QBARS - v19n2 Resistance to Freeze and Wind Burn In Rhododendrons

Resistance to Freeze and Wind Burn in Rhododendrons
LaVern Freimann, Bellingham, Wash.

The temperature at our home dropped to -2° on December 15, 1965. The following list indicates damage sustained by various species and varieties.

Plants showing no leaf damage

Plants with severe leaf damage

'Scarlet Wonder'

'Jean Marie de Montague' 'Cynthia'
'Wilgens Ruby' 'Bow Bells'
'Princess Elizabeth' 'Glow' (Naomi)
'Cunningham's White' Plants showing more than 95%
'Mrs. P. D. Williams' leaf damage
'Mars' R. racemosum
'Purple Splendour' R. augustinii (Marine)
R. sutchuenense 'May Day'
Plants with slight leaf damage 'Elizabeth'
'Evening Glow' 'Fabia'
'Autumn Gold' R. lacteum
'Pink Pearl' 'Earl of Donoughmore'
R. fictolacteum 'Unique'
'Lamplighter' 'Unknown Warrior'
'Floriade' 'Vulcan'
'Anna Rose Whitney' R. campylocarpum
'Jan Dekens' Plants dead
'Molly Ann' R. macabeanum
R. fulvum
'Loderi Venus'
R. arboreum