronic Journal Publishing List <vpiej-l@vtvm1.cc.vt.edu>
From:         PATRICK GIGNAC <gignac@fis.utoronto.ca>
Organization: Faculty of Information Studies
Subject:      IS0 12083
I am marking up some electronic journals with ISO 12083 and have run
into a few problems.
I cannot seem to find a tag in the serial dtd for editor nor for an editor
of a special issue.  Also, under the citation tag there is no element for title
only for serial title.  I found this a bit odd.  Is this correct?
Is there  a dtd for indexes?
Does anybody know of a source that may give me some insight?
Thanks in advance.
Patrick Gignac
Electronic Resources Project
Faculty of Information Studies Library
University of Toronto
Tel:  416-978-7097
Tel:  416-968-9101
Date:         Thu, 16 Mar 1995 11:37:53 EST
Reply-To:     "William C. Anderson" <wand@loc.gov>
Sender:       Electronic Journal Publishing List <vpiej-l@vtvm1.cc.vt.edu>
From:         "William C. Anderson" <wand@loc.gov>
Subject:      Re: Multiple versions for remote access serials
From:  Regina Reynolds, Head, US ISSN Center (NSDP)
       Les Hawkins, Senior Cataloger, US ISSN Center
       Melissa Beck, CONSER Cataloger, UCLA
       Bill Anderson, CONSER Specialist, LC
Re:  Multiple versions for remote access serials
Date: March 14th
        How Many Records for Remote Access Serials?
     Thanks to all who responded to our earlier posting.  As
promised, we have prepared some hypothetical records for serials
issued in multiple *electronic document formats,* a term that
seems less problematic than *versions.*  We selected two
different titles and cataloged each of them two different ways.
First we cataloged each title with all document formats
represented on one record.  Then we created separate records for
different formats.  We chose this approach partly as an
exercise in seeing how feasible each alternative was and what the
resulting records might look like, and also to stimulate as open
a discussion as possible.  We remain aware of the possibility
that the one record approach might work best in some cases and
multiple records might be required in others.
     Please note that in creating these *hypothetical* records we
have also had to create some new kinds of qualifiers and notes
and use some of the computer file fields newly available in the
serials format before policies and practices have been fully
worked out.  So, please don't use these  records as examples of
fully developed CONSER, LC, or ISSN practice.  Finally, almost
all of these records are based on NSDP records, they do not
include subject headings and are encoding level *7.*
EID TREATMENT 1--Single Record for Multiple Versions
OCLC:  31848943         Rec stat:  c
Entered:    19950118    Replaced:  19950118    Used:    19950118
 Type:     a     Bib lvl: s      Source:   d    Lang:     eng
 Repr:           Enc lvl: 7      Govt pub:      Ctry:     gau
 Phys med:       Mod rec:        Conf pub: 0    Cont:    ^^^^
 S/L ent:  0     Ser tp:  p      Frequn:   q    Alphabt:  a
 Desc:     a                     Regulr:   x    ISDS:     1
                                 Pub st:   c    Dates:  1995-9999
    1  010     sn95-7042
    2  040     NSD $c NSD
    3  012     $l 1
    4  022 0   1080-6059
    5  037     $b Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,
1600 Clifton Rd., Mailstop C-12, Atlanta, Ga 30333 (Email:
eideditor@cidod1.em.cdc.gov) $c Free
    6  042     nsdp
    7  090     $b
    8  049     DLCC
    9  130 0   Emerging infectious diseases (Online)
   10  222  0  Emerging infectious diseases $b (Online)
   11  245 00  Emerging infectious diseases $h [computer file] :
$b EID.
   12  246 30  EID
   13  260     Atlanta, GA : $b National Center for Infectious
Diseases, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), $c
   14  310     Four times per year
   15  362 0   Vol. 1, no. 1 (Jan.-Mar. 1995)-
   16  538     ASCII (.txt files), Acrobat (.pdf files), and
PostScript (.ps files) formats can all be accessed via Internet
email, FTP, and World Wide Web.
   17  500     Description based on hypertext version as viewed
over the World Wide Web; title from homepage.
   18  580     Online version of the print publication.
   19  710 2   National Center for Infectious Diseases (U.S.)
   20  776 1   $t Emerging infectious diseases $w (DLC)sn
95007041 $w (OCoLC)31848353
   21  856 0   list.cdc.gov $f EID-* $h lists $i subscribe $z
Filename includes format (ASCII, PDF or PS) following the hyphen,
selected by the subscriber
   22  856 1   ftp.cdc.gov $d pub/EID $l anonymous $z Each issue
in a separate subdirectory (e.g., vol1no1). Additional
subdirectories for each version--adobe, postscript, and ascii
   23  856 7   $u http://www.cdc.gov/ncidod/EID/eid.htm $z Each
version can be downloaded via WWW browser $2 http
EID TREATMENT 2--Two Records for Different Versions
Record 1--ASCII
OCLC:  31848943         Rec stat:  c
Entered:    19950118    Replaced:  19950118    Used:    19950118
 Type:     a     Bib lvl: s      Source:   d    Lang:     eng
 Repr:           Enc lvl: 7      Govt pub:      Ctry:     gau
 Phys med:       Mod rec:        Conf pub: 0    Cont:    ^^^^
 S/L ent:  0     Ser tp:  p      Frequn:   q    Alphabt:  a
 Desc:     a                     Regulr:   x    ISDS:     1
                                 Pub st:   c    Dates:  1995-9999
    1  010     sn95-7042
    2  040     NSD $c NSD
    3  012     $l 1
    4  022 0   1080-6059
    5  037     $b Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,
1600 Clifton Rd., Mailstop C-12, Atlanta, Ga 30333; (Email:
eideditor@cidod1.em.cdc.gov) $c Free
    6  042     nsdp
    7  090     $b
    8  049     DLCC
    9  130 0   Emerging infectious diseases (ASCII)
   10  222  0  Emerging infectious diseases $b (ASCII)
   11  245 00  Emerging infectious diseases $h [computer file].
   12  246 33  EID
   13  260     Atlanta, GA : $b National Center for Infectious
Diseases, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), $c
   14  310     Four times per year
   15  362 0   Vol. 1, no. 1 ([Jan.-Mar. 1995])-
   16  538     Mode of access: Internet email, FTP, and World
Wide Web.
   17  500     Title from title screen.
   18  516     Text (ASCII)
   19  580     Online version of the print publication. Also
available in Acrobat and PostScript formatted versions which
include figures and graphics.
   20  710 2   National Center for Infectious Diseases (U.S.)
   21  775 1   $t Emerging infectious diseases (Formatted text)
$w (OCoLC)33332211
   22  776 1   $t Emerging infectious diseases $w (DLC)sn
95007041 $w (OCoLC)31848353
   23  856 0   list.cdc.gov $f EID-ASCII $h lists $i subscribe
   24  856 1   ftp.cdc.gov $d pub/EID/vol*no* $f *.txt $l
anonymous $z Article files located in subdirectory for specific
issue (e.g., vol1no1)
   25  856 7   $u http://www.cdc.gov/ncidod/EID/entire.htm $2
Record 2--Formatted Text
OCLC:  33332211         Rec stat:  c
Entered:    19950118    Replaced:  19950118    Used:    19950118
 Type:     a     Bib lvl: s      Source:   d    Lang:     eng
 Repr:           Enc lvl: 7      Govt pub:      Ctry:     gau
 Phys med:       Mod rec:        Conf pub: 0    Cont:    ^^^^
 S/L ent:  0     Ser tp:  p      Frequn:   q    Alphabt:  a
 Desc:     a                     Regulr:   x    ISDS:     1
                                 Pub st:   c    Dates:  1995-9999
    1  040     XYZ $c XYZ
    2  037     $b Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,
1600 Clifton Rd., Mailstop C-12, Atlanta, Ga 30333 (Email:
eideditor@cidod1.em.cdc.gov) $c Free
    3  090     $b
    4  049     DLCC
    5  130 0   Emerging infectious diseases (Formatted text)
    6  245 00  Emerging infectious diseases $h [computer file].
    7  246 33  EID
    8  260     Atlanta, GA : $b National Center for Infectious
Diseases, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), $c
    9  310     Four times per year
   10  362 0   Vol. 1, no. 1 (Jan.-Mar. 1995)-
   11  538     Adobe Acrobat (.pdf files) and PostScript (.ps
files) formats can both be accessed via Internet email, FTP, and
World Wide Web.
