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This is a copyrighted document from the electronic archive for Wilma A. Dunaway, Women, Work and Family in the Antebellum Mountain South (Cambridge University Press 2008).

How to Interpret Information Provided:

  • From Left to Right, the list shows County of Origin,  Slave's Name, Where to locate the narrative

  • A locator code (e.g. Slave I, Fisk) is used to refer to each of the collections in which narratives are located. Each locator is followed by a volume number and/or page numbers.

            Example: Slave (6) (a): 382 should be read Slave, vol. 6, part a, p. 382.

  • To determine the collection to which the locator terms refer, check the Bibliography at the end.

Locate Narratives by County & State

Appalachian Counties of:

Alabama     Georgia    Kentucky     Maryland    North Carolina

South Carolina     Tennessee   Virginia    West Virginia

Appalachian Counties of Alabama

AL Jefferson Bell, Oliver  Slave I (1): 55-60; Slave (4)(a): 225-35

AL Talladega  Brown, John  Slave, 7 (a): 24-6

AL Walker  Chambers, Ben  Slave II (3): 669-76

AL Etowah  Clussey, Aunt  Slave I (1): 18-21

AL Jackson  Cole, Thomas  Slave II (3): 783-836

AL Talladega Cowan, Effie  Slave II (6): 2240

AL Cherokee Nation Crawford, Step Slave (8)(b): 262

AL Jackson Finnely, John Slave II (4):1341-50; Slave(4)(b): 35-40

AL Jefferson Flourney, Georgia Slave I (1): 144

AL Talladega Freeman, Henry Slave II (4): 1432-36

AL Cleburne Garlic, Delia Slave I (1): 149-54

AL Jackson Gilliam, George Slave II (1): 1-2

AL Jefferson Goodman, Andrew Slave II (5):1522-9; Slave (4)(b):74-80

AL Northern AL Harrington, Paul Slave II (1): 278

AL northern Holloway, Jane Slave I (1): 187-88

AL Cherokee Nation Ivey, Lewis & Betty Slave I (12): 354

AL Talladega Kirkland, Mollie Slave II (6): 2240-9

AL Talladega McAlpin, Tom Slave (6)(a): 268-71

AL Talladega Madden, Perry Slave (5)(a): 40-46

AL Jefferson Menifee, Frank Slave (6)(a): 278-81

AL Jackson Minton, Gip Slave (10)(a): 100-2

AL Talladega Payne, Elsie Slave I (1): 292-94

AL Jefferson Sheppard, Maugen Slave I (1): 361-62

AL Marshall Starnes, Isom Slave (10)(b): 218-19

AL Talladega Threat, Jim Slave I (12): 325-41

AL Creek Nation Thompson, Cow Tom Slave I (12): 314

AL Coosa Thompson, Penny Slave II (9):3870-7; Slave (5)(b):103-5

AL Coosa Varner, Stephen Slave I (1): 425-8

AL Walker Walker, Dilah Slave (6)(a): 401-3

AL Jefferson Walker, Lula Slave I (1): 431-34

AL Shelby Wesley, Robert Slave (11) (1): 98

AL Talladega Woods, Ruben Slave II (6):4272-6; Slave (5)(4):211-13

Appalachian Counties of Georgia

GA northern GA Anonymous Fisk, pp. 105-9

GA Cherokee Armstrong, Wash Slave II (2): 77-9

GA Habersham Berry, Mary Slave (12) (a): 43

GA Murray Branham, Levi Branham

GA Floyd Brown, Easter Slave (12) (a): 136-40

GA Banks Brown, Julia Slave (12) (a): 142-53

