JARS v42n2 - Bronze Medal Awards

Bronze Medal Awards

Greg Kesterson
The Seattle Rhododendron Society proudly presents its highest award, the Bronze Medal, to Greg Kesterson who over the years has actively supported the Seattle Chapter as a board member, officer, fund raiser and member of the Finance and Long Range Planning Committees. Your support to the genus Rhododendron has also been recognized through your continued involvement in the Meerkerk Rhododendron Gardens, hybridizing and the chapter shows. Presented January 9, 1988.

Kenneth and Margaret Kent
The Tacoma Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society is pleased to present The Bronze Medal to Kenneth and Margaret Kent in recognition of their efforts on behalf of rhododendrons, rhododendron people, and the related societies in the Puget Sound area. For years, the Kents have been two that have kept the rivalry with our sister Pacific Rhododendron Society in a spirit of healthy and friendly competition. Their involvement with both Societies has brought the two groups together, much to the benefit of rhododendron culture in the Pacific Northwest. As "Head Moss Man" Ken has played a major role in the landscape displays that the public enjoy so at the Annual Joint Pacific and American Rhododendron Society Shows at the Tacoma Mall. When there is a job to be done, you can count on the Kents to pitch in. For their enthusiasm, diplomacy, and friendliness, we are pleased to present Kenneth and Margaret Kent the highest recognition we can bestow, December 11, 1987.

James and Genevieve Kowalsky
The Tacoma Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society is pleased to present the Bronze Medal to James and Genevieve Kowalsky. Over the years this couple has consistently lent their support to the American Rhododendron Society, first as members of the Seattle Chapter and then, to our happy benefit, to the Tacoma Chapter. At show time, though they have one of the greatest distances to travel, they have been there for set-up, help in judging, and clean-up. They have held board positions and regularly attend regional and national meetings. James and Genevieve Kowalsky have been described as "the wheel horses" of the Tacoma Chapter and for their efforts we are proud to bestow the Chapter's highest honor, the Bronze Medal, December 11, 1987.

Robert and Helene Huber
We are proud to recognize Robert and Helene Huber for their special contributions to the growth of our chapter during years of dedicated service. Bob, a charter member of the Valley Forge Chapter, served as the second president for two consecutive terms. He has served as co-chairman and chairman for the many successful truss shows jointly sponsored with the Philadelphia Chapter. As a result of his successful propagation program and ability to root difficult and choice rhododendrons, our gardens have been greatly enhanced. These have always been among the select offerings at our plant sales. He has traveled far and wide for many of these beauties. Helene, an ardent gardener in her own right, has benefited the chapter greatly because of her talents as a gifted artist. Her sensitive illustrations of azaleas and rhododendrons have graced the covers of many banquet programs, and her outstanding artwork in the chapter's cook book is appreciated by all. This chapter and its Honors Committee is pleased to present Robert and Helene with its highest award, the Bronze Medal, October 10, 1987.

Joan and Reid Warren
As a token of esteem and with our sincerest appreciation, the Valley Forge Chapter is pleased to present you, Joan and Reid Warren, with our highest award, the Bronze Medal. Your willingness to undertake any task and your graciousness and enthusiasm as officers and committee members has been an inspiration to us all. Reid, we are indebted to you for your efforts in organizing memorable bus trips, a dynamic program format, and for salvaging valuable records of some of the early rhodo-pioneers in our area. Joan, we appreciate the fact that no meeting is complete without its hospitality. The special warmth that we sense among our members is due in no small measure to the years you have given to our social needs. The efforts of both of you in rescuing important plants from other gardens and your concern for making sure that these and other carefully assembled plants were given over to competent gardeners upon your recent move to a northern climate, shows your dedication to the genus Rhododendron . Many of our gardens will benefit for years to come by your thoughtfulness. The chapter is honored to present this medal, October 10, 1987.

Leslie K.C. Clay
In appreciation of your generosity, enthusiasm and dedication to the Society, and in recognition of your promotion and distribution of the genus Rhododendron through tissue culture, we present the Society's Bronze Medal, January 21, 1988.