QBARS - v15n3 Hardy Rhododendrons In Ohio

Hardy Rhododendrons In Ohio
Harold Kopp, Masillion, Ohio

I am writing a few lines to tell you of the rhododendrons I saw right in our own neighborhood. I have passed the W. Harvey Stoner residence for years and every Spring I have admired the color of the rhododendrons, from the road; so Sunday I stopped and talked to Mrs. Stoner. She said that the original plants were purchased from the Champion Nursery of Painsville, Ohio, some 52 or 53 years ago. They came originally from China or Japan and soon after they were bought the nursery stopped importing plants. These rhododendrons stand winter after winter and are really hardy. This winter the 18 degrees below zero didn't even scorch the foliage and the flowers are now superb.

Mrs. Stoner was 81 years Sunday. June 11. She has quite a number of very old and rare shrubs, especially for this part of the country. She has increased her plants by layering until now it makes a most colorful collection.