ALAN v26n3 - Book Bubbles: 7th grade students of Jan M. Battistini, Sycamore Junior High, Cincinnati, Ohio

Book Bubbles

Here's what 7th Graders are saying about Clifton L. Taulbert's When We Were Colored:
Jan M. Battistini and her 7th grade reading students at Sycamore Junior High School, Cincinnati, Ohio

Nick Haunert
"The Book had lots of drama which showed me events instead of telling me about them."

Geoff Davis
"A simple, yet touching story about an African-American boy growing up during segregation."

Rutta Arays
"I thought this book was an interesting way to show a person's life through many different little stories."

Elisha Milner
"My favorite character was Ma Ponk, a strong and thoughtful woman. She took care of Clifton and always found time to listen to him."

Steve Freedman
"Some of the characters are very interesting and distinctly different."

Lindsey Stiffler
"I loved the way the African-American people helped each other in someone's time of need."

Mallory Mandel
"Clifton's family made him the person he is today."

Nick Gessner
"Love, hardship, and adventure lure you into this book. With a mixture of each of these elements, you will be inspired."

Tricia Huffine
"Although the book was very sad, it shows confidence and bravery."

Robin Hunsucker
"This book taught me a lot about racism from a different perspective."

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