ICC 2002: 18th International Colloquium on Communication - Communication and Political Change - Table of Contents

18th ICC 2002

Communication and Political Change

Edited by Henner Barthel and Kevin M. Carragee

This volume contains papers presented at the Eighteenth International Colloquium on Communication, which took place in July 2002 in Berlin, Germany.

It is also available for purchase from the Roehrig Universitätsverlag GmbH

Complete Issue PDF [5.1 MB]

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Prefaces PDF [174 KB]

Communication, Political Change and Rhetoric

Political Change - Without Rhetorical Consequences?
Hellmut K. Geißner PDF [333 KB]

Communication, Freedom and Democracy in the Eighteenth Century
Herman Cohen PDF [303 KB]

Revolutionary Afghani Women and Their Internet Rhetoric for Political Change
Elizabeth C. Fine PDF [409 KB]

Communication, Political Change and Historical Context

Communication at the Central Round Table of the GDR
Henner Barthel PDF [344 KB]

A Linguistic Analysis of How Major Political Decisions are Communicated
Hartwig Eckert PDF [296 KB]

American Roman Catholic Journalist Dorothy Day: Agent for Social and Political Change
John St. Rich PDF [245 KB]

The Vanishing Voter: How One-way Communication Damaged Democracy and How Two-way Communication Isn't Fixing It
Gary W. Selnow PDF [311 KB]

Communication, Political Change and Organizations

Organizational Communication and Political Change within Developing Nations
Timothy G. Hegstrom PDF [535 KB]

Beyond Civil Society: Citizens as Decision-makers in a Customer-oriented Society
Jaakko Lehtonen PDF [384 KB]

Business Communication and Socio-cultural Change: Problems and perspectives
Annette Mönnich PDF [264 KB]

Communication, Political Change and Cultural Practices

Political Change through Communication: Breaking with Ancient Taboos?
Edith Slembek PDF [207 KB]

The Interrelation of Minority Culture Policy and Minority Cultural Discourse: "KulturQuer-QuerKultur," a Regional Association Promoting "Intercultural Cultural Work" as Minority Critique in Cultural Policy Discourse
Semira Soraya-Kandan PDF [388 KB]

Teaching Communication to Students in East Germany: About Perceived Differences and Whether They Really Exist
Bernd Schwandt PDF [278 KB]

Conditioning the Young Mind: Assuring Cultural Compliance through Textbook Instruction in the Schools of the Antebellum and Warring South in the United Stated of America
Donald E. Williams PDF [472 KB]

Communication, Political Change and the Media

Patriot Games: A Ritual Analysis of Super Bowl XXXVI
Gene Michaud PDF [341 KB]

The Beginning and Evolution of Political Marketing in Poland after 1989: A Short History
Dorota Piontek PDF [225 KB]

Social Movements, the News Media and Political Change
Kevin M. Carragee PDF [336 KB]

Back Matter PDF [115 KB]