GA Banks Brown, Sally Slave I (3): 94-110

GA Chattooga Burden, Melissa Slave (16) (b): 6

GA Murray Connally, Steve Slave II (3): 914-18

GA Cherokee Nation Coursey, Jane Slave I (12): 293

GA Cherokee Daniels, Julia F. Slave (4) (a): 273-7

GA Murray Davis, Ada Slave II (3): 914-18

GA Floyd Elder, Callie Slave (12) (a): 306-15

GA Floyd Eubanks, Jerry Slave I (7): 687-701

GA Hall Furr, Anderson Slave (12) (a): 344-52

GA Floyd Gillard, Jim Slave (6) (a): 154-6

GA Lumpkin Griffin, Abner Slave I (3): 270-5

GA Cherokee Nation Hardrick, Eliza Slave I (12): 137-40

GA Floyd Hillyer, Morris Slave (7) (a): 138-44

GA Walker Irving, Wm. Slave II (5): 1864-75

GA Bartow Johnson, Jeff Slave I (8): 1161-6

GA Floyd Johnson, Saint Slave (9) (b): 128-29

GA Bartow Mead, William Slave I (4): 428-32

GA Stephens Miller, Harriet Slave (13)(a) 127-31

GA Floyd Montgmoery, Alex Slave I (9): 1522-31

GA Forsyth Moore, Lindsey Slave (17): 229-33

GA Rabun Mosley,Polly & Pank Foxfire 8, pp. 38-46

GA Gordon Neal, Tom W. Slave (10) (a): 181-3

GA Gordon Nealy, Wylie Slave (10) (a): 188-93

GA Bartow Patterson, Sarah J. Slave (10) (a): 286-91

GA Banks Payne, John Slave (10) (a): 304-5

GA Polk Peek, Anna Slave I (3): 478-83

GA Chattooga Perry, Noah Slave I (12): 238-48

GA Cherokee Nation Ratliff, Martha & Drew, Bill Slave I (12): 213

GA Bartow Scott, Mollie H. Slave (10) (b): 128-30

GA Lumpkin Singleton, Tom Slave (13) (a): 264-73

GA Gordon Smith, Alfred Slave I (12): 274-5

GA Union Smith, Jordon Slave II (9):3637-45; Slave 5 (b):36-40

GA Floyd Tanner, Liza M. Slave (10) (b): 254-6

GA Floyd Tillman, Mollie Slave (6) (a): 381-82

GA Gordon Uncle Jake Slave I (3): 616-21

GA Rabun Wadille, Emmeline Slave (11) (a): 13-14

GA Cherokee Nation Whitmire, Eliza Slave I (12): 380-88

GA Cherokee Nation Windham, Tom Slave (11) (a): 210-212

Appalachian Counties of Kentucky

KY Breathitt Bishop, Margaret Coleman

KY Madison Bogie, Dan Slave (16) (b): 1-4

KY Leslie Bowling, Viola Coleman

KY Estill Bruner, Peter Slave (16) (b): 88-90

KY Knox Carey, Stewart Slave (16) (b): 119

KY Lawrence Carter, Edna Coleman

KY Floyd Eaves, Nannie Slave (16) (b): 60-1

KY Bell Gibson, Mandy Slave (16) (b): 74-6

KY Wayne Hall, Carl Coleman

KY Laurel Jones, Amelia Slave (16) (b): 38-9

KY Clinton Miller, Ellen Slave I (2): 283-84

KY Leslie McIntosh, Henry Slave (16) (b) 89

KY Wayne McKee, Jenny Slave (16) (b): 41-41

KY Breathitt Mitchell, Scott Slave (16) (b): 76-7

KY Rockcastle Mullins, Robert Slave (16) (b): 79-80

KY Wayne Oats, Will Slave (16) (b): 18-19

KY Clay Redman, John Slave (16) (b): 41-42

KY Martin Richardson, Alfred Slave (16) (b): 123

KY Floyd Richmond, Charlie Slave (16) (b): 48-51

KY Madison Robinson, Arch Slave (16) (b): 21

KY Bell Shumate, Nelle Coleman

KY Floyd Sturgill, John I. Coleman

KY Knox Sutton, Samuel Slave I (5): 446-51

KY Greenup Tippin, Fannie Slave II (9): 3878-81

KY Wayne Vogler, Gertrude Coleman

