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Bibliography of Roy L. Taylor

Roy L. Taylor

Dr. Roy L. Taylor was born in Olds. Alberta in 1932. He attended school and university in his native province and taught school there for four years before moving to Montreal where he attended Sir George Williams University and McGill. He received his doctorate in botany in 1962 from the University of California at Berkeley. That same year Dr. Taylor joined the Plant Research Institute of the Canada Department of Agriculture at Ottawa. In 1965 he became Chief of the Taxonomy Section. In December 1968 Dr. Taylor joined the University of British Columbia as Director of The Botanical Garden and Professor of Plant Sciences.

He has conducted field survey work throughout most of northwestern America and is the co-author of the two volume study of the plants of the Queen Charlotte Islands published in 1968. He is also the co-editor of the book entitled "The Evolution of Canada's Flora." Dr. Taylor has been active in promoting a closer association of biologists in Canada through his work in the Canadian Botanical Association and the Biological Council of Canada. He is a past-president of the Canadian Botanical Association and is the current secretary-treasurer of the Biological Council of Canada. He is currently serving as Program Director and Chairman of the Editorial Committee of an international project entitled Flora North America which is responsible for the production of a five volume work on vascular plants of North America north of Mexico. He is currently a director of The Save Our Parklands Association and a member of the Horticulture Committee of the Pacific National Exhibition.