ALAN Volume 30, Number 2 - Table of Contents

Volume 30, Number 2
Winter 2003

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Clip and File YA Book Reviews PDF [4.3 MB] HTML [54 KB]

As I Sit Here Writing
Adrian Fogelin PDF [1.4 MB] HTML [33 KB]
Adrian Fogelin's Fiction in the Middle School Classroom: A University Teacher Educator's Perspective A Middle School Teacher's Perspective
Cindy Bowman, Renn Edenfield PDF [902 KB] HTML [21 KB]
Mentors and Monsters
Nancy Osa PDF [931 KB] HTML [23 KB]
Critically Thinking about Harry Potter: A Framework for Discussing Controversial Works in the English Classroom
Joanne M. Marshall PDF [974 KB] HTML [21 KB]
Spiritual Quest in the Realm of Harry Potter
Gail Radley PDF [1.3 MB] HTML [32 KB]
Robin Hood Comes of Age
Rebecca Barnhouse PDF [1.7 MB] HTML [39 KB]
Consider the Source: Feminism and Point of View in Karen Hesse's Stowaway and Witness
Wendy J. Glenn PDF [1.5 MB] HTML [32 KB]
"And I wrote my happy songs, / Every child may joy to hear": The Poetry of William Blake in the Middle School Classroom
Francis E. Kazemek PDF [1.1 MB] HTML [28 KB]
Dreams of Possibilities: Linking Poetry to Our Lives
Ruth McKoy Lowery PDF [907 KB] HTML [21 KB]
The Voices of Cultural Assimilation in Current Young Adult Novels
Ann Angel PDF [1.1 MB] HTML [28 KB]
Are These Parents for Real? Students' Views of Parents in Realistic and Historical Fiction
Janis M. Harmon and Monica C. Gonzalez PDF [1.7 MB] HTML [41 KB]
The Library Connection
Getting Teens Hooked on Reading: What Public Librarians Can Do for Teachers Today

Diane P. Tuccillo PDF [870 KB] HTML [21 KB]
Familiar Fairy Tale Picture Books Transformed into Teen Novels
Rosemary Chance PDF [1016 KB] HTML [25 KB]
Middle School Connection
No Quick Fixes

Linda Broughton, Editor PDF [641 KB] HTML [16 KB]
The Publisher's Connection
Focus on Portraits and Media

M. Jerry Weiss, Editor PDF [552 KB] HTML [16 KB]