JARS v44n2 - Bronze Medal Awards

Bronze Medal Awards


Richard Clapp

The Azalea Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society presents its highest award for service, the Bronze Medal, to Richard Clapp in recognition and appreciation for his many years of unselfish service to this chapter, having served as President, Vice-President, Board Member, Flower Show Chairman, Historical Society liaison, and Chapter Representative. He has provided stable service and wise counsel often in time of stress. By his contributions, he has elevated our participation in plant sales, chapter events, regional meetings and national meetings. His expertise in photography has provided varied programs at chapter and regional levels. His tireless work on multiple chapter projects and his generous sharing of his knowledge has enriched this Society and enhanced our lives.

Fran and Allison Fuqua

The Azalea Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society presents its highest award for service, the Bronze Medal, to Fran and Allison Fuqua in recognition and appreciation of their many years of unselfish contribution and dependable service in every chapter effort. They have given their encouragement and lent their superior plant skills quietly, efficiently, and joyfully to our organization.

To Fran, for her quality additions to our programs, ideas for the newsletter, participation on the Board of Directors, for her smooth organizational work at flower shows. To Allison, for his unstinting work as Plant Sale Chairman, his work on all chapter projects, for his good humor when such is in short supply, and for his peanuts. To both, for their participation in regional and national meetings, their tireless collecting, preparing and providing seed to members and their nurturing of plant material for chapter plant sales. They have expanded our knowledge and introduced us to new friends, greatly enriching this Society.


Bill and Myrna Brackman

The honor of the Tacoma Chapter's Bronze Medal is long overdue to one of the Chapter's most involved couples. Bill has served for two years as Chapter President and three years as our Treasurer. Together they have twice been chairmen of the Tacoma Chapter Flower Shows that are so well received by the public. Bill and Myrna are founding members of the Southern Group of the Northwest Hybridizers. As would be expected, both are already involved in the planning of the National Convention to be held in Tacoma in 1993. We are pleased to award the Chapter's highest honor to one of our favorite teams, Bill and Myrna Brackman.

Kathy and John Bushong

Seldom have new members entered into the Chapter's activities with more enthusiasm than have John and Kathy Bushong. From the beginning they cheerfully and regularly participated in work parties and showed tremendous interest in the affairs of the Tacoma Chapter. John undertook to chair our Pt. Defiance Garden project and served on the Board of Directors. Both John and Kathy were outstanding Show Chairmen for two years. They also have made tremendous efforts to introduce new and unusual plants into our annual auctions. In appreciation for their service to this Chapter they are awarded the Bronze Medal by unanimous approval of the Board.

Joe and Mavis Davis

It is with great pleasure that the Board of Directors of the Tacoma Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society has chosen to bestow the Bronze Medal upon Joe and Mavis Davis. Joe served two years as Chapter President and Mavis did much to make those two years memorable. They were active in the planning of the Western Regional Conference at Ocean Shores. Also, Joe and Mavis are the founders of the Southern Division of the Northwest Hybridizers Group. Joe's hybridizing activities have been outstanding and have produced some of the most beautiful new hybrid rhododendrons. For your generous contribution of both plant material and of your time to further the Society's goals we award you our highest honor.


Bill Dale

During the years of your term as president, the Victoria Chapter prospered and grew at a great rate. Your organizational abilities and attention to detail are recognized by all who worked with you. Your enthusiasm and dedication have contributed a great deal to our chapter. As program chairman following your term as president, you have kept our meetings informative and entertaining and your abilities as tour organizer have benefited all of us. You have delighted many chapters and garden clubs with your well-thought-out talks and you are well known as an enthusiastic grower and propagator of rhododendrons. The Victoria Rhododendron Society takes great pride and pleasure in presenting you with the Bronze Medal in appreciation of your accomplishments and your dedication to the Society.

Alec McCarter

In recognizing your contributions to our chapter, we are well aware that what you have done for us required your very special expertise. The book project, Rhododendrons on a Western Shore , would simply not have existed without your knowledge and dedication. We look with great pride on our little book and are eternally grateful for your part in creating it.

We are also very proud of our "state of the art" newsletter which became what it is largely because of your efforts. We also recognize your services as secