QBARS - v24n1 Portland Chapter American Rhododendron Society Awards 1969

Portland Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society
1969 Medal Awards

Howard J. Slonecker merits this honor because of his interest in Rhododendrons, his willingness to organize and promote the Society, and his faithfulness in being quietly available. His interest in the total Rhododendron family is evident by the material he has displayed at the Chapter Shows each year in Portland as well as a multitude of Northwest Shows. Through Howard, the Camas Garden Club Show receives a large number of trusses from the Test Garden annually. From his garden have come trusses and sprays of the Azaleas and Rhododendrons he has collected. In his home are ribbons and trophies earned because he carefully selected many prize-worthy entries. He is considered an excellent judge by the many Chapters who have availed themselves of his ability.

Howard has been with the Society since its establishment and has consistently attended its meetings. Work sessions at the Test Garden, attendance at National and Chapter Board meetings, and his presence at National and Chapter meetings attest to his willingness to serve as a member.

Howard has been assigned various positions and has effectively accomplished what was asked of him. His standards are high, his knowledge is broad, and he has the ability to identify species and hybrids of Azaleas and Rhododendrons. He is the kind of expert that shares his knowledge with the beginner as well as the advanced collector. He is available to identify cut trusses and sprays from exhibitors in the Chapter Shows and to identify plants in the Test Garden which no one else recognizes.

To Howard J. Slonecker, the A.R.S. presents its highest award, the Gold Medal, May 10, 1969.


Rocco Capelli, his natural love of plants, his special interest in Rhododendrons, his willingness to exhibit commercial displays, and his ability to sell Rhododendrons for many years at his Hillside Nursery earns him the Silver Medal.

He had shown an interest in Rhododendrons when they were first available in the Northwest. Since then he has accumulated a wide range of varieties and grown all sizes for retail, wholesale, and landscape sales. His interest includes other plant material complimentary to the thousands of Rhododendrons and Azaleas he has sold. The love for the plants he grows guarantees that they are dug with exceptional care and will thrive for many years in customers' landscapes.

Each year Rocco displayed at the Rhododendron Shows, using his best blooming plants to make the public aware of the many varieties available. He was always ready to help set up the Society's displays at local Garden Shows, picking up plants from various sources, helping to landscape the displays to show them to the best advantage, and returning exhibits to their owners.

Rocco has a "green thumb" and has been an excellent promoter of this genus, as his sales will testify. His many satisfied customers will remember his friendliness and sincerity because he did not just sell plants, but sold colorful plant personalities. Past retirement age, he has continued to sell the plants he loves best and still displays a weathered sign that promotes this National Society.

His extensive and practical knowledge and experience with Rhododendrons means that more plants are available to home owners and gardeners. Instead of cutting down his work load, he has persistently kept his sales yard filled with the best plant material available.

To Rocco Capelli we award the Silver Medal, May 10, 1969.


For his many years of continued physical research of our native Rhododendron occidentale, his tireless effort in locating and preserving for future culture and dissemination of the outstanding varieties of this species;

For his enthusiastic support of the activities of the Rhododendron Society, his outstanding generosity in the distribution of his prized plants, as well as the donation of his time and effort in the presentation of informative lectures, local as well as national.

This Chapter is pleased to give its highest honor and recognition to Frank D. Mossman, M.D.

By unanimous action of the Board of Directors in Portland, Oregon, SepĀ­tember 18, 1969.


In deep gratitude for the extensive work performed in behalf of the Rhododendron Society for these past fifteen years, and his devoted interest in the Genus Rhododendron;

In full appreciation of the excellence of his management of his several assignments, including the Presidency of this Chapter, and his outstanding contribution in the operation of our Crystal Springs Lake Island Test Garden, with its artistic reorganization, landscaping, and extensive construction.

This Chapter is pleased to give its highest honor and recognition to Louis C. Grothaus.

By unanimous action of the Board of Directors in Portland, Oregon, September 18, 1969.