ALAN Volume 29, Number 3 - Table of Contents

ALAN Volume 29, Number 3 - Table of Contents

Volume 29, Number 3
Spring/Summer 2002

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Table of Contents PDF [122 KB]

Instructions for Authors PDF [339 KB]

A Note from the Editor PDF [447 KB] HTML [11 KB]

An Interview with Author/Screen Writer David Klass
Sissi Carroll PDF [1.3 MB] HTML [30 KB]
Interdisciplinary Connections:
Learning History Through Literary Memoir

Jim Brewbaker, Editor, Jinx Stapleton Watson PDF [1.5 MB] HTML [35 KB]
Grief, Thought, & Appreciation: Re-examining Our Values Amid Terrorism Through The Giver
Angela Beumer Johnson, Jeffery W. Kleismit, Antje J. Williams PDF [1.5 MB] HTML [34 KB]
Anne and Me: A Frank Talk with Writers Cherie Bennett and Jeff Gottesfeld
Melissa Comer PDF [1.2 MB] HTML [30 KB]
Is Robin Hood Alive in Your Classroom?
Sharon E. Royer PDF [993 KB] HTML [22 KB]
Clip and File YA Book Reviews
Jeff Kaplan, Editor PDF [4.4 MB] HTML [52 KB]
The Urban Experience in Recent Young Adult Novels
Sandra Hughes-Hassell and Sandy L. Guild PDF [1.5 MB] HTML [37 KB]
Facilitating Student Connections to Judith Ortiz Cofer's The Line of the Sun and Esmeralda Santiago's Almost a Woman
Denise E. Agosto PDF [1.0 MB] HTML [23 KB]

A Tribute to Virginia Hamilton PDF [195 KB] HTML [6 KB]
Monk, Bird, 'Trane, and Miles: Jazz in the English Language Arts Program
Francis E. Kazemek PDF [1.3 MB] HTML [32 KB]
Popular Postmodernism for Young Adult Readers: Walk Two Moons, Holes, and Monster
Stephenie Yearwood PDF [1.2 MB] HTML [27 KB]
The Publisher Connection:
Rumbles! Bangs! Crashes! The Roar of Censorship

M. Jerry Weiss, Editor PDF [1.2 MB] HTML [29 KB]
Non-Print YAL Connection:
Audio Books in the Classroom: Bridging between Language Arts and Social Studies

Jean E. Brown, Editor PDF [606 KB] HTML [15 KB]