   12  500     Description based on Acrobat version; title from
title screen.
   14  580     Online version of the print publication. Also has
ASCII version which does not contain figures or graphics.
   15  710 2   National Center for Infectious Diseases (U.S.)
   16  775 1   $t Emerging infectious diseases (ASCII) $x 1080-
6059 $w (DLC)sn 95007042
   17  776 1   $t Emerging infectious diseases $w (DLC)sn
95007041 $w (OCoLC)31848353
   18  856 0   list.cdc.gov $f EID-PDF $h lists $i subscribe $z
Email access to Acrobat version
   19  856 0   list.cdc.gov $f EID-PS $h lists $i subscribe $z
Email access to PostScript version
   20  856 1   ftp.cdc.gov $d pub/EID/vol*no*/postscript $f *.ps
$l anonymous $q binary $z FTP access to PostScript version
includes groups of article files with .ps extension
   21  856 1   ftp.cdc.gov $d pub/EID/vol*no*/adobe $f *.pdf $l
anonymous $q binary $z FTP access to Acrobat version includes
groups of article files with .pdf extension
   22  856 7   $u http://www.cdc.gov/ncidod/EID/entire.htm $2
PMC TREATMENT 1--Single Record for Multiple Formats
  OCLC:  NEW              Rec stat:  n
  Entered:    19950301    Replaced:  19950301    Used:  19950301
  Type:     a      Bib lvl: s     Source:   d    Lang:     eng
  Repr:            Enc lvl: 7     Govt pub:      Ctry:     ncu
  Phys med:        Mod rec:       Conf pub: 0    Cont:     ^^^^
  S/L ent:  0      Ser tp:  p     Frequn:   t    Alphabt:  a
  Desc:     a                     Regulr:   r    ISDS:     1
                                  Pub st:   c    Dates: 1990-9999
     1  010     sn95-4630
     2  040     $c NSD
     3  012     $l 1
     4  022 0   1053-1920
     5  037     $b Postmodern Culture, Box 5657, Raleigh, NC
27650 $c $30.00 (institutions)
     6  042     nsdp $a lcd
     7  082 10  909 $2 12
     8  049     NSDP
     9  130 0   Postmodern culture (Online)
    10  210 0   Postmod. cult. $b (Online)
    11  222  0  Postmodern culture $b (Online)
    12  245 00  Postmodern culture $ h [computer file] : $b PMC :
$b an electronic journal of interdisciplinary criticism .
    13  246 30  PMC
    14  260     Raleigh, NC : $b Postmodern Culture, $c c1990-
    15  310     Three no. a year
    16  362 0   Vol. 1, no. 1 (fall 1990)-
    17  538     Mode of access: Internet email, FTP, gopher, and
World Wide Web.
    18  500     Description based on: ASCII version; title from
table of contents screen.
    19  515     Became available via World Wide Web with: vol. 4,
no. 2 (Jan. 1994).
    20  516 8   Electronic journal available in ASCII (plain
text) or hypertext (with links to text and non-text files)
    21  530     Available also in a computer disk version.
    22  550     Published: North Carolina State, Oxford
University Press, and University of Virginia's Institute for
Advanced Technology in the Humanities, Jan. 1995-
    23  710 2   Institute for Advanced Technology in the
Humanities (University of Virginia)
    24  710 2   North Carolina State University.
    25  776 1   $t Postmodern culture (Computer disk) $w
    26  776 1   $c Microfiche $w (DLC)sn 91019114
    27  856 0   listserv.ncsu.edu $f pmc-list $h listserv $i
    28  856 1   jefferson.village.virginia.edu $d pub/pubs/pmc $l
    29  856 7   $u gopher://jefferson.village.virginia.EDU:70/00
/pubs/pmc $ 2 gopher
    30  856 7   $u http://jefferson.village.virginia.EDU
/pmc/contents.all.html $ 2 http
    31  936     Vol. 5, no. 2 (Jan. 1995) (hypertext version) LIC
PMC TREATMENT 2--Two Records for Different Versions
Record 1--ASCII
 OCLC:  22471982         Rec stat:    c
 Entered:    19901005    Replaced:   19921124   Used:    19941215
 Type:     a      Bib lvl: s       Source:   d   Lang:     eng
 Repr:            Enc lvl: 7       Govt pub:     Ctry:     ncu
 Phys med:        Mod rec:         Conf pub: 0   Cont:     ^^^^
 S/L ent:  0      Ser tp:  p       Frequn:   t   Alphabt:  a
 Desc:     a                       Regulr:   r   ISDS:     1
                                   Pub st:   c   Dates: 1990-9999
     1  010     sn90-3259
     2  040     NSD $c NSD $d NST $d NSD $d NST
     3  012     $i 9211 $k 1 $l 1
     4  022 0   1053-1920
     5  037     $b Postmodern Culture, Box 5657, Raleigh, NC
27650 $c $30.00 (institutions)
     6  042     nsdp $a lcd
     7  082 10  909 $2 12
     8  049     NSDP
     9  130 0   Postmodern culture (Online : ASCII)
    10  210 0   Postmod. cult. $b (Online, ASCII)
    11  222  0  Postmodern culture $b (Online. ASCII)
    12  245 00  Postmodern culture $h [computer file] : $b PMC :
$b an electronic journal of interdisciplinary criticism.
    13  246 30  PMC
    14  260     Raleigh, NC : $b Postmodern Culture, $c c1990-
    15  310     Three no. a year
    16  362 0   Vol. 1, no. 1 (fall 1990)-
    17  538     Mode of access: Internet email, ftp, and gopher.
    18  500     Published: Oxford University Press, <jan. 1995-="">
    19  516     Text (electronic journal)
    20  530     Available also in computer disk version.
    21  550     Issued by: North Carolina State, and University
of Virginia's Institute for Advanced Technology in the
    22  580     Also issued in hypertext with links to text and
non-text files via World Wide Web.
    23  710 2   Institute for Advanced Technology in the
Humanities (University of Virginia)
    24  710 2   North Carolina State University.
    25  775 1   $t Postmodern culture (World Wide Web) $w (DLC)sn
    26  776 1   $t Postmodern culture (Computer disk) $w
    27  776 1   $c Microfiche $w (DLC)sn 91019114
    28  850     OU
    29  856 0   listserv.ncsu.edu $f pmc-list $h listserv $i
subscribe $l anonymous
    30  856 1   jefferson.village.virginia.edu $d pub/pubs/pmc
    31  856 7   $u gopher://jefferson.village.virginia.EDU:70/00
/pubs/pmc $2 gopher
    32  936     Vol. 5, no. 2 (Jan. 1995) LIC
Record 2--World Wide Web
OCLC:  NEW                 Rec stat:    n
Entered:  19950208   Replaced: 19950208      Used:  19950208
 Type:     a  Bib lvl: s     Source:   d      Lang:    eng
 Repr:        Enc lvl: 7     Govt pub:        Ctry:    ncu
 Phys med:    Mod rec:       Conf pub: 0      Cont:    ^^^^
 S/L ent:  0  Ser tp:  p     Frequn:   t      Alphabt:
 Desc:     a                 Regulr:   r      ISDS:
                             Pub st:   c      Dates: 1994-9999
    1  010     sn95-4541
    2  040     NSD $c NSD
    3  037     $b Oxford University Press, 2001 Evans Rd., Cary,
NC 27513
    4  042     lcd
    5  082 10  909 $2 12
    6  049     NSDP
    7  130 0   Postmodern culture (World Wide Web)
    8  245 00  Postmodern culture $h [computer file].
    9  246 33  PMC
   10  260     Cary, NC : $b Oxford University Press, $c c1994-
   11  310     Three times a year
   12  362 0   Vol. 4, no. 2 (Jan. 1994)-
   13  538     Mode of access: World Wide Web.
   14  500     Title from title screen.
   15  515     Adopted the numbering of: Postmodern culture
   16  516     Hypertext with links to text and non-text files
   17  530     Also available in computer disk version.
   18  550     Published: North Carolina State, Oxford University
Press, and University of Virginia's Institution for Advanced
Technology in the Humanities, Jan. 1995-
   19  580     Also issued via the Internet in plain text format:
Postmodern culture (Online : ASCII).
