QBARS - v15n3 Portland Chapter American Rhododendron Society Show

Portland Chapter A.R.S. Show
May 12-13, 1961
Don Patrick

Portland Chapter A.R.S. Show
Fig. 40.  Entries in three classes at the Portland chapter A.R.S. Show, Portland.
Seattle Chapter photo

On the morning of May 12 exhibitors commenced a feverish pace lasting well into the night in a determined effort to make the Portland Chapter Annual shot a fine success. The effort began in the morning when an ever constant flow of hundreds of rhododendron plants were trucked to the newly improved area at the Crystal Springs Island A.R.S. Test garden which was set aside for the commercial exhibits. The scene of activity changed when in the evening hundreds of cut trusses that would comprise our cut truss competition began to arrive. The placement of entries in all but a few of the scheduled 41 classes continued in the morning until closed for judging. The cool weather prior to the show brought the 546 entries by 41 individual exhibitors to the competition in top condition. The judges gave all careful consideration.

Mr. Howard Slonecker was in charge of the judges. Our distinguished judges were Carl Fawcett, Alleyne R. Cook, W. P. Riddelsbarger, P. H. Brydon, Merle Saunders, Roy Hudson, Mrs. D. W. James, Mrs. Norman Gelhausen. Ralph Jacobsen, Clive L. Justice. Carl Phetteplace, M.D., and 'Marshall Lyons. It was our pleasure to have present with us at the time of judging Sir Giles Loder and Dr. H. R. Fletcher.

The species exhibited were in particularly fine form but unfortunately due to the late date of the show, limited in number. A truss of R. yakushimanum and spray of R. oreotrephes netted Cecil Smith top awards in this section. The lack of entries in some groups as in the yellows due to weather conditions was balanced out by the excellent group of trusses entered in section 30 for New American hybrids. This possibly was one of the finest groups of New American Hybrids ever shown at a Portland Chapter show. Many trusses displayed definite improvements over older hybrids and breakthrough in colors were in evidence. Another exceptional class was the azaleas which as always were out in full glory including some fine new hybrids by Howard Slonecker and The Bovees.

The show was not without its popular garden club exhibits. The top trophy going to the Cedar Hills Garden Club. Judges were Mrs. Fred Sperr, Mrs. Albert N. Combs and Mrs. Wesley Foumal.

Under the direction of Cecil Smith we had an especially good educational exhibit consisting of over 140 varieties of species, some rare and some particularly good forms. A young plant of Rh. sinogrande with fine foliage exhibited by Mr. and Mrs. Del James stole the show.

Taking advantage of the newly prepared area for commercial exhibits growers from "Seven Dees" Nursery, West Oregon Nursery, Hillside Nursery and Roth Nursery Co. placed exhibits on a slope rising from a path along the water's edge. A panoramic view of these displays was possible to the delight of many visitors to the show, upon entry to the garden from the high bridge. Commercial grower Art Wright and Son added very much to the beauty of this area by placing a large group of Rh. 'Mrs. Furnival', the featured Rhododendron for the show, in a non-competitive exhibit.

The members on the show committee were Don Patrick, Chairman, John Henny, Cecil Smith, Mr. and Mrs. C. T. Hansen, Mrs. Louis C. Grothaus, A. W. Kraxberger, Mrs. O. R. Neet and Howard Slonecker.

The awards were as follows:

  1. C. I. Sersanous award for finest truss in the show, Mrs. Zuzanne Yettick with R. 'Pink Beauty'
  2. Dr. Corbin Cup awarded on points, Howard Slonecker
  3. Pacific First Federal Cup for Best Flower Club Arrangement, Cedar Hills Garden Club
  4. Dr. Goodman Cup awarded for Best New American Hybrid. Cecil Smith with cross R. 'May Day' x R. elliottii
  5. Gov. Hatfield Cup awarded for Best Red Truss, John Henny with R. 'Mars'
  6. Patty Corbin Cup for best group of 3 Repens Hybrids, not awarded
  7. John Henny Cup awarded for Best Truss of a Naomi Variety, Mrs. H. A. Fraundorf with R. 'Naomi Glow'
  8. Frank L. McGuire Cup for Best Novice Entry, Miles V. McCaren with 'R. Mars'
  9. Portland Federal Savings & Loan Cup for Best Truss of Loderi Variety, The Bovees with R. 'Loderi Venus'
  10. Portland Chapter Cup for Best Truss of a Species, Cecil Smith with R. yakushimanum
  11. Shipley & Co. Cup awarded for Best Spray of a Species, Cecil Smith with R. oreotrephes
  12. Tru Mix Concrete Co. Cup awarded for best group of 3 dwarf rhododendron plants, not awarded
  13. Portland Chapter Cup awarded for Best Commercial Exhibit, "Seven Dees" Nursery
  14. President's Cup awarded for Best Truss featured rhododendron, 'Mrs. Furnival', Oscar R. Neet