QBARS - v25n1 R. elliottii 'War Paint'

R. elliottii 'War Paint'
Mrs. Ray James, Coos Bay, Oregon

R. elliottii 'War Paint'
R. elliottii 'War Paint'; an excellent
clonal form of this species named by
the late Del James, Eugene.
Photo by P. H. Brydon

In the course of correspondence with Mr. C. P. Raffill of Kew - he was asked for information concerning R. elliottii in January of 1949. Through his kindness seed was obtained at that time with this notation - the rare brilliant scarlet species which has proved to be a fine parent. I have not seen any plant of this rare species fruit in Britain but whilst on a visit to S. Wales on a lecturing tour I looked round a famous Rhodo Collection at Clyne Castle and secured some good plump fruit and seeds so I am sharing with you." C. P. Raffill.

We planted the seed which germinated beautifully in 1949 and it was from this batch that the clone of 'War Paint' was grown. The plant had a fine growth habit-beautiful foliage and a full rounded truss of 30-40 crimson scarlet flowers. It was given a P. A. (A.R.S.) Award in 1936. The original plant was sent to Strybing Arboretum, San Francisco to be grown on in that milder climate.