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Bibliography of Thomas M. C. Taylor

Thomas M. C. Taylor

Born in South Africa, came to Canada at an early age. Brought up on Kelowna where his father managed a large fruit orchard. Graduated from University of B.C. in 1926. Pursued graduate studies at the Universities of Wisconsin and Toronto. Awarded degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Botany by the University of Toronto in 1930. Was a member of the Botany Depart­ment of that university for nearly 20 years. Returned to U. B. C. after the war as professor of botany and was Head of its Botany Department for 10 years. Retired to Victoria in 1968.

A life-long professional interest in ferns culminated in the publication in 1969 of 'The Ferns and their Allies of the Pacific Northwest by the University of Toronto Press. Author of several B.C. Museum Handbooks and many papers in professional journals.

Hobbies of gardening and photo­graphy have added much interest to quite extensive travels both on this continent and abroad, including several in the Pacific region. Japan has been visited on three occasions, the first and longest (10 weeks) visit being in 1960. In Japan, particular attention was paid to the art and philosophy of Japanese gardening. Most of the classical, and several private, gardens have been studied and photographed.

Present activities consist of developing a garden outside Victoria of rhododendrons and more unusual trees and shrubs. Part of the garden is strongly influenced by Japanese ideas.