KY Clay Word, Sophia Slave (16) (b): 66-8

Appalachian Counties of Maryland

MD Washington Anonymous Still, pp. 218-19

MD Frederick Brown, John Still, pp. 227

MD Frederick Graff, Evan Still, pp. 520

MD Washington Jake, Bob &

Pennington,Stephen Still, pp. 175-76

MD Frederick Jones, George Slave (16) (a): 44-5

MD Frederick Mahoney, Matilda Still, pp. 172-73

MD Washington Mills, Sarah Still, pp. 491

MD Washington Pennington, James Bontemps, , pp. 193-268

MD Frederick Snively, David Still, pp. 527

MD Washington Taylor, Owen & Otho Still, pp. 320-24

MD Frederick Todd, Israel &

Aldridge, Bazil Still, pp. 392

MD Frederick Waters, Jacob & Goulden, Alfred Still, pp. 135-36

MD Allegany Williams, Samuel Still, pp. 123

Appalachian Counties of North Carolina

NC Jackson Anthony, Henry Slave (8) (a): 62-3

NC McDowell Barbour, Mary Slave (14): 79-82

NC Surry Bell, Laura Slave (14): 100-2

NC Wilkes Cofer, Betty Slave I (11): 15-24

NC McDowell Falls, Robert Slave (16) (b): 11-16

NC western NC hills Faucette, Lindsey Slave (14): 303-6

NC Cherokee Nation Cora Gillam

(Mother & kin of) Slave II (1): 68

NC Buncombe Gudger, Sarah Slave (14): 350-6

NC near Burke line Hare, Simon Slave I (8): 912-23

NC Buncombe Osborne, Harve Slave II (1): 115-16

NC w NC/e TN hills Payne, Larkin Slave (10) (a): 306-7

NC Macon Van Hook, John F. Slave (13) (b): 72-96

NC Jackson Williams, Henry A. Slave 11 (a): 166-9

Appalachian Counties of South Carolina

SC northern hills Woods, Cal Slave 11 (a): 229-31

SC Pickens Stenhouse, Maggie Slave (10) (b): 222-5

Appalachian Counties of Tennessee

TN Coffee Anonymous Fisk, pp. 1-16

TN Warren Anonymous Fisk, pp. 53-9

TN Franklin Anonymous Fisk, pp. 86-100

TN Franklin Anonymous Fisk, pp. 113-20

TN White Anonymous Fisk, pp. 129-33

TN Franklin Anonymous Fisk, pp. 141-53

TN Warren Anonymous Fisk, pp. 154-60

TN Bradley Anonymous Fisk, pp. 198-200

TN White Anonymous Fisk, pp. 216-19

TN Franklin Anonymous Slave (19), pp. 205-18

TN Cherokee Nation Bean, Joe & Cosby Slave I (12), p. 46

TN Franklin Bond, Porter Slave I (6), p. 166

TN Grainger Bragg, Tolbert Slave I (5): 20-1

TN Warren Brown, Zek Slave II (3): 497-502; Slave 4 (1): 166-8

TN Meigs Broyles, Maggie Slave (8) (a): 324-28

TN East TN Byrd, Sarah Slave (12) (a) 168

TN Bledsoe Carter, Joseph W. Slave (6) (b): 43-44

TN Warren Cope, Emmeline Slave (11) (b): 84

TN East TN Crissman, Betsy Blassingame, pp. 468

TN Knox Cruze, Rachel Slave I (5): 290-323

TN Rhea Day, James H. Slave II (4): 1163-67

TN Rhea Day, John Slave (4) (a): 302-4

TN Franklin Forrest, Martha Blassingame, pp. 735-6

TN Bledsoe Gardner, Melvina Slave (6) (b): 43-44

TN Franklin Gardner, Nancy Slave (7) (a): 108-14

TN Franklin Givhan, Amy Slave I (10): 2175

TN Hamilton Graham, Sidney Slave I (5) (1): 76-7

TN White Grimshaw, Emma Slave (16) (b): 28-30

TN Knox Gurdner, Julia Slave I (5): 353-4

TN Cherokee Nation Hancock, Filmore Slave I (2):178-89; Slave 11 (2):147-61

TN White Harding, Penn Slave (16) (b): 28

TN McMinn Holbert, Clayton Slave (16) (a): 1-7

TN Anderson Homer, Mary Slave II (5): 1790-6

TN White Johnson, J.O. CWVQ: 1232-3

TN Coffee Jones, Julius Slave I (8): 1215-25

TN White Jordan, Josie Slave (7) (a): 160-4

TN Warren Ken Kannon, Ellis Slave (16) (b): 37-9

TN Franklin Ladly, Ann Slave II (6): 2256-62

TN Franklin McDonald, Kate Slave I (2): 74-76

TN Cherokee Nation Mack, Chaney Slave I (9): 1415-25

TN Scott Lee, Anna Slave II (6): 2273-90

TN Franklin Mathews, Ann Slave (16) (b): 43-6

TN Campbell Moss, Mollie Slave (16) (b): 55-9

TN White Myhand, Mary Slave (10) (a): 177-78

TN Knox Newborn, Dan Slave (10) (a): 211-12

TN Coffee Pinkard, Maggie Slave I (12): 254-59

TN Cherokee Nation Red Bird, Sarah Slave I (9): 1419-20

TN Hamilton Sellers, Fanny Slave II (1): 346-48

TN White Simpkins, Millie Slave (16) (b): 66-9

TN Greene Star, Joseph L. Slave (16) (b): 70-3

TN Jefferson Tate, Mary E. Slave I (5): 212-19

TN Grainger Tate, Preston Slave I (5): 220-1

TN Hamilton Tuttle, Wm. W. Slave II (1): 280-3

TN Hamilton Watkins, Hettie Slave II (1): 280-3

TN Hamilton Watkins, Louis Slave I (5): 230-1

TN Franklin White, Sallah Slave I (5): 461-63

TN Cherokee Nation Wilson, Sarah Slave (7) (a): 344-47

Appalachian Counties of Virginia

VA Frederick Adams, John Q. Adams

VA Blue Ridge Mtns. Adams, Parks & Charlotte Slave II (2): 44

VA Blue Ridge Mtns. Allen, Sarah Slave II (2): 44-7

VA sw VA Anderson, Byrl Weevils, pp. 8-1

VA Russell Banner, Henry Slave (8) (a): 104-6

VA Loudon Bennett, David Still, pp. 260

VA Mathews Brooks, William Weevils, pp. 56-58

VA Albermarle Brown, Ben Slave (16) (b): 11-14

VA Albermarle Brown, Charlotte Weevils, pp. 58-9

VA Albermarle Brown, Eliza Weevils, p.59

VA Montgomery Brown, Eunice Weevils, p. 60

VA VA mountains Brown, Fannie Slave I (6): 290

VA Fauquier Brown, William Drew, pp. 280-2

VA Rockbridge Buchanan, Jenny Still, pp. 521-23

VA Grayson Burke, Sarah Slave (16) (a): 15-17

VA Fauquier Buttler, Henry Slave II (3): 551-9; Slave 4 (a):179-81

VA Fauquier Buttler, Mary Slave (4) (a): 179

VA Botetourt Clark, Fleming Slave (16) (a): 22-5

VA Warren Cody, Pierce Slave (12) (a): 195-200

VA Scott Cox, John R. Slave (16) (b): 33-34

VA Franklin Cunningham, Baily Weevils, pp. 80-3

VA Scott Davis, William Slave II(4):1087-95; Slave(4 )(a):289-94

VA Madison Davis, Noah  Davis

VA Roanoke Duke, Tillie Slave II (4): 1242-43

VA Staunton Elmore, Emanuel Slave (2) (b): 6-10

VA Patrick Farrow, Betty Slave (4) (b): 33-5

VA sw VA Gillard, Hannah Slave (6) (a): 160

VA Rappahannock Grimes, William Grimes

VA Loudon Grigsby, Barnaby Still, pp. 124-29

VA Albermarle Hemings, Madison Blassingame, pp. 474-80

VA Albermarle Hughes, Fountain Berlin, pp. 199-200, 240-41, 281-83, 289- 90, 305, 307-8, 321, 329, 332-33

