ALAN v26n3 - Table of Contents

Volume 26, Number 3
Spring 1999

Table of Contents

A Note from the Editor
Pamela Sissi Carroll

Book Bubbles
7th grade students of Jan M. Battistini, Sycamore Junior High, Cincinnati, Ohio

Pardon My French
David Lubar

Excerpt from Hidden Talents
David Lubar

Survival as a Bridge to At-Risk Readers: Applications of Gary Paulsen's Hatchet To an Integrated Curriculum
Cynthia G. Unwin and Brian Palmer

Course Correction
Janet Bode

Female Adoelscent Immigrant Experiences In Young Adult Literature
Gail P. Gregg and Dyanne Knight

Non-Print YAL Column
Listen My Children and You Shall Hear: Audio Books for Young Adults
Marjorie M. Kaiser, Editor

Writer to Reader
Martin Waddell

Better Safe than Sorry
John S. Simmons

Using Young Adult Literature with Adolescent Learners of English
Elizabeth L. Watts

Clip and File YA Book Reviews
Lawrence Baines, Editor

Gender Representation in Poetry for Young Adults
Angela Beumer Johnson and Lauren G. McClanahan, with Maia Pank Mertz

The Research Connection
Current Studies in Young Adult Literature
Jean E. Brown and Elaine C. Stephens, Co- Editors

The Interdisciplinary Connection
Doing the Decades
James Brewbaker, Editor

Appalachian Literature for Young Adults: The Contributions of Rebecca Caudill
Mary Warner

Memories of Reading, Memories in Writing
Joyce Hansen