ALAN v41n1 - Table of Contents

Volume 41, Number 1
Fall 2013

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From the Editors
Steven Bickmore, Jacqueline Bach, and Melanie Hundley PDF [196 KB] HTML [16 KB]

Call for Manuscripts PDF [228 KB] HTML [6 KB]
Fiction and Nonfiction: A Symbiotic Relationship
Dawan Coombs PDF [315 KB] HTML [54 KB]
The Role of Design in Nonfiction Books:
Taking a Closer Look at Moonbird and Other Winners of the YALSA Award for Excellence in Nonfiction
Terrell A. Young, Nancy L. Hadaway, and Barbara A. Ward PDF [285 KB] HTML [42 KB]
Why Teach Young Adult Nonfiction?
Rachel Billings PDF [132 KB] HTML [13 KB]
Operation Pied Piper: Historical Texts and the CCSS
Lee A. Talley PDF [234 KB] HTML [41 KB]
The Role of Young Adult Nonfiction in an Interdisciplinary Approach to Teaching Genetics
Kelly Byrne Bull, Juliann Dupuis PDF [418 KB] HTML [66 KB]
From Cave Art to Cryonics
Lawrence Baines, Jane Fisher PDF [254 KB] HTML [43 KB]

Clip and File
Melanie Hundley PDF [161 KB] HTML [45 KB]
Teaching Environmental Justice through The Hunger Games
Brianna Burke PDF [317 KB] HTML [61 KB]
Tell Me a (Real) Story:
The Demand for Literary Nonfiction
The Library Connection
Teri S. Lesesne PDF [386 KB] HTML [32 KB]
To Run The Course
The Social Studies Connection
Paul E. Binford PDF [260 KB] HTML [19 KB]
Sports as an Entry Point to Literature
The Author's Connection
Matt de la Peña PDF [316 KB] HTML [15 KB]
Ball Don't Lie: Connecting Adolescents, Sports, and Literature
The Author's Connection
Alan Brown, Chris Crowe PDF [637 KB] HTML [26 KB]
Formal Complexity in Adolescent Literature
The Scholar's Connection
Joe Milner PDF [275 KB] HTML [29 KB]
"Something Awful Is Happening to Me": The Seeds for a Novel about Bullying
The Author's Connection
Margaret Willey PDF [266 KB] HTML [22 KB]

Stories from the Field PDF [124 KB] HTML [7 KB]