CTER v33n3 - Career and Technical Education Research Field Reviewers for Volume 33

Volume 33, Number 3
Winter 2008

Career and Technical Education Research Field Reviewers for Volume 33


The colleagues listed below generously contributed their time and expertise to the constructive review of manuscripts submitted to Career and Technical Education Research during calendar year 2008. Double-blind, peer reviews are critical and each of these individuals is commended for their outstanding performance and contributions to career and technical education research.

Reviewer Institution
Marcia A. Anderson Southern Illinois University
Lynna J. Ausburn Oklahoma State University
Greg Belcher Pittsburg State University
Jim Brown University of Minnesota
Bill Camp Cornell University
Jamie Cano The Ohio State University
Marisa Castellano University of Louisville
Levon Esters Iowa State University
Wanda Fox Purdue University
Brian French Purdue University
Roger Hill University of Georgia
Richard M. Joerger University of Minnesota
Adam J. Kantrovich Morehead State University
Neil Knobloch Purdue University
Joe W. Kotrlik Louisiana State University
Richard Lakes Georgia State University
Morgan Lewis The Ohio State University
Ted Lewis University of Minnesota
James Lindner Texas A&M University
Krisanna Machtmes Louisiana State University
Cecelia Maldonado-Daniels University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Robert Martin Iowa State University
Rey Martinez Valdosta State University
Larry Miller The Ohio State University
Rama Radhakrishna Pennsylvania State University
Jay Rojewski University of Georgia
Clifton L. Smith University of Georgia
Daisy Stewart Virginia Tech
Michael K. Swan Washington State University
B. Allen Talbert Purdue University
Hollie Thomas Florida State University
Allen Truell Ball State University
Richard Zinser Western Michigan University
Chris Zirkle The Ohio State University