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R. agapetum
Rhododendron agapetum
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The Quarterly Bulletin
of the
American Rhododendron Society

July 15, 1961
Vol. 15 No. 3

Published Quarterly by the AMERICAN RHODODENDRON SOCIETY, 3514 N. Russet St. Portland, Oregon. Membership subscription to the American Rhododendron Society $5.00 a year. The Quarterly Bulletin of the American Rhododendron Society is included as a benefit of membership. Copyright 1961 by the American Rhododendron Society. Permission to reprint any portion of this volume must be granted in writing by the Society.

Issue Contents
A Study of Rhododendron Scales
by Bernard M. Swenson
The McKee Rhododendrons
by W. D. Christie
National Test Garden Projects Completed In 1961
by Ruth M. Hansen
The Rhododendron Conference: Retrospect
by J. Harold Clarke
Some Reminiscences of the First Secretary of the A.R.S.
by George D. Grace
Panel on the Growing of Rhododendrons: January 26 and February 23, 1961
Southeastern Chapter A.R.S. Show
by Marjorie H. Lewis
California Spring Garden Show (1961)
by Edward H. Long
Hardy Rhododendrons In Ohio
by Harold Kopp
Portland Chapter A.R.S. Show
by Don Patrick
R. chlorops Definitely Identified
by H. R. Fletcher
Dedication-Jane R. Martin Plaque, May 11, 1961
Shelton Washington Chapter A.R.S. Formed American Rhododendron Society Plant Registry
17th Annual Meeting of the A.R.S.
Ruth M. Hansen
Plants Donated to Test Garden, Crystal Springs Island
A Note of Appreciation and Thanks Rhododendron Notes
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ARS Logo
President Secretary-Treasurer
Vice President Editor Bulletin Editor Year Book
EDWIN ARNTSEN, Seattle, Wash., President Seattle Chapter
JOHN M. BATES, Lake Grove, Oregon, Term expires 1961
ROBERT M. BOVEE, Oswego, Ore., Term expires 1961
RUSSELL COOVERT, Lakebay, Wash., President Tacoma Chapter
CARL FAWCETT, Tacoma, Wash., Term expires 1962
GEORGE GRACE, Portland, Ore, Term expires 1962
C. T. HANSEN, Portland, Ore., Term expires 1962
WILLIAM HAZELTON, Atlantic Highlands, N.J., President of Mid-Jersey Chapter
JOHN HENNY, Brooks, Ore., Term expires 1962, President Portland Chapter
CHARLES HERBERT, Phoenixville, Pa, President Philadelphia Chapter
NATHANIEL E. HESS, Sands Point, L. I., N.Y., President of New York Chapter
MRS. SEYMOUR HOWARD, Sequim, Wash., President Olympic Peninsula Chapter
CLIVE L. JUSTICE, Vancouver, B.C., President of Vancouver, B.C. Chapter
HOWARD KERRIGAN, Oakland, California, President of California Chapter
DAVID G. LEACH, Brookville, Penna., President of Great Lakes Chapter
AARNE LINDGREN, M.D., Portland, Ore., Term expires 1961
DONALD MCCLURE, Seattle, Wash., Term expires 1962
FRED J. NISBET, Ph.D., Ashville, N. Car., President Southeastern Chapter
CARL H. PHETTEPLACE, M.D., Eugene, Ore., Term expires 1961
PALMER SAUNDERS, Eugene, Ore, President of Eugene Chapter
BENJAMIN SHAPIRO, East Brunswick, N.J., President New Jersey Chapter
HOWARD SLONECKER, Oak Grove, Ore., Term expires 1961
CECIL SMITH, Aurora, Ore., Term expires 1962
GEORGE D. SMITH, Jr., Indianapolis, Ind., President Indianapolis Chapter
WILLIAM LA VANCE, Elma, Wash., President of Grays Harbor Chapter
MRS. S. W. VANDERWEGEN, Shelton, Wash., President Shelton Chapter
THOMAS WHEELDON, M.D., Richmond, Va., President Middle Atlantic Chapter
WALES WOOD, St. Helens, Ore., Term expires 1961
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