VPIEJ-L is a discussion list for electronic publishing issues, especially those related to Scholarly Electronic Journals. Topics for discussion include SGML, PostScript, and other e-journal formats; as well as software and hardware considerations for creation of, storage, and access to e-journals. Publishers, editors, technical staff, programmers, librarians, and end-users are welcome to join. One goal of the list is to provide better feedback from users to creators, so we are very interested in receiving and archival issues. This should give those of us involved in publishing an idea as to what distribution methods work and how end-users are accessing and using these publications. Current readers of and contributors to VPIEJ-L have discussed readability and screen display, copyright, and advertising (noncommercial).

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VPIEJ-L Resources

These resources provide access to the VPIEJ-L list and/or archives of VPIEJ-L posts. Additional files relevant to electronic journal publishing are available at the FTP, Gopher, listserv and WWW sites.

FTP Archive: No longer available
The Scholarly Communications Project of Virginia Tech has an anonymous FTP archive which includes the VPIEJ-L archive, along with many electronic texts and electronic publishing utilities. To access this site, FTP to BORG.LIB.VT.EDU and login as userid anonymous. This FTP archive is available to the Gopher literate through the Gopher at gopher.micro.umn.edu. Select item 5, Internet file server (FTP) sites/, then item 2, Popular FTP Sites via Gopher/.

Gopher Access: No longer available
The FTP archive files are available via a Gopher+ server at borg.lib.vt.edu port 5070. VPIEJ-L files are in /pub/vpiej-l. Menu items are likely to gain new names, but this server is now permanent.

listserv Archive: There is a listserv archive available at listserv@listserv.vt.edu (listserv@vtvm1 for BITNET) for VPIEJ-L. Send a command as the body of a mail message to get a current filelist: INDEX VPIEJ-L to listserv. Use the get command to retrieve items from the archive in a mail message: GET EJ-BIB TXT.

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WAIS Source: The discussion logs for the VPIEJ-L list are searchable via WAIS. The wais source may be retrieved from the directory-of-servers by searching for VPIEJ-L, or by FTP to borg.lib.vt.edu in the pub/WAIS/sources directory.

World Wide Web Access: Point your WWW or Xmosaic client at the Scholarly Communications Project page: http://borg.lib.vt.edu/ There is a link to a hypertext version of the VPIEJ-L discussion archives, which are still under construction, although complete. There is also a link to the Usenet newsgroup bit.listserv.vpiej-l.