ALAN v36n2 - Call for Manuscripts

Volume 36, Number 2
Winter 2009

Call for Manuscripts

2009 Fall Theme: Growing Up: Young Adult Literature Gaining Stature at the High School Level

This theme is intended to solicit articles about young adult literature, authors, and instructional approaches that illustrate the value of using young adult literature in the high school setting. This might include, but not be limited to, the exploration of specific titles and themes linked to areas of the high school curriculum, the examination of successful implementation of YA into current classes, the value of YA literature in Advanced Placement coursework and as a bridge to college literature studies. This theme is meant to be open to interpretation and support a broad range of subtopics. General submissions are welcome, as well. May 15 submission deadline.

2010 Winter Theme: Young Adult Literature in the 21st Century: “Scattering Light” on Our Freedom to Think, See, and Imagine

The theme of this issue asks us to imagine what it means to “scatter light” using young adult literature. Which pioneers in our field have encouraged us to “scatter light”? Which novels or poems encourage young readers to think about their pasts as they continue in the future? How does young adult literature help readers deal with adolescent issues as they think, see, and imagine those futures? What texts give “voice [to those who have] been pushed down hard” by school or society? This theme is meant to be open to interpretation, and we welcome manuscripts addressing pedagogy as well as theoretical concerns. General submissions are also welcome. October 15 submission deadline.