The Alan Review
Wendy Glenn, Senior Editor
Ricki Ginsberg, Assistant Editor
Danielle King, Assistant Editor
Volume 43, Number 3
Fall 2015

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From the Editors
Wendy Glenn, Ricki Ginsberg and Danielle KingPDF [369 KB] HTML [11 KB]
The Many Iterations of Andrew Smith
Speech delivered at the 2014 breakfast of the Assembly on Literature
for Adolescents of the National Council of Teachers of English, Washington, D.C.
Andrew Smith PDF [197 KB] HTML [20 KB]
Painted on the Surface:
The Marbury Lens and Gore in Young Adult Fiction
Robin Kirk PDF [233 KB] HTML [49 KB]
“A Very Likable Person”:
Character Development in Louis Sachar’s There’s a Boy in the Girls’ Bathroom
Kristen Nichols-Besel PDF [1.4 MB] HTML [45 KB]
Beyond Borders:
A Partnership to Promote Independent Reading
Lacey L. Bodensteinerand Karen J. Kindle PDF [426 KB] HTML [53 KB]
Insider or Outsider?
Using Young Adult Literature and Experiential Learning to Understand the Other
Dawan Coombsand Maichael Mayans PDF [283 KB] HTML [53 KB]
The Wonder of Empathy:
Using Palacio’s Novel to Teach Perspective Taking
Martha S. Guariscoand Louise M. Freeman PDF [324 KB] HTML [74 KB]
What Are Book Clubs Doing in Health Class?
Enhancing Learning and Making Empathetic Disciplinary Connections through YA Novels
Lynn Hunt Longand Lesley Roessing PDF [856 KB] HTML [49 KB]
The Book Battle:
Using Service Learning to Collaborate with a Young Adult Library
Jacqueline Bach, Charity Cantey, Jay LeSaicherre, and Kylie Morris PDF [692 KB] HTML [53 KB]
Book In Review: A Teaching Guide
Writing the Past to Right the Future
Trying to Find Themselves:
Teen Literary Characters in Search of Identity and the Right Paths
Barbara Ward PDF [287 KB] HTML [33 KB]
Right To Read
“The Books That Will Never Be Read”
James Blasingame andE. Sybil Durand PDF [463 KB] HTML [41 KB]
Layered Literacies
Layering Meaning across Literate Practices
Sandra Schamroth Abrams and Hannah R. Gerber PDF [635 KB] HTML [29 KB]
I Wanna Be Rich
Paul Griffin PDF [201 KB] HTML [25 KB]
Sign My Cast
L. A. Gabay PDF [176 KB] HTML [12 KB]

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