   20  710 2   North Carolina State University.
   21  710 2   Institute for Advanced Technology in the
Humanities (University of Virginia)
   22  775 1   $t Postmodern culture (Online : ASCII) $x
1053-1920 $w (DLC)sn 90003259
   23  776 1   $t Postmodern culture (Computer disk) $w
   24  776 1   $c Microfiche $w (DLC)sn 91019114
   25  856 7   $u http://jefferson.village.virginia.edu/pmc
/contents.all.html $ 2 http
   26  936     Vol. 5, no. 2 (Jan. 1995) LIC
Date:         Thu, 16 Mar 1995 11:39:04 EST
Reply-To:     Ann Okerson <ann@cni.org>
Sender:       Electronic Journal Publishing List <vpiej-l@vtvm1.cc.vt.edu>
From:         Ann Okerson <ann@cni.org>
Subject:      NewJour Searchable Archive Available
To:     NewJour Subscribers and Friends
Re:     NewJour Searchable Archive Available
From:   The Moderators
NEWJOUR, the on-line service reporting new electronic (Internet)
journals and newsletters to the academic community, is almost two years
old and has reported on over 200 different publications.  After
the New Year, the list moved from its first site at the American
Mathematical Society to the University of Pennsylvania.  The new list
mechanism at the University of Pennsylvania is stable and running
smoothly now (reminders below how to unsubscribe and subscribe).
We are happy to announce that we now have a searchable archive of all
NEWJOUR postings since the list began in 1993.  The archive is available
by gopher (bookmark and somewhat lengthy URL below) from the server of
the Center for Computer Analysis of Texts and has been made possible by
the wizardry of Michael Nenashev, sysop at CCAT.  The archive itself was
prepared by the tireless Lisabeth King of the Association of Research
There is a WAIS-indexed search function, via which you can ask for all
the reports with a particular word (e.g., psychology, and get a quick
listing of titles to view.  Please feel free to add this link to your
gopher and WWW pages; it will continue to grow with each new NEWJOUR
(Postings for NEWJOUR may be sent to me directly or to the list address
nj@ccat.sas.upenn.edu -- all postings moderated.)
Ann Okerson
Name=NewJour (A Listing of New Electronic Journals)
Path=1/Journals, Newsletters and Publications/newjour
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To subscribe to NEWJOUR, send e-mail to majordomo@ccat.sas.upenn.edu
with nothing on the Subject: line and the simple message SUBSCRIBE
NEWJOUR.  To unsubscribe, do likewise, but the message should read
UNSUBSCRIBE NEWJOUR.  Do NOT put your NAME or ADDRESS anywhere in the
message: it confuses the majordomo program and slows processing of your
request.  In case of list-management difficulties, send e-mail to
Jim O'Donnell:  jod@ccat.sas.upenn.edu.
Date:         Sun, 19 Mar 1995 16:32:49 EST
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Sender:       Electronic Journal Publishing List <vpiej-l@vtvm1.cc.vt.edu>
From:         "William C. Anderson" <wand@loc.gov>
Subject:      Re: Multiple versions for remote access serials
From:     Jean Hirons, Acting CONSER Coordinator, Library of
Subject:  Multiple versions for remote access serials
Date:     March 16, 1995
Thanks to Bill, Les, Regina, and Melissa for all of their hard
work on this issue.  In the interests of generating discussion,
I would like to express my opinion that we should keep all remote
versions on one record.  While this may be a change from our past
practice of describing differences in content as separate
"editions," I feel that this medium requires a somewhat different
approach.  Here are my reasons for favoring one record:
1.  I think one record will better serve our users.  One record,
with appropriate instruction as to the availability of different
formats and modes of access, will serve better than multiple
records.  I find the examples of one record to be clear and
consise and I don't think the multiple records add anything.  I
don't think we have to tell our users just what the differences
are, and quite frankly, for serials, this is probably impossible
to keep accurate.
2.  Creating separate records, causes unnecessary complications
for the cataloging: uniform title qualifiers, links, notes, and
edition statements.  There are already distinctions in these
records between note and linking tags (530 vs. 580, 775 vs. 776)
that I find to be needlessly confusing.  If we create one record
for all remote formats and link to other formats (CD, paper,
etc.) it will be much clearer.
3.  Creating separate records requires the cataloger to
distinguish "significant" changes in content that may be
difficult to determine.  In addition, these differences may
change over time.  For example, we found one serial where the Web
format did not have any appreciable difference from the other
formats.  In this case, all formats would be kept on one record.
But is it not possible that in time, as the publisher becomes
more sophisticated, that the Web version might become very
4.  The addition of new formats with later issues can cause
confusing descriptions.  Note the last example of Postmodern
culture (World Wide Web) which began with Vol. 4, no. 2 (Jan.
1994).  By creating a separate record, we are forced to have a
different beginning date.  The 515 note is meant to cover this,
but I don't think it is terribly clear.  I still find myself
looking for a 780 field!  I'm sure that formats will come and go
and trying to keep all of this straight on different records,
linked to other records, could become a bibliographic nightmare.
These are my thoughts.  I urge you all to share yours so that we
in CONSER can develop a working resolution to this very critical
Date:         Sun, 19 Mar 1995 16:33:24 EST
Reply-To:     ellen detlefsen <ellen@lis.pitt.edu>
Sender:       Electronic Journal Publishing List <vpiej-l@vtvm1.cc.vt.edu>
From:         ellen detlefsen <ellen@lis.pitt.edu>
Subject:      Digital Libraries Symposium - Japan
             Call for Papers and Participation
   ISDL'95: International Symposium on Digital Libraries 1995
                    August 22 - 25, 1995
       University of Library and Information Science
             Tsukuba Science City, Ibaraki, Japan
   Sponsored by: University of Library and Information Science
The issue of digital libraries is key to making global information
super-highways really work. Many digital libraries cannot be realized
without the integration of various information technologies. Social,
cultural and human aspects are also important in the implementation of
digital libraries.  ISDL'95 will offer a forum for researchers,
engineers, librarians, information scientists, and users, all of whom have
different backgrounds, but who share equally an interest in digital
Symposium topics will include:
 * Digital library networks based on high-speed wide-area network technology,
 * Storage, communication and delivery of multimedia data,
 * Digitization and database construction, using printed materials from the
   social sciences, the humanities, and the natural sciences,
 * Creation, storage, retrieval, and usage of multimedia,
 * Information visualization and user interfaces,
 * The digital library as a collection of materials and a collection
   of information,
 * The digital library as an environment to support intellectual
   activities, and
 * Roles of, and restrictions on, digital libraries in communities.
The symposium will include invited talks and contributed paper presentations.
Invited speakers (Tentative)
        Jun Adachi(National Center for Science Information Systems, Japan)
        Philippe Aigrain (IRIT, France)
        Sujata Banerjee (Univ. of Pittsburgh, USA)
        Terry Cannon (British Library, UK)
        Richard Furuta (Texas A&M Univ., USA)
        Yasuyo Kikuta (Fujitsu Ltd., Japan)
        Hiroshi Matsumoto (BBCC, Japan)
        Sung-Joo Park (KAIST, Korea)
        Edie Rasmussen (Univ. of Pittsburgh, USA)
        Terry Smith (UCSB, USA)
        Beng-Tin Tan (NCB, Singapore)
        Wei-Pang Yang (National Chiao Tung Univ., Taiwan)
        Yelena Yesha (UMBC/NASA, USA)
         (Ministry of International Trade and Industry, Japan)
         (National Diet Library, Japan)
Symposium Organization
Symposium Committee
        Koichi Tabata (ULIS) Chair
        Jun Adachi (NACSIS)
        Hiromichi Hashizume (NACSIS)
        Hidehiro Ishizuka (ULIS)
        Tamiko Matsumura (ULIS)
        Tetsuo Sakaguchi (ULIS)
        Shigeo Sugimoto (ULIS)
        Takeo Yamamoto (ULIS)
Program Committee
        Shigeo Sugimoto (ULIS) Chair
        Jun Adachi (NACSIS)
        Ellen Detlefsen (Univ. of Pittsburgh)
        Hiromichi Hashizume (NACSIS)
        Hidehiro Ishizuka (ULIS)
        Toshikazu Kato (ETL)
        Yuji Matsumoto (AIST-NARA)
        Akira Nemoto (ULIS)
        Atsutake Nozoe (Aichi Shukutoku Univ.)
