Virginia Tech Staff Employee of the Week Archive

DLA is proud to archive a list of the recipients of the "Staff Employee of the Week" award. We wish to congratulate the winners, and invite you to view some of Virginia Tech's finest. Below is a summary of the award as provided by the Department of Human Resources' information page. A print-friendly version is available in PDF format. Links to the recipients' archive are organized by year, then alphabetically.

About the Staff Employee of the Week

The goals of the Staff Employee of the Week program are to provide additional opportunities to recognize staff and enhance university awareness of the staff contributions. The program is coordinated by the Commission on Staff Policy and Affairs and Human Resources .

Each year, Human Resources receives nominations for the President's Award for Excellence , the Governor's Award , and the Virginia Tech Staff Leadership Award . The nominations for these award programs will be used for the weekly staff recognition program.

Questions about the program should be sent to Melissa Ball, mlball@vt.eduu , or (540) 231-7784, or to the current Chair of the Commission on Staff Policy and Affairs.