VA Albermarle Hughes, Louis Hughes, 1897

VA sw Va Ivy, Lorenzo Blassingame, pp. 736-8

VA Loudon Jackson, George Slave (16) (b): 45-8

VA Allegany Jackson, Silas Slave (16) (a): 29-33

VA Roanoke Jacobs, W.I. Weevils, pp. 155-8

VA Pulaski James, Mary Slave I (5): 392

VA Pulaski James, Thomas W. Slave I (5): 390

VA Pulaski James, Tippett Slave I (5): 391

VA Roanoke Jefferson, Ellis Slave (9) (b): 36-37

VA Albermarle Jefferson, Isaac Campbell

VA Albermarle Jefferson, Israel Blassingame, pp. 481-7

VA Albermarle Jefferson, Sarah Slave (10) (a): 93

VA Patrick Johnson, Henry Slave (11) (b): 205-13

VA Washington Johnson, Katie B. Weevils, p. 160

VA Albermarle Johnson, Wm. I. Weevils, pp. 165-70

VA Albermarle Jones, Betty Weevils, p. 180

VA Bedford Kelly, Rosanna Slave (3) (a): 260-61

VA Rockingham Lewis, Ezekiel Slave I (5): 243-4

VA Frederick Lockhart, Dan J. Drew, pp. 45-50

VA Bedford Lowry, Dave Weevils, p. 198

VA Bedford Mack, Marshall Slave (7) (a): 212-14

VA Albermarle Monroe, Garland Weevils, pp. 214-15

VA Loudon Montgomery, Benjmn. Slave I (9): 1537-38

VA Grayson Moore, Hannah Still, pp. 547-50

VA Loudon Murray, Robert Still, pp. 508-9

VA Smythe Pate, Charlotte Slave I (5): 418-19

VA Loudon Pry, Sauney Still, pp. 382

VA Loudon Pusey, David Still, pp. 216-17

VA Rappahannock Quantence, Pascal Still, pp. 421

VA Fauquier Robinson, William Still, pp. 225-26

VA Nelson/Augusta Ruffin, Melinda A. Weevils, pp. 243-4

VA Franklin Showvely, Martha Weevils, pp. 264-5

VA Washington Singfield, Senya Slave (10) (b): 166

VA Montgomery Slate, Serena M. Slave I (11): 40-48

VA Rockingham Slim, Catherine Slave (16) (b): 77-9

VA Mathews Sparks, Elizabeth Weevils, pp. 273-77

VA Shenandoah Stewart, Charles The South, pp. 104-12

VA Fauquier Stewart, James Still, pp. 229

VA Albermarle Terry, Margaret Weevils, pp. 285-6

VA Fauquier Thompson, John Still, pp. 106-7

VA Loudon Thornton, Alfred S. Still, pp. 452-54

VA Alberbarle/Bath Tonsler, Horace Weevils, pp. 286-7

VA Page Veney, Bethany Veney

VA Albermarle Washington, Anna Slave (11) (a): 46-8

VA Wythe Washington, Benjamin Slave (11) (a): 46-47

VA Franklin Washington, Booker Washington

VA Augusta Wsey, Mary E. Weevils, p. 346

VA Albermarle Young, John Slave (11) (a): 255-6

VA Franklin Zeigler, Martha Weevils, pp. 343-5

West Virginia Counties

WV Monroe Allen, Clara Weevils, pp. 5-8

WV Jefferson Anonymous Fisk, pp. 237-40

WV Berkeley Baxter, Caroline Weevils, pp. 19-22

WV WV mtns. Boone, Arthur Slave (8) (a): 210-13

WV Berkeley Brown, Robert Still, pp. 121-22

WV Monroe Campbell, James Slave (16) (b): 18-25

WV Berkeley Cox, John Still, pp. 384

WV Kanawha Davison, Eli Slave II(4):1096-1108;Slave (4)(a):295-7

WV Monroe East, Nancy Slave (16) (b): 35-7

WV on Ohio River Garrett, Lucy Still, pp. 231-32

WV Jefferson Goines, Luke Still, pp. 520

WV Kanawha Grant, Lizzie Slave II (5): 1553-70

WV Monroe Hairston, Davey Slave I (8): 896

WV Jefferson Homes, Walter

(Parents of) Slave II (1): 94

WV Berkeley Jackson, Robert Still, pp. 48-51

WV Harrison Kye, George Slave (7) (a): 172-75

WV Harrison Kye, Joe Slave (7) (a): 172

WV ? Lea, Frances Slave (9) (a): 282-83

WV Ohio Matthews, John W. Slave (16) (b): 72-3

WV Pocohontas Small, Jennie Slave (16) (b): 80-1

WV Mason Stepney, Moses Slave II (4): 354-55

WV Kanawha Stewart, Nan Slave (16) (b): 86-91

WV ? Watson, Baker Slave I (12): 375

WV Greenbrier Williams,Rev.Chas. Slave (16)(b): 111-3; Slave I (5):468-72

WV ? Wych, Peter Slave (13) (a): 118

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