JARS v42n2 - 1988 ARS Western Regional Conference

1988 ARS Western Regional Conference
Bob and Marge Badger
Kent, Washington

The 1988 Western Regional Rhododendron Conference is now scheduled to be held at the Pacific Convention Center in Everett, Washington on October 7, 8 and 9, 1988. It was previously announced that the meeting would be held in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Upon further considerations of a possible timing conflict with the ARS 1989 Annual Meeting, which is being hosted by the Victoria, British Columbia Chapter, the ARS District #2 Chapters were asked if they could step in and assume the responsibilities of hosting the 1988 Western Regional meeting.

Komo Kulshan, and Whidbey Island Chapters together with the Seattle Rhododendron Society have combined their efforts and have chosen this rather new convention facility in Everett as the site for the fall Western Regional meeting. It is located just a few blocks west of Interstate Highway I-5 and is surrounded by three newer motels offering ample space for all attendees.

Through the kind assistance of Mr. Glen Patterson, of the Vancouver Chapter, we are very pleased to announce that the Conference will have as its featured guest speaker, Mr. Aidan Brady, Director, representing the National Botanic Garden of the Irish Republic at Glasnevin in Dublin, Ireland. Mr. Brady, has had a long career in horticulture starting, as an undergraduate at the Botanic Garden, Glasniven with further study at the University College, Dublin, followed by work with the state, returning to Glasnevin as a Lecturer in 1960, becoming Assistant Director in 1965 and Director in 1968. He is a horticulturist of wide ranging interests with particular expertise in Dendrology encompassing all species of trees and shrubs (including rhododendrons). Drawing on his vast knowledge he has agreed to present an interesting discourse on "Rhododendrons in Irish Gardens" as the featured presentation of the Conference.

A note about Glasnevin: The Gardens were founded by direction of the Irish Parliament in 1795 when the (Royal) Dublin Society acquired about 11 hectares (approximately 27 acres); subsequent acquisitions have brought the Gardens to its present area of 19 hectares (approximately 47 acres). The soil is a heavy alkaline boulder clay underlain by limestones which requires special treatment with peat for ericaceous genera to be grown. It has many superb plant collections and claims its oldest plant to be nearly 400 years of age. The present plant population includes approximately 20,000 species and varieties.

The remainder of the program for the Western Regional Conference will be of great interest to ARS members who are creating and expanding their own personal gardens. As of this writing an attempt is being made to coordinate a tour of the largest building in the world - the Boeing Airplane Company's 747 Assembly Plant at nearby Paine Field - as a part of the Conference activities.

Complete details for the Western Regional Conference will be forthcoming in the summer issue of the ARS Journal . An ARS National Board of Directors Meeting will be held at the Conference on Friday afternoon.

As the early fall snows dust the surrounding Cascade and Olympic Mountains, we cordially invite all ARS members to join District #2 and share in this camaraderie through rhododendrons.

Bob and Marge Badger are the general chairmen of the 1988 Western Regional Conference.