        Hsiu-Hsen Yao (Yuan-Ze Institute of Technology)
Planning Committee
        Takeo Yamamoto (ULIS) Chair
        Takehisa Fujita (ULIS)
        Tetsuo Sakaguchi (ULIS)
        Shigeo Sugimoto (ULIS)
        Norihiko Uda (ULIS)
ISDL'95 is planning to publish both PRINTED and ELECTRONIC proceedings. The
proceedings will include both Contributed Papers and Brief Contributions.
Authors are now invited to submit their abstracts to the symposium
program committee.  Authors of accepted abstracts will then be asked to
prepare camera-ready copy.
(Note: Authors of Contributed Papers will be assigned oral presentation
 at the symposium. Authors of Brief Contributions will not be assigned
 oral presentation.)
Accepted papers will be included in the PRINTED proceedings which will
be distributed at the symposium. The ELECTRONIC proceedings will be
made available on the symposium homepage.
Symposium Language:  English
Contributed Paper: No more than 2000 words
Brief Contribution: No more than 1000 words
All abstract must have a title page attached below.
Electronic Submission:  (Electronic submission is strongly recommended.)
        Send ASCII Plain Text or PostScript File to ISDL95@DL.ulis.ac.jp.
        (PostScript file for the abstracts that have illustrations.)
Paper Submission:
        Send four copies of abstracts to:
              Univ. of Library and Information Science
              1-2, Kasuga, Tsukuba, Ibaraki 305, JAPAN
Authors who want to demonstrate their work should contact the program
committee. The symposium will be able to support both video and WWW-based
Detailed registration information and registration form will shortly become
available via WWW, Gopher, and email.
The University of Library and Information Science (ULIS) is a national
university of Japan, located at the center of the Tsukuba Science City.
The Tsukuba Science City is located 60 km north-east of Tokyo; the City
has more than 100 research and educational institutions.  Express bus
services are available between Tsukuba Center and JR Tokyo Station, and
between Tsukuba Center and the New Tokyo International Airport (Narita
International Airport). Local bus services are also available from the
Tsuchiura and Arakawaoki stations on the JR Joban Line.
Important Dates
 Submission:                    April 28, 1995
 Acceptance Notification:       May 31, 1995
 Camera Ready Copy:             June 30, 1995
Electronic Access
Symposium information can be obtained electronically:
         WWW:    http://www.DL.ulis.ac.jp/ISDL95/
         Gopher: gopher://gopher.DL.ulis.ac.jp/1/ISDL95/
         email:  ISDL95-info@DL.ulis.ac.jp
                     Write "English" or "help" at the top of the text.
Conventional Access
postal address:
         Univ. of Library and Information Science
         1-2, Kasuga, Tsukuba, Ibaraki 305, Japan
fax:   +81-298-52-4326  or +81-298-52-0384
- - - - - - - Title Page - - - - - -
         submitted to ISDL'95
Check One
  [    ]  Contributed Paper
        [    ]  Demonstration
  [    ]  Brief Contribution   --- Without Oral Presentation
        [    ]  Demonstration
Date:         Sun, 19 Mar 1995 16:37:03 EST
Reply-To:     Cindy Hepfer <hslcindy@ubvm.cc.buffalo.edu>
Sender:       Electronic Journal Publishing List <vpiej-l@vtvm1.cc.vt.edu>
From:         Cindy Hepfer <hslcindy@ubvm.cc.buffalo.edu>
Subject:      Call for papers
The following is being posted to several library related lists; please
excuse any duplication.
                              CALL FOR PAPERS
The first volume of Advances in Serials Management, published by
JAI Press, Inc., appeared in 1986 under the editorship of Marcia
Tuttle and Jean G. Cook.  Vol. 5, which was edited by Marcia
Tuttle and Karen Darling, is currently in press and expected by
the end of the summer of 1995.
The table of contents for Vol. 5 includes:
.Scholarly Publishing: Today and Tomorrow
     Nancy L. Eaton, Cynthia Dobson, and William K. Black
.A Prehistory of Electronic Journals: the EIES and BLEND Projects
     Bernard Naylor and Marilyn Geller
.Serial Linking Notes and MARC 760-767 Fields in OPAC Displays
     Joe Altimus
.Government Publications on Serials; Serials as Government
     Charles A. Seavey
.Integrating Depository Documents Serials into Regular Serials
Receiving and Cataloging Routines at the University of Oregon
     Karen D. Darling
.Publisher/Vendor Relations
     Mary Devlin and Ronald Akie
.Listservs within the Pantheon of Written Materials
     Sharon H. Domier
With Vol. 6, Advances in Serials Management will have a new
editorial team which invites potential contributors to contact
one of us to discuss your topic, the submission deadline and
other procedural matters.
The scope of Advances in Serials Management will continue to
include papers on all aspects of serials management from a
variety of perspectives.  Publishers, vendors and librarians are
encouraged to submit.  Included in the range of serials
management topics are acquisitions, document delivery, e-
journals, vendor issues and relations, publishing, cataloging,
reference, collection development/management, budgeting, gifts
and exchange, union listing and relevant organizational issues.
New trends and emerging technologies as well as state of the art
discussions regarding serials are encouraged.  Papers which are
co-authored and present two or more perspectives on an issue are
also welcomed.
If you would like to contribute to Vol. 6 of Advances in Serials
Management, please contact one of the following editors.
Julia Gammon
Acquisitions Department
Bierce Library
University of Akron
302 Buchtel Common
Akron, OH 44325-1708
216-972-6254; Fax: 216-972-6383
Cindy Hepfer
Serials Department
Health Sciences Library
Abbott Hall
State University of New York at Buffalo
3435 Main Street
Buffalo, NY 14214-3002
716-829-2139; Fax: 716-829-2211
Teresa Malinowski
Serials Section
University Library
California State University, Fullerton
800 N. State College Blvd.
Fullerton, CA 92634-4150
714-773-3713; Fax: 714-449-7135
Date:         Sun, 19 Mar 1995 16:37:56 EST
Sender:       Electronic Journal Publishing List <vpiej-l@vtvm1.cc.vt.edu>
From:         Lucia Ruedenberg <ruednbrg@nyuacf.bitnet>
Subject:      announcing: TDR Spring 1995
Dear Listowner - if you feel your readers would be interested in TDR, please
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    ...You may have never heard of us, yet you may be interested in...
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      -- The Journal of Performance Studies - T145 (Spring 1995) --
  TDR is a quarterly journal that explores the diverse world of performance.
  How does this relate to you? The journal emphasizes the intercultural,
  inter-disciplinary and spans numerous geographical areas and historical
  periods. TDR addresses performance issues of every kind: theatre, music
  dance, entertainment, media, sports, politics, aesthetics of everyday
  life, games, play and ritual. TDR is for people in the performing arts,
  the social sciences, academics, activists and theorists -- anyone
  interested in thinking about the "performance" paradigm.
  The journal is edited by Richard Schechner of the Department of
  Performance Studies, New York University, and is published quarterly
  by The MIT Press. Although TDR is not yet an electronic journal, you
  can browse through sample articles available on-line through the
  Electronic Newsstand and order via e-mail from The MIT Press (see
  directions below). Check out our table of contents!
  // In this issue (T145, Spring 1995) \\
  //TDR Comment
   Problemitizing Jargon - by Richard Schechner
  //Letters, Announcements, Etc.
   Forum: Disciplines of the Text/Sites of Performance - by W.B. Worthen
   Responses to "Disciplines of the Text/Sites of Performance" - by Jill
        Dolan, Joseph Roach, Richard Schechner, Phillip B. Zarrilli
   W.B. Worthen Replies
   Morphing Borders: The Remanence of MTV - by Williams Sonnega
   Ngarnna Taikurra in the Land of the Dreamtime: Report on the 3rd
        International Women Playwrights Conference - by Gabrielle Cody
   Jack Warner and Teatro la Fragua: Popular Theatre in Honduras
        - by Deborah J. Cohen and Kenton V. Stone
   Coming Home: The New Ecology of the Gardzienice Theatre Association
        of Poland - Paul Allain
   Demythologizing Polish Theatre - by Halina Filipowicz
   The Tradition, Reformation, and Innovation of Huaguxi: Hunan Flower
        Drum Opera - by Shi-Zheng Chen
  //Book Reviews
   Marginal Sights: Staging the Chinese in America, by james S. Moy
   - book review by Wang Ping
   On Edge: Performance at the End of the Twentieth Century, by C. Carr
   - book review by Rebecca Schneider
   Drama and the Market in of the Age Shakespeare, by Douglas Bruster
   Shakespearean Pragmatism: Market of His Time, by Lars Engle
   Shakespear's Festive World: Elizabethan Seasonal Entertainment and the
        Professional Stage, by Francois Laroque
   - book reviews by Sidney Sondergard
   Ira Aldridge: The Negro Tragedian, by Herbert Marshall and Mildred Stock
   Sorrow is the Only Faithful One: The Life of Owen Dodson, by James V.
   - book reviews by Annemarie Bean
  Each TDR issue is filled with photographs, artwork, and scripts that
  illustrate every article. The journal, founded in 1955, is  7 x 10 and
  a 184 pages per issue.
  // To browse and subscribe \\
  1. For subscription prices and ordering information, contact the
         MIT Press Journals
         55 Hayward Street
         Cambridge, MA  02142
         Tel: 617-253-2889  Fax: 617-258-6779
         Email: journals-orders@mit.edu
     Or, access the MIT Press Online Catalog: telnet techinfo.mit.edu,
     under Around MIT/MIT Press/Journals/Arts/ or via gopher by typing
     "gopher gopher.mit.edu".
   2. To browse through an article from one of our issues, logon to the
      The Electronic Newsstand:
      via telnet: gopher.internet.com (login name: enews).
      via gopher: gopher.internet.com (port 2100).
      Via the gopher menu, go to: North America/USA/general/
      The Electronic Newsstand/all titles/ TDR: The Drama Review
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Subject:      E-Publishing Bibliography
+ Page 1 +
            The Public-Access Computer Systems Review
Volume 6, Number 1 (1995)                          ISSN 1048-6542
Charles W. Bailey, Jr., Network-Based Electronic Publishing of
Scholarly Works: A Selective Bibliography
     This bibliography presents selected works, published between
     1990 and the present, that are useful in understanding
     scholarly electronic publishing efforts on the Internet and
     other networks.  It has the following major sections:
     directories, economic issues, electronic books, electronic
     serials, future scenarios, general works, legal issues,
     library issues, new publishing models, publisher issues, and
     related electronic resources.  It does not provide detailed
     coverage of the substantial body of literature that deals
     with general electronic publishing topics.
     o    HTML file [updated; only current version retained]
          Web: http://info.lib.uh.edu/pr/v6/n1/bail6n1.html
     o    ASCII file [not updated; permanently archived]
          Gopher: gopher://info.lib.uh.edu:70/00/articles/
          List Server: send the e-mail message GET BAILEY PRV6N1
          F=MAIL to listserv@uhupvm1.uh.edu
+ Page 2 +
Charles W. Bailey, Jr.
University Libraries
University of Houston
Houston, TX 77204-2091
(713) 743-9804
Associate Editor, Columns
Leslie Pearse, OCLC
Associate Editor, Communications
Dana Rooks, University of Houston
Associate Editor, Production
Ann Thornton, University of Houston
Editorial Board
Ralph Alberico, University of Texas, Austin
George H. Brett II, Clearinghouse for Networked Information
     Discovery and Retrieval
Priscilla Caplan, University of Chicago
Steve Cisler, Apple Computer, Inc.
Walt Crawford, Research Libraries Group
Lorcan Dempsey, University of Bath
Pat Ensor, University of Houston
Nancy Evans, Pennsylvania State University, Ogontz
Charles Hildreth, University of Oklahoma
Ronald Larsen, University of Maryland
Clifford Lynch, Division of Library Automation, University of
David R. McDonald, Tufts University
R. Bruce Miller, University of California, San Diego
Paul Evan Peters, Coalition for Networked Information
Mike Ridley, University of Waterloo
Peggy Seiden, Skidmore College
Peter Stone, University of Sussex
John E. Ulmschneider, North Carolina State University
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List Server Technical Support
List server technical support is provided by the Information
Technology Division, University of Houston.  Tahereh Jafari is
the primary support person.
Publication Information
The Public-Access Computer Systems Review is an electronic
journal that is distributed on the Internet and on other computer
networks.  It is published on an irregular basis by the
University Libraries, University of Houston.  There is no
subscription fee.
To subscribe, send an e-mail message to listserv@uhupvm1.uh.edu
that says: SUBSCRIBE PACS-P First Name Last Name.
PACS-L@UHUPVM1.UH.EDU: 9,275 subscribers in 71 countries.
PACS-P@UHUPVM1.UH.EDU: 3,064 subscribers in 57 countries.
Electronic Distribution
Each article is initially distributed in both ASCII and HTML
ASCII files are paginated.  They are available from the following
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          F=MAIL to listserv@uhupvm1.uh.edu
     o    Gopher: gopher://info.lib.uh.edu:70/11/articles/
HTML files are not paginated.  HTML files may have linked GIF
files.  HTML files may have internal links, external links, or
both.  The editors do not maintain external links.
HTML files are available from the following server:
     o    World-Wide Web: http://info.lib.uh.edu/pacsrev.html
In consultation with article authors, the editors determine
whether an article is updated, whether both ASCII and HTML files
are created for updated articles, and whether all prior versions
of an article are retained.
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Print Distribution
The first four volumes of The Public-Access Computer Systems
Review are also available in book form from the American Library
Association's Library and Information Technology Association
(LITA).  The price of each volume is $17 for LITA members and $20
for non-LITA members.  All four volumes can be ordered as a set
for $60.  To order, contact: ALA Publishing Services, Order
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The Public-Access Computer Systems Review is Copyright (C) 1995
by the University Libraries, University of Houston.  All Rights
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From:         Judith Jeffcoate <judith@milford.demon.co.uk>
Subject:      Telepublishing study
----------------------------Original message----------------------------
Request for information
Telepublishing State of the Art (ELPUB104)
TFPL Ltd have been commissioned to undertake a Telepublishing survey as part
of a series of studies supporting an initiative launched by the Telematics
Applications Programme - Information Engineering (IE) Sector. This programme
is part of the European Commission's Fourth Framework programme.
For the purpose of this study Telepublishing is defined as:
   digitised information distributed over a wide area network to the consumer
         (books, journals, magazines, and emerging products).
The objectives of the study are to
-  catalogue all relevant experiments, trials and programmes on a world-wide
-  note the needs of the publishing community
-  identify the most important characteristics of such research and pilot
   projects, including user requirements and results
-  identify those initiatives that fall within the scope of IE and the results
   available for integration into new projects
-  enumerate those results which have particular relevance to IE application
   pilot projects
The work will include research and development work support by international,
national or private funding; undertaken by national bodies, academic
institutes, professional bodies, research organisations and commercial
organisations where the outcomes are publicly available. We are keen to hear
from any one involved in, or who knows of projects in these area. If you can
help please contact:
Angela Abell
17-18 Britton Street
Tel:  +44 171 251 5522
Fax:  +44 171 251 8318
email: central@tfpl.demon.co.uk
The Information Engineering Sector of the Telematics Application Programme,
have recently adopted the slogan "opening digital doorways".  As part of its
remit, IE propose to fund a number of pilot applications with the purpose of
assisting the development of a competitive European 'Superhighway'
infrastructure and products to match the innovations taking place in the US
and Pacific Rim. A preliminary programme, Exploratory Actions in Multimedia
Publishing 1994-95, is supporting of a number of feasibility studies covering
areas such as:
- Multimedia technologies for electronic newspapers;
- Multimedia broking;
- Corporate multimedia information systems - technical documentation
- Sharing cultural heritage through multimedia telematics
 - On-line commercial technical publishing service
In order to ensure that the feasibility studies and pilot applications build
on developments already underway or available, and that the proposed
applications meet identified needs, 9 supporting studies have been
commissioned to support and inform this stage. The following list of studies
demonstrates that the concerns of the studies and feasibility studies cover
technology, economic, commercial and non-commercial issues.
ELPUB101        EC-wide high-capacity information network:   what is available?
ELPUB102        Information transaction
ELPUB103        Project organisation, structure and management
ELPUB104        Telepublishing survey
ELPUB105        Usability study
ELPUB106        Status review of non-text based information retrieval
ELPUB2001       Identifying the influential technologies and their impact
ELPUB2002       Corporate publishing
Judith Jeffcoate
The Trefoyle Partnership
Date:         Tue, 28 Mar 1995 09:00:50 EST
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From:         Christine Irizarry <ci20@columbia.edu>
Subject:      Announcement of the Women's National Book Association / NYC
I am inviting anyone who can't make it to our panel discussion on
April 6 in New York to submit questions to me for our panelists
via e-mail. This is a new experiment for WNBA / NYC! Please
submit all questions to ci20@columbia.edu by April 3, 8 a.m.
Eastern Standard Time (USA).
Depending on volume, I will either forward answers directly to
questioners, or summarize the answers for the list. Thank you!
/ Christine Irizarry (ci20@columbia.edu) (phone: USA + 212 781 1809)
WNBA /NYC >> Announcement << >> April Panel Discussion <<
WHEN:       Thursday April 6, 1995 from 6 to 8 p.m.
WHERE:      35 East 21st Street, 7th floor, NYC, NY 10010
TOPIC:      CD-ROMs and Book Publishing: Now and Tomorrow
*Julie Cohen*   (Senior Editor, HomePC)
*Paul Hilts*    (Editor, Multimedia News, Publishers Weekly)
*Maryam Mohit*  (Executive Producer, The Voyager Company)
*Richard Scott* (Managing Editor, American Bookseller,
                 "New Media Update" columnist in print and
*Janet Tingey*  (Design Director, Macmillan Digital)
*Susannah Greenberg* (President, Susannah Greenberg, Public
                     Relations) (e-mail: booknews@pipeline.com)
*Jennifer Zaino*     (Articles Editor, HomePC)
*Christine Irizarry* (e-mail: ci20@columbia.edu)
FEE:             $10 at the door for non-members. You may join
                 at the door.
............... END of ANNOUNCEMENT .......................
Date:         Tue, 28 Mar 1995 09:01:30 EST
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From:         IAN.WORTHINGTON@classics.utas.edu.au
Subject:      *ELECTRONIC ANTIQUITY* 2,5
As a subscriber to *Electronic Antiquity* you are now being contacted
to let you know that (a slightly delayed) Volume 2 Issue 5 (March 1995)
is now available.  A list of contents and access instructions follow.
ISSN 1320-3606
Peter Toohey (Founding Editor)
Ian Worthington (Editor)
Jenny Strauss-Clay (Virginia)
Elaine Fantham (Princeton)
Joseph Farrell (Pennsylvania)
Sallie Goetsch (Michigan)
Mark Golden (Winnipeg)
Peter Green (Austin)
William Harris (Columbia)
Brad Inwood (Toronto)
Barry Powell (Wisconsin)
Harold Tarrant (Newcastle, NSW)
VOL. 2 ISSUE 5 - MARCH 1995
Cavalier, K., 'Did Not Potters Portray Peisistratos Posthumously
        as Herakles?'
Milns, R.D., 'Historical Paradigms in Demosthenes' Public
Narducci, Emanuele, '*Mysteria Rhetorum*. Cicerone e le
        Passioni dell'oratore'
Fellowship in Classics:
        University College, Dublin
Lectureship in Classics:
        University of Witwatersrand
Announcing New Books
Electronic Forums & Repositories for the Classics
        by Ian Worthington
*Electronic Antiquity* Vol. 2 Issue 5 - March 1995
edited by Peter Toohey and Ian Worthington
ISSN 1320-3606
A general announcement (aimed at non-subscribers) that
the journal is available will be made in approximately 12
hours time over the lists - as a subscriber you will be
automatically contacted in advance when future issues
are available.
The editors welcome contributions (all articles will be refereed,
however a section - *Positions* - will exist for those wishing
to take a more controversial stance on things).
Access is via gopher or ftp or www.
The journal file name of this issue is 2,5-March1995.
Previous issues may also be accessed in the same way.
-- info.utas.edu.au and through gopher:
-- open top level document called Publications
-- open Electronic Antiquity.
-- open 2,5-March1995
-- open (01)contents first for list of contents, then other files as appropriate
-- FTP.utas.edu.au (or ftp.info.utas.edu.au)
        --> departments --> classics --> antiquity.
-- In Antiquity you will see the files as described above.
/  oz    \
Ian Worthington,
Department of Classics,
University of Tasmania,
Hobart, Tasmania 7001,
Tel. (002) 20-2294 (office: direct)
Fax (002) 20-2288
e-mail:  Ian.Worthington@classics.utas.edu.au
Date:         Tue, 28 Mar 1995 09:01:55 EST
Reply-To:     "H-Net Central: Humanities On-Line" <campbelld@lynx.apsu.edu>
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From:         "H-Net Central: Humanities On-Line" <campbelld@lynx.apsu.edu>
Subject:      H-Net wins NEH grant for Multimedia Humanities Education
    H-Net wins NEH grant for Multimedia Humanities Education
         H-Net and Michigan State University announce the award of a
    new grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities
    (Education Division), for $190,000 for two years.  Entitled
    "Creating the History Classroom of the 21st Century," the grant
    is directed by Mark Kornbluh (History, Michigan State
    University). The grant will pursue 5 activites.
    1. Create H-MMedia as a permanent electronic channel of
       communication  to provide scholars, teachers, publishers, and
       programmers with news of the development of new teaching
       resources and archives, reviews of software, and continuing
       reports on research in progress. H-MMEDIA's objectives are to
       stimulate interest within the history profession in the
       application of new technologies in  order to increase student
       learning and build skills, and give scholars who are developing
       new teaching methods a forum in which to report their
       accomplishments and to discuss the significance and implications
       of their projects. H-MMEDIA is now in operation; subscription
       requests should be sent to LISTSERV@msu.edu.
    2. Assist history faculty, nationwide, to use multimedia technology,
       electronic communication, and computers in teaching,
    3. Establish a national center at Michigan State University and
       seven regional centers to develop teaching materials and
       multimedia curricula for  history survey courses, collect and
       disseminate software and data bases, provide technical
       assistance, and host training sessions. The regional Centers
       are at Austin Peay State University [Tennessee], Chicago
       Historical Society, University of Houston, University of
       Texas-San Antonio, University of California-Los Angeles,
       University of Virginia, and University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire.
    4. Survey applications of electronic and multimedia technologies
       in teaching and sponsor in-depth evaluations of tools and
    5. Hold a conference in summer 1996 in East Lansing to bring
       together technology specialists, master teachers, and curriculum
       innovators to instruct each other in the most effective ways of
       using new technologies to teach basic historical skills to first
       and second-year college history students.
       For further details on this project, please write
       To subscribe to H-MMEDIA, send this message to LISTSERV@msu.edu
       subscribe H-MMEDIA Firstname Lastname, Affiliation
       H-Net: Humanities On Line is an international collaborative
       effort to assist historians and humanists to use the Internet and
       computers more effectively.  In addition to this multimedia
       project, H-Net publishes 50 daily newsletters, and runs training
       workshops. For more information, write H-Net@uicvm.uic.edu
Date:         Tue, 28 Mar 1995 10:28:28 EST
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Sender:       Electronic Journal Publishing List <vpiej-l@vtvm1.cc.vt.edu>
From:         Schryburt Denis <dps@nlo.nlc-bnc.ca>
The National Library of Canada's Electronic Publications Pilot
Project (EPPP) is now available on the World Wide Web and the
Using 12 Canadian periodicals currently available only online,
the EPPP is examining various means by which Canadian electronic
publications can be deposited at the National Library, where they
will be catalogued, permanently stored in a database and made
accessible to library patrons across Canada.
Information on the status of the project and the publications it
includes is now on the Internetinfoserver at: http:/www.nlc-
bnc.ca/eppp/e3p.htm and at gopher.nlc-bnc.ca under Canadian
electronic publications. (French publications electroniques
For further information, contact: Nancy Brodie
Telephone:     (613) 947-5887
Fax:           (613) 996-7941
Internet:      Nancy.Brodie@nlc-bnc.ca
Le Projet pilote de la Bibliotheque nationale sur les
publications electroniques (PPPE) est maintenant accessible sur
le World Wide Wed et le fureteur (gopher).
En utilisant aux fins du projet 12 titres de periodiques
canadiens actuellement accessibles en direct seulement, le PPPE
etudie divers moyens d'assurer le depot des publications
electroniques canadiennes a la Bibliotheque nationale afin
qu'elles soient cataloguees, inscrites de facon permanente dans
une base de donnees et accessibles aux usagers des bibliotheques
partout au Canada.
Les renseignements concernant l'etat du projet et les
publications retenues aux fins du projet sont maintenant
disponibles sur le Internetinfoserver aux adresses:
http:/www.nlc-bnc.ca/eppp/e3p.htm et gopher.nlc-bnc.ca sous
Publications electroniques canadiennes.
Pour plus de renseignements, veuillez communiquer avec Nancy
Telephone :     (613) 947-5887
Telecopieur :      (613) 996-7941
Internet:     nancy.brodie@nlc-bnc.ca
Date:         Tue, 28 Mar 1995 10:29:04 EST
Reply-To:     amo@research.att.com
Sender:       Electronic Journal Publishing List <vpiej-l@vtvm1.cc.vt.edu>
From:         Andrew Odlyzko <amo@research.att.com>
Subject:      FYI: electronic publishing conference in Boston, May 30 - June 2,
Here is the most recent ascii version of the DAGS brochure.  The same
information (in a nicer format, with additional schedule info) is
available in the printed brochure (see DOK contact information at the
end of the document) and the DAGS '95 WWW page
(http://www.cs.dartmouth.edu/~dags/homepage.html).  Interested people
can also obtain this document by anonymous ftp to cs.dartmouth.edu,
directory "pub/DAGS95" as "dags95.brochure.txt".
        Papers * Panels * Posters * Demonstrations * Tutorials
     *                                                         *
     #                  ELECTRONIC PUBLISHING                  #
     *                         AND THE                         *
     #                 INFORMATION SUPERHIGHWAY                #
     *                                                         *
     #                  Enabling Technologies                  #
     *                         Issues                          *
     #                       Applications                      #
     *                                                         *
     #                  May 30 -- June 2, 1995                 #
     *                  Boston, Massachusetts                  *
     #                                                         #
Conference home page:  http://www.cs.dartmouth.edu/~dags/homepage.html
              "Bringing together the diverse communities
                  that make up electronic publishing."
The DAGS'95 Conference on Electronic Publishing and the Information
Superhighway will bring together a broad variety of people to discuss
the issues, applications, and underlying technologies for electronic
publishing.  Potential participants include:
    o Computer scientists, who provide the technology
      for electronic publishing
    o Publishers, who provide the needs and organizational
      structure for electronic publishing
    o Librarians, who are and will be providing increasingly
      sophisticated access to electronic publications
    o Authors, who have created or are creating electronic
    o Commentators, who describe the role of electronic
      publishing in society
    o Policy makers, who will help determine the environment
      for electronic publishing
The Conference will cover a broad variety of topics
including technical issues, business concerns, social issues, and
                          INVITED SPEAKERS
Tim Berners-Lee (MIT and CERN, creator of WWW)
World Wide Web: The Consortium, and Plans for the Future
Gregory Crane (Tufts University)
Scholarly Publishing and Scholarly Inquiry: Historical Perspectives
  on the Interaction of Form and Content
Peter Denning (George Mason University, Chair of ACM Publications Board)
The ACM Electronic Publishing Plan
Joseph Henderson (Dartmouth Medical School Interactive Media Lab)
New (Old) Models for Network-Based Learning
Brewster Kahle (President, WAIS Inc.)
The Web and Beyond: Agent-Based Publishing on the Internet
Tim Lenoir and Sha Xin Wei (Stanford University)
MMDD: A Framework for Composing Multimedia Simulations
Edward Murphy (President, PWS Publishers)
Publishing New Media for Higher Education
Alex Pentland (MIT Media Laboratory)
Image and Video Semantics
T.V. Raman (DEC, creator of Aster audio formatting system)
AsTeR -- Towards Display-Independent Electronic Documents
Barbara Simons (IBM, Chair of ACM USACM US Public Policy Committee)
Where Are We Going on the Information Superhighway: Electronic
  Democracy or Electronic Tranquilizer?
James Storer (Brandeis University)
High Performance Adaptive Data Compression
Andries van Dam (Brown University)
Electronic Books: Past, Present and Future
                          COMMITTEE MEMBERS
Program Chair:
  Fillia Makedon (Dartmouth College)
Panels Chair:
  Donald Kreider (Dartmouth College)
Posters Chair:
  John Buford (U. Mass-Lowell)
Tutorials and Workshops Chair:
  Panagiotis Metaxas (Wellesley College)
Fillia Makedon (chair), Scot Drysdale, Lawrence Levine, Panagiotis
Metaxas, Samuel Rebelsky
 Fillia Makedon(Dartmouth/CS), Chair.
 Samuel A. Rebelsky (Dartmouth/CS), Co-Chair.
Bob Allen (Bellcore); Jon Appleton (Dartmouth/Music); John Buford
(U. Mass-Lowell); John Crowcroft (U. College London-England); Steve
Cunningham (CSUS, SIGGRAPH); George Cybenko (Dartmouth/Engineering);
John Danskin (Dartmouth/CS); Chip Elliott (BB&N); Domenico Ferrari
(U.C. Berkeley); K.E. Foelsche (Dartmouth/ Language Resource Center);
Ed Fox (Virginia Tech); Peter Gloor (UBS-Switzerland); Michael
Goodrich (Johns Hopkins); Carey Heckman (Stanford Law); Joseph
Henderson (Dartmouth/Medicine); Albert Henning (Dartmouth/Engineering);
David Karger (Bell Labs; MIT); Tom Leighton (MIT); Thomas Little
(Boston U.); Hermann Maurer (Graz U. of Tech.-Austria); P. Takis
Metaxas (Wellesley); Michael O'Donnell (U. Chicago); Andrew Odlyzko
(Bell Labs); Maria C. Pantelia (U.N.H.); Grammati Pantziou (U. Central
Florida); Paolo Paolini (Milano-Italy); Ian Parberry (U. North Texas);
Steven Pemberton (CWI-Amsterdam); Larry Polansky (Dartmouth/Music);
Daniel Richards (Dartmouth/Medical Libraries); Isidore Rigoutsos
(IBM); Daniela Rus (Dartmouth/CS); David Sherman (U. Bordeaux-France);
Janos Simon (U. Chicago); Randall Stewart (U. Utah; Hermes Pub.);
James Storer (Brandeis); David Tennenhouse (MIT); Constantino Thanos
(CNR-Italy); Chris Welty (Vassar); Mark J. Williams (Dartmouth/Film)
Bob Allen (Bellcore); Jane Bassick (Dartmouth-Hitchcock Visual Media);
Bryce Bastian (Olympus); James Breeden (Tucker Foundation); Terry
Ehling (MIT Press); Charles Fenton (Renaissance Digital Publishing);
Borko Furht (Florida Atlantic U., J. MM Tools and Applications); Jay
Heinrichs (Dartmouth Alumni Magazine); Peter Hirshberg (Fusion Group);
Bruce Judson (Time Inc.); Donald Kreider (MAA, Dartmouth/Math);
Jonathan Newcomb (Simon & Schuster); Peter Prichard (USA Today);
Robert Prior (MIT Press); Barbara Simons (IBM); William Stahl (AI
Systems); Michael Sugarman (PWS Publishers); Tay Vaughan (Timestream);
Jeffrey Weitzman (Lexis Counsel Connect), Allan Wylde
Note: Conference management provided by Danieli & O'Keefe Associates, Inc.
For information on sponsorships, exhibiting, and registration, send email
to DAGS.DOK@notes.compuserve.com.  Or, call 508-443-3330; dial extention
1227 for sponsorships or exhibiting, or dial extension 1230 for
Date:         Tue, 28 Mar 1995 10:29:22 EST
Sender:       Electronic Journal Publishing List <vpiej-l@vtvm1.cc.vt.edu>
Subject:      Postscript Viewer
I search for a postscript viewer or converter.
Does anyone know where to get it on the net?
Date:         Wed, 29 Mar 1995 07:48:31 EST
Reply-To:     weibel@oclc.org
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From:         weibel@oclc.org
Subject:      Electronic Publishing Conferences
I don't know whether this is a sign of a healthy growth industry or
just poor coordination of conferences (or both?), but the ASIS midyear
conference, May 24-26, is also on Electronic Publishing.
Well, its nice to have choices, in any case
ASIS MID YEAR: Electronic Publishing - Applications and Implications
DAGS Conference: Electronic Publishing and the Information Superhighway
Date:         Wed, 29 Mar 1995 07:48:57 EST
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From:         Hanif Khalak <khalak@acsu.buffalo.edu>
Subject:      Postscript Viewer (fwd)
        Ghostview is freeware, I believe, and works very well, in my
experience, esp. MUCH better than 'pageview' in SunOS/OpenWindows.  :-)
You might have to spend some time taking care of X11 library version
matching (graphics libraries), but I think that the README should explain.
Good luck!
Hanif Khalak
X-Url: http://www.cs.wisc.edu/~ghost/ghostview/index.html
Ghostview is full function X11 user interface for ghostscript 2.4 and later.
Brief list of features:
   Ghostview parses any known version of Adobe's Document Structuring
   Page size is automatically determined from the Document Structuring
     Comments. The user is able to override the values from the comments.
   Window size is set to the bounding box for Encapsulated PostScript
   Default page size is Letter and can be changed via Xresources or
     application defaults file to A4 (or any other valid size) for our European
   Scrollbars appear when necessary.
   Page orientation is automatically determined from the Document
     Structuring Comments. The user is able to override the values from the
   Ability to view at 4 orientations: Portrait, Landscape, Upside-down, and
     Seascape (for those who rotate landscape the other direction).
   Ability to restrict rendering to grayscale or monochrome. (Requires
     ghostscript 2.6.1.)
   Ability to mark pages for printing, or saving. (Good for people that
     printed a 100 page document and lost page 59 due to a printer jam.)
   Can popup zoom windows at printer resolution (1 display dot = 1 printer
Ghostview is available from ftp.cs.wisc.edu:/pub/ghost/gnu/ghostview* .
Ghostview was written by Tim Theisen <ghostview@cs.wisc.edu>.
A screen shot of Ghostview is available.
The most frequently asked question about Ghostview is why Ghostscript stops
with the message gs: Malformed ghostview color property. This is due to a bug
in GNU Ghostscript 2.6.1. Apply the four patches available from
See the manual page for information on how to use Ghostview.
See the HTML manual page for information on how to use Ghostview.
A similar program called GSview is available for use under OS/2, MS-Windows 3.1
and MS-Windows NT.
This information was assembled on 17 November 1994.
Date:         Wed, 29 Mar 1995 07:49:25 EST
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From:         kendall <ksimmons%ukanvm.bitnet@pucc.princeton.edu>
Subject:      query
Hi.  I'm hoping those of you who publish electronic journals or newsletters
can help me.  I'm looking for examples of style sheets, submission guidelines,
file format instructions, and other guides provided to people interested in
writing for you as well as information on how you provide these guides (e.g.
email requests, ftp, sent to new subscribers, etc.).
You can contact me at ksimmons@ukanvm.cc.ukans.edu or ksimmons@ukanvm.bitnet
Many thanks in advance.
Kendall Simmons
University of Kansas
Date:         Wed, 29 Mar 1995 07:49:46 EST
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From:         SCREENDIGEST@delphi.com
Subject:      Global market size
The various multimedia hardware platforms have achieved very
dissimilar levels of market penetration in different parts
of the world. That is the conclusion of Screen Digest's
attempt in its March 1994 issue to provide country-by-
country data of the in-home, installed base for the main
CD-ROM-equipped personal computers have shown the fastest
growth, with the European market now growing even faster
than the US. Within Europe, Germany now has by far the
largest installed base, followed by the UK, France and
While there were over 15 million multimedia PCs (including
Macintosh) in the world's homes by the end of 1994, the
global total of dedicated CD-based consoles of all formats
(CD-i, 3DO, Sega CD, Saturn, PlayStation) had reached just
under 4.5 million.
This is against a backdrop of rapidly declining markets for
8-bit cartridge video game platforms and a worldwide slowing
in the growth of the 16-bit active installed base.
With the high profile format battle for the next generation
Digital Video Disc system now intensifying, the prospects
for the existing MPEG-1-based Video CD format look more
doubtful. Even so, Video CD has quickly emerged as an
important cross-platform standard for publishers - with a
global in-home installed base of some 780,000 Video CD-
compatible machines by end-1994 (comprising CD-i with
Digital Video cartridge, multimedia PCs with MPEG board,
dedicated Video CD players).
Amongst other specific findings of 'Interactive
Entertainment: The global hardware market base' in the March
1995 issue of Screen Digest:
* the worldwide active installed base of 16-bit cartridge
consoles still grew by over a third in 1994 to over 57
* the global active installed base of 8-bit machines has
declined year-on-year since 1991
* the CD-i format grew much faster in Europe than the US
during 1994, while the competing 3DO system achieved its
main success in Japan
* the new 32-bit systems from Sega and Sony have started
well in Japan.
The survey gives complete country-by-country in-home
installed base estimates for PC, PC/CD-ROM, CD-i, 3DO, Video
CD, Sega Master System, Sega MegaDrive/Genesis, Sega
MegaCD/SegaCD, Sega 32X, Sega Saturn, Nintendo NES, Nintendo
SNES, Sony PlayStation.
Published since 1971, Screen Digest is the authoritative monthly
source of intelligence and analysis on all aspects of the new and
old screen media.
Limited number of sample copies available to suitable
respondents; the survey will not be sent to anyone by e-mail.
Requests with full postal address to: screendigest@delphi.com.
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From:         James Powell <jpowell@vtvm1.bitnet>
Subject:      GNU PDF Reader
Does anyone know of any public domain PDF browser in the works?  I realize
Acrobat is now free, but I remember back when it was not that a group had
plans to create a public domain browser for the format.  Our organization
uses two non-supported UNIX platforms, and it does not appear that Adobe plans
to support additional environments any time soon.
My most pressing concern is for Computer Science students here at VPI who
will be trying to use our Electronic Reserve system with DEC workstations.
Any leads would be most appreciated.
James Powell ... Library Automation, University Libraries, VPI&SU
1-4986       ... JPOWELL@VTVM1.CC.VT.EDU
             ... jpowell@scholar.lib.vt.edu
             ... Owner of VPIEJ-L, a discussion list for Electronic Journals
Archives: http://scholar.lib.vt.edu/   gopher://scholar.lib.vt.edu/
Date:         Thu, 30 Mar 1995 08:07:02 EST
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From:         Stevan Harnad <harnad@ecs.soton.ac.uk>
Subject:      Support for Russian E-Journal
> From: Pavel M. Balaban <balaban%ihnerv.msk.su@princeton.edu>
> Date: Wed, 29 Mar 95 16:40:37 +0300
> Dear Dr. Harnad,
> I and Prof. E.Sokolov are in a sort of trouble now with our e-mail
> journal "Man, Neuron, Model".  We applied to Russian Foundation for
> Fundamental Science for at least some money, but got a rejection with
> explanation that this form of scientific communication is too unusual
> for our country, and they can not support us. Now we even can not pay
> for e-mail address support, not speaking about paying for translation
> of papers of those authors whose English is not acceptable.
> Still, we are collecting 1 issue per 3 months, paying expenses from
> our salary which is about 60$ per month.
> We would be very interested to know if there are any international
> foundations which may support our e-mail journal. We would greatly
> appreciate such information, so that we can apply for some very modest
> support (5000-10000$US per year).
> Pavel Balaban, E.N.Sokolov
Dear Professor Balaban:
I have posted your appeal. Two possible sources are the Soros
Foundation, which is committed to democratising knowledge, and UNESCO,
which is committed to making knowledge available to less wealthy
countries electronically.
It is certainly short-sighted of the Russian Foundation to decline
your project as "too unusual," because it is just this sort of
unusualness that could produce benefits greatly in excess of the
relatively tiny cost of support.
Let me know if there is anything I can do tro help.
    Stevan Harnad
    Professor of Psychology
    Director, Cognitive Sciences Centre
    Department of Psychology
    University of Southampton
    Highfield, Southampton
    harnad@ecs.soton.ac.uk     harnad@princeton.edu
    phone: +44 01703 592582
    fax:   +44 01703 594597