QBARS - v19n2 Changes in Ratings System

Change In Ratings System

At the request of the Ratings Committee the A.R.S. Board, at its meeting on March 21, 1965, approved certain changes in procedure. The quality rating will no longer be based on 0 to 4 to indicate inferior, below average, average, above average, and superior, but on 1 to 5 to indicate the same groups. Instead of indicating size at 10 years plants will be considered as dwarf if under 1½ ft. at maturity, semi-dwarf if under 3 ft. at maturity, low if under 4½ ft. at maturity, medium if under 6 ft. at maturity and tall if over 6 ft. at maturity. Hardiness will not be indicated by the H-1 to H-7 symbols but by H followed by the minimum temperature the well-matured plant should withstand without visible injury.