ALAN v36n3 - Table of Contents

Volume 36, Number 3
Summer 2009

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From the Editors
Lori Atkins Goodson, James Blasingame PDF [693 KB] HTML [8 KB]

Call for Manuscripts PDF [565 KB] HTML [5 KB]
Recovery of Self and Family in Sharon Creech’s The Wanderer: Literature as Equipment for Living
Eva Gold, Ruth Caillouet, Barbara Holland, and Tom Fick PDF [769 KB] HTML [35 KB]
Dragon-Slayer vs. Dragon-Sayer: Reimagining the Female Fantasy Heroine
Kara K. Keeling, Marsha M. Sprague PDF [693 KB] HTML [26 KB]
The Newbery Medal: Books about Africa
Vivian Yenika-Agbaw PDF [762 KB] HTML [51 KB]
Frankenstein’s Children: Ethics, Experimentation, and Free Will in Futuristic Young Adult Fiction
Lisa Kerr PDF [763 KB] HTML [32 KB]
I Love Your Book, but I Love My Version More: Fanfiction in the English Language Arts Classroom
Kerri L. Mathew, Devon Christopher Adams PDF [757 KB] HTML [34 KB]
Writing and Teaching Historical Fiction: The Lantern of Learning with L. M. Elliott
Linda J. Rice PDF [853 KB] HTML [83 KB]
Memoir: Reading Life: The Professional Resource Connection
Bill Broz, Jim Davis PDF [774 KB] HTML [32 KB]

Clip and File
Lori Atkins Goodson, Melanie Hundley PDF [671 KB] HTML [46 KB]
Carolina Dreams: Kerry Madden and the Saga of the Weems Family of Maggie Valley
Scot Smith PDF [1.3 MB] HTML [37 KB]
Young Adult Novels with Multiple Narrative Perspectives: The Changing Nature of YA Literature
Melanie D. Koss PDF [750 KB] HTML [41 KB]
Rac(e)ing into the Future: Looking at Race in Recent Science Fiction and Fantasy Novels for Young Adults by Black Authors
Yolanda Hood PDF [732 KB] HTML [31 KB]
From the FPS to the RPG: Using Video Games to Encourage Reading YAL
Hannah P. Gerber PDF [719 KB] HTML [24 KB]
“Would you want to read that?”: Using Book Passes to Open Up Secondary Classrooms to LGBTQ Young Adult Literature
Emily S. Meixner PDF [744 KB] HTML [35 KB]
The Long Journey: The Publisher’s Connection
M. Jerry Weiss PDF [2.8 MB] HTML [16 KB]