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R. maximum, 'Red Form
R. maximum, 'Red Form'
Photo by David Leach
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The Quarterly Bulletin
of the
American Rhododendron Society

April 15, 1965
Vol. 19 No. 2

Published Quarterly by the AMERICAN RHODODENDRON SOCIETY, Rt. 2, Box254, Aurora, Oregon. Membership subscription to the American Rhododendron Society $5.00 a year. The Quarterly Bulletin of the American Rhododendron Society is included as a benefit of membership. Copyright 1965 by the American Rhododendron Society. Permission to reprint any portion of this volume must be granted in writing by the Society.

Issue Contents
The Rosebay Rhododendron: Historical Oddities, Unusual Forms, Its Value as a Parent
by David G. Leach
by A. F. Serbin, M.D.
Observations on Heat Tolerance
by Ben Lancaster
Resistance to Freeze and Wind Burn In Rhododendrons
by LaVern Freimann
The Woods Weevil, A New Pest of Rhododendrons And Azaleas
by E. P. Breaker
Winter Damage at University of Washington Arboretum
by J. A. Witt
Cold Damage in the Eugene, Oregon Area
by Harold E. Greer
Visitors Welcome at East Coast Rhododendron Display Garden
by Velma Haag
"Visit to Laurelwood Gardens"
The Home of Mr. & Mrs. John F. Knippenberg
Condition of Rhododendrons
by Cecil Smith
American Rhododendron Society Plant Registry
Annual Meeting The Rhododendron Species Foundation
Additional Gardens to be Visited in Connection with The Annual Meeting
by Dorothy Schlaikjer
Standardizing Descriptions Within the Genus Rhododendron
by Reid M. Denis
Report of the Nominations Committee Changes in Ratings System
Dora Amateis Show Schedule for 1965

ARS Logo
President Vice President
Secretary-Treasurer Executive Secretary and Editor
CHARLES H. ANDERSON, Seattle, Wash., Term expires 1965
GEORGE M. ARRINGTON, Huntingdon Valley, Pa., President Philadelphia Chapter
MRS. ROBERT BERRY, Aberdeen, Wash., Term expires 1965
GEORGE BETTS, Rochester, Wash., President Olympia Chapter
SIDNEY V. BURNS, Syosset, L. I., N.Y., President New York Chapter
MERLE E. CISNEY, Camas, Wash., Term expires 1965
R. E. COMERFORD, Marion, Ore., Term expires 1965
RUSSELL L. COOVERT, Tacoma, Wash., Term expires 1965
E. F. DRAKE, Port Townsend, Wash., President Olympic Peninsula Chapter
HENRY FLEMING, Upper Nyack, N.Y., President Tappan Zee Chapter
DAVID FREEMAN, Vancouver, B.C., President Vancouver B.C. Chapter
WILLIAM R. GARREN, Traveler's Rest, S. C., President Southeastern Chapter
GEORGE GRACE, Portland, Ore., Term expires 1966
LOUIS C. GROTHAUS, Portland, Ore., President Portland Chapter
ROY HACANSON, Puyallup, Wash., President Tacoma Chapter
DR. J. KELVIN HAMILTON, Shelton, Wash., President Shelton Chapter
PAUL N. HARRIS, M.D., Indianapolis, Ind., President Indianapolis Chapter
JOHN HENNY, Brooks, Oregon, Term expires 1966
DR. LEON J. HEUSER, Robbinsville, N. J., President Princeton Chapter
CHRIS JOHNSON, Mercer Island, Wash., President Seattle Chapter
EDWARD H. LONG, Oakland, Calif., President California Chapter
LOUIS G. MARTIN, M.D., Toledo, Ohio, President Great Lakes Chapter
DONALD MCCLURE, Seattle, Wash., Term expires 1966
DALE MCCURDY, Aurora, Ill., President Midwest Chapter
DONALD PATRICK, Longview, Wash., Term expires 1966
MERLE SAUNDERS, Eugene, Ore., Term expires 1966
PAUL SLEEZER, Mountain Lakes, N.J., President New Jersey Chapter
CECIL SMITH, Aurora, Ore., Term expires 1966
RICHARD STERLING, Hoquiam, Wash., President Gray's Harbor Chapter
MERVIN B. VATER, Eugene, Ore., President Eugene Chapter
MILTON V. WALKER, M.D., Creswell, Ore., Term expires 1965
THOMAS WHEELDON, M.D., Richmond, Va., President Middle Atlantic Chapter
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