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ALAN Review - Volume 43 Number 3

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From the Editors
Adolescence and Adolescents: Defining the Culture of Youth
Wendy Glenn, Ricki Ginsberg and Danielle King PDF

Call for Manuscripts PDF
From Novel to Film:
A Collaborative Conversation
James Dashner, Marie Lu, and Patricia McCormick PDF HTML
Prying Open the Oyster:
Creating a Digital Learning Space from the Robert Cormier Archive
Annamary L. Consalvo and Elisabet Takehana PDF HTML
Backchanneling Technology:
Transforming Students’ Participation during Discussions of If I Grow Up
James S. Chisholm and Ashley L. Shelton PDF HTML
Talking Back:
Remix as a Tool to Help Students Exercise Authority when Making Meaning
Jennifer S. Dail and Nick Thompson PDF HTML
Understanding Technology-based Young Adult Literature
Kristine E. Pytash and Richard E. Ferdig PDF
Networked Teens and YA Literature:
Gossip, Identity, and What Really #matters
Antero Garcia PDF
Multimodal, Interactive Storytelling:
Critical Reading of Video Games
Jon Ostenson PDF
Book in Review: A Teaching guide It Only Takes a Spark:
Almost All Changes Start with a Small, Personal Act
Barbara A. Ward PDF
Right to Read:
Do No Harm
E. Sybil Durand and James Blasingame with Gary Paulsen PDF HTML
Layered Literacies: Critical Thinking and Layered Understandings:
Book Clubs, Videogames, and Adolescent Learning
Carolyn J. Stufft with Sandra Schamroth Abrams and Hannah R. Gerber PDF
The Magic of Audiobooks:
From Inception to Implementation
Jodie Cohen and Teri S. Lesesne PDF HTML