QBARS - v19n2 Condition of Rhododendrons

Condition of Rhododendrons
Cecil Smith, Aurora, Ore.

'Loderi King George' lost its bloom buds but no damage otherwise.
'Loderi Superlative' has a small amount of bloom bud damage.
'Bibiani' lost half its bloom buds and has some leaf scorch.
'Ibex' lost its bloom buds and most of its leaves.
'Loders White' has a damaged corolla in most trusses.
'Sir Charles Lemon' lost its bloom buds.
'Yellow Hammer', surprisingly, has the best bloom ever, though some buds were lost.
At this writing, March 29, 1965, most other hybrids appear unhurt.
The Falconeri and Grande series lost their leaves, and some lost growth.
Several strigillosums bloomed well.
R. sperabile lost flower buds and leaves.
R. mallotum lost flower buds and leaves.
R. barbatum , leaves scorched.
All taliense in fine shape.
R. spiciferum lost some foliage and some bloom buds.
R. scabrifolium lost some foliage and some bloom buds.
All Caucasicum sub-series came through well including hyperythrum .

R. ciliatum bloomed well.

R. edgeworthii lost bloom buds and some foliage.
R. moupinense lost a few buds.
R. keleticum lost its bloom buds.
R. sutchuenense and calophytum bloomed well.
Most triflorums lost their bloom buds.
The R. augustinii clones, 'Barto Blue', 'Blue Cloud', 'Tower Court', and others will have some bloom.