JARS v41n3 - The Indiana Chapter Has A New Name

The Indiana Chapter Has A New Name
Paula L. Cash
Executive Secretary

At the ARS Board of Directors Meeting, April 29, 1987, in Eugene, Oregon, the Board approved the requested Indiana Chapter change of name as presented by Robert W. Adams, President. The new name for the Indiana Chapter is now the Great Rivers Chapter. Several factors prompted their request for a change.

First, their membership is generally concentrated in southern Indiana and Illinois, northern Kentucky, easterly Missouri and southwesterly Ohio. The Great Rivers Chapter has held meetings through out the area, most recently in Missouri.

A second contributing factor for the change from the Indiana Chapter to the Great Rivers Chapter is the geographical location. The area served is within the basin of the Ohio, Mississippi, and Wabash Rivers. The new Great Rivers Chapter name is more appropriate and descriptive of the area served.