ALAN v36n2 - Table of Contents

Volume 36, Number 2
Winter 2009

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From the Editors
Lori Atkins Goodson, James Blasingame PDF [996 KB] HTML [13 KB]

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Finding Space and Place for Young Adult Literature: Lessons from Four First-Year Teachers Engaging in Out-of-School Professional Induction
Wendy J. Glenn, Danielle King, Kate Heintz, Jill Klapatch, Erica Berg PDF [151 KB] HTML [65 KB]
Novel Roles for Books: Promoting the Use of Young Adult Literature with Students at a School for Pregnant and Parenting Teens
Heidi L. Hallman PDF [125 KB] HTML [44 KB]
Literacy Letters: Comparative Literature and Formative Assessment
Nancy Frey, Douglas Fisher, Kelly Moore PDF [115 KB] HTML [41 KB]
Social Upheaval and Psychological Scarring: Exploring the Future in Meg Rosoff’s How I Live Now
Judith K. Franzak PDF [102 KB] HTML [32 KB]
Issues of Physical Disabilities in Cynthia Voigt’s Izzy, Willy-Nilly and Chris Crutcher’s The Crazy Horse Electric Game
Donna Adomat PDF [117 KB] HTML [41 KB]
Critiques and Controversies of Street Literature: A Formidable Literary Genre
Wanda Brooks, Lorraine Savage PDF [121 KB] HTML [45 KB]

Clip and File
Lori Atkins Goodson PDF [105 KB] HTML [48 KB]
Reaching Reluctant Readers (aka Books for Boys)
Dwayne Jeffery PDF [163 KB] HTML [47 KB]
Twayne and Scarecrow: An Editor’s Memoir
Patty Campbell PDF [2.3 MB] HTML [33 KB]
Adding a Disability Perspective When Reading Adolescent Literature: Sherman Alexie’s The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian
Bryan Ripley Crandall PDF [118 KB] HTML [39 KB]
Roses are Red: Taking a Leap of Faith: The High School Connection
Kay A. Smith PDF [189 KB] HTML [41 KB]
Sharon M. Draper: Reaching Reluctant Readers
KaaVonia Hinton-Johnson PDF [89 KB] HTML [25 KB]
From Basketball to Barney: Teen Fatherhood, Didacticism, and the Literary in YA Fiction
Helen Bittel PDF [297 KB] HTML [36 KB]