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Wilma A. Dunaway. Women, Work and Family in the Antebellum Mountain South

(Cambridge University Press, 2008)

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Table of Contents


Part I    Racial, Ethnic and Class Disjunctures among Appalachian Women

Chapter 1    No Gendered Sisterhood: Ethnic and Religious Conflict among Euroamerican Women

Chapter 2    Not a Shared Patriarchal Space: Imperialism, Racism and Cultural Persistence of Indigenous Appalachian Women

Chapter 3     Not a Shared Sisterhood of Subordination: Racism, Slavery and Resistance by Black Appalachian Females

Chapter 4    Not Even Sisters among Their Own Kind: The Centrality of Class Divisions among Appalachian Women

Part II  Structural and Social Contradictions between Women=s Productive and Reproductive Labors

Chapter 5    The Myth of Male Farming and Women=s Agricultural Labor

Chapter 6    The Myth of Separate Spheres and Women=s Nonagricultural Labor

Chapter 7    Family as Privilege: Public Regulation of Non-Patriarchal Households

Chapter 8    Motherhood as Privilege: Patriarchal Intervention into Women=s Reproductive Labors