QBARS - v15n3 Dedication-Jane R. Martin Plaque, May 11, 1961

Dedication - Jane R. Martin Plaque - May 11, 1961

Plaque marking the Jane Martin entrance garden.
Fig. 31.  Plaque marking the Jane Martin Entrance Garden. Dr. J. Harold Clarke,
President of the Society, A. S. Martin, and Ted Hansen, Chairman of the Garden
A.R.S. photo

This token of appreciation is being dedicated to one who enjoyed all beautiful gardens and who after seeing this Test Garden fell in love with it. Mr. A. S. Martin, in her memory has provided funds for the development of this particular ravine area which is to be known as the Jane R. Martin entrance garden.

Quoting from one of his letters, "I am the one who is overjoyed that I have been able to find a project that will bring me such complete satisfaction and sense of creative pleasure. I expected to look for many years for something that would allow me some measure of deep expression such as this garden project. The little ravine with the creek flowing through it fulfills my highest hopes."

We are all greatly impressed and deeply appreciate the fact that Mr. Martin selected the Society National Test Garden to be the recipient of his generosity in his late wife's memory. A bronze plaque set in native stone is imbedded in the bank at the south end of the bridge and simply reads:


A dedication ceremony was held at 11:00 A.M. Thursday, May 11th, during the International Rhododendron Conference. Mr. A. S. Martin of Ambler, Penna., accepted the plaque in memory of his late wife, Jane. Those present were: Mr. Harry B. Buckley, Superintendent of Portland Parks and Mr. Edward L. Erickson, Administrative Assistant. Dr. J. Harold Clarke, President of the ARS, C. T. Hansen, Chairman of the Test Garden and other members of the American Rhododendron Society.