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Queen Elizabeth Park
Queen Elizabeth Park in Vancouver, British Columbia
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The Quarterly Bulletin
of the
American Rhododendron Society

January 15, 1970
Vol. 24 No. 1

Published quarterly by the AMERICAN RHODODENDRON SOCIETY, Rt. 2, Box 254, Aurora, Oregon. Membership subscription to the American Rhododendron Society $7.50 a year. The Quarterly Bulletin of the American Rhododendron Society is included as a benefit of membership. Copyright 1970 by the American Rhododendron Society. Permission to reprint any portion of this volume must be granted by the Society.

Issue Contents
An Invitation to the A.R.S. 1970 National Convention
by Lloyd Smith
Seventy Five Years of Growing Rhododendrons in the Arnold Arboretum
by Dr. Donald Wyman
Theme for the 1970 Convention
by R. C. Rhodes, M.D.
A Trip to Some Famous English Gardens
by John D. Johnston
Bibliography of Thomas M.C. Taylor Portland Chapter A.R.S. Awards 1969
Bibliography of Roy L. Taylor Nominating Committee Reports
You are Cordially Invited to Attend
by John G. Lofthouse
Increasing Rhododendron Enjoyment
by Ted Van Veen
Revision of By-Laws and Recent Actions of the Board
by Carl H. Phetteplace, M.D.
Gold Medal Award Citation to Dr. J. Harold Clarke
by Edward B. Dunn
Proposed Changes in By-Laws of the A.R.S. Taiwan Venture
by John Patrick
Rhododendrons in the Landscape
by Doan R. Ogden
Breeding Azaleodendrons
by Alexander C. Martin
An Ideal Truss Display Stand
by Howard A. Short
Ben F. Nelson
by Herbert G. Ihrig
Our Front Cover Eastern Chapter to Meet in Norfolk
Modus Operandi - 1970
by Esther Berry
Henry Francis du Pont
by C. Gordon Tyrell
Vegetative Growth of Rooted Cuttings of Rhododendron x P.J.M. During Winter
by John McGuire & Valerie J. Bunce
New Chapter Organized in Birmingham, Alabama
by Mrs. Harvey J. Hooks

ARS Logo
President Vice President
Secretary-Treasurer Editor
Executive Secretary
CHARLEY ADAMSON, Montesano, Wash., President Gray's Harbor Chapter
CHARLES H. ANDERSON, Seattle, Wash., Term expires 1971
MRS. ROBERT BERRY, Aberdeen, Wash., Term expires 1972
JOHN BOEGGEMAN, West Nyack, N.Y., President Tappan Zee Chapter
JAMES CAPERCI, Seattle, Wash., Term expires 1971
RON CASEBIER, Shelton, Wash., President Shelton Chapter
GEORGE W. CLARKE, Portland, Ore., President Portland Chapter
DR. J. HAROLD CLARKE, Long Beach, Wash., Term expires 1972
ROBERT E. COMERFORD, Marion, Ore., Term expires 1972
ARTHUR I. COYLE, Walter, Texas, President Southern Chapter
DR. H.L. DIXON, Coos Bay, Ore., President Southwestern Oregon Chapter
FRANK DOLFSHY, Seattle, Wash., Term expires 1971
ARTHUR P. DOME, Seattle, Wn., President, Seattle Chapter
DARRIS ECCLES, Port Townsend, Wash., President Olympic Peninsula Chapter
NEWTON W. EDWARDS, Alexandria, Va., President, Potomac Valley Chapter
ROBERT FENTON, Pittsburgh, Pa., President, Great Lakes Chapter
DAN FRANKLIN, Atlanta, Ga., President Azalea Chapter
MRS. EMIL F. HAGER, JR., Albertson, N.Y., President New York Chapter
PAUL M. HARRIS, M.D., Indianapolis, Ind., President Indianapolis Chapter
GEORGE HARRISON, Seattle, Wn., President, Tacoma Chapter
HENRY HEYERDOFF, Bloomingdale, N.J., President, New Jersey Chapter
JOHN HENNY, Brooks, Ore., Term expires 1971
CHARLES HERBERT, Phoenixville, Pa., President Valley Forge Chapter
LUDWIG HOFFMAN, Bloomfield, Conn., President Connecticut Chapter
MRS. HARVEY HOOKS, Birmingham, Ala., President, Birmingham Chapter
RAYMOND C. HUEY, Springfield, Ore., President Eugene Chapter
OLAV JACOBSEN, Bainbridge Island, Wn., President, North Kitsap Chapter
ALFRED S. MARTIN, Ambler, Pa., Term expires 1972
DONALD MCCLURE, Seattle, Wash., Term expires 1970
HARRY NASH, Waynesboro, Va., President Middle Atlantic Chapter
BEN NELSON, Suquamish, Wash., Term expires 1970
HADLEY OSBORN, El Cerrito, Cal., President California Chapter
ROBERT ROSS, Portland, Ore., President, Tualatin Valley Chapter
I. S. ROSSITER, Hopewell, N.J., President Princeton Chapter
JOHN SCHAMENEK, Willow Grove, Pa., President Philadelphia Chapter
CECIL SMITH, Aurora, Ore., Term expires 1971
RALPH H. SMITH, Delmar, N.Y., President Albany-Mohawk Chapter
LLOYD SMITH, Pitt Meadows, B.C., Canada, President Vancouver Chapter
MARK SPALDING, Olympia, Wash., President Olympia Chapter
SAM TATE, West Asheville, N.C., President Southeastern Chapter
THOMAS WHEELDON, M.D., Richmond Va., Term expires 1971
JAMES A. WRIGHT, Virginia Beach, Va., President, Tidewater Chapter
DONALD ZAUN, Wasco, Ill., President Midwest Chapter
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