QBARS - v19n2 Dora Amateis

Dora Amateis

It was unfortunate, indeed, that the color picture of the variety 'Dora Amateis' which appeared on the front cover of the Bulletin in July, 1964, did not do justice to a very nice white rhododendron. Several people have inquired about this and so a word of explanation may be due. The transparency sent in, from which plates were to be made, was thin and lacking in contrast. Both engraver and printer were asked to do all they could to step up the contrast but the resulting color reproduction was not good.

'Dora Amateis' is well known to me as Mr. Edmond Amateis, the originator, was kind enough to send me a small plant for trial several years ago, from which I propagated several plants for more extended observation. It is a rather low growing, compact plant with attractive dark green leaves, darker green than the average variety. It is very floriferous, and has never shown cold damage of any kind at our place.

In 1958 it was given the First Prize at the International Flower Show in New York for the best un-disseminated rhododendron hybrid as well as the Max Schling Silver Medal. It has received the Award of Excellence of the American Rhododendron Society.

At present three men, by arrangement with Mr. Amateis, are involved in the marketing of this variety. They are Mr. Warren Baldsiefen, whose advertisement appeared in the July, 1964, Bulletin, Mr. Sid Burns of Syosset, L. I., N.Y. who is handling plants as a wholesale nursery, and Mr. William Efinger, now with the Oliver Nurseries, who is serving as a retail outlet for Mr. Burns' plants.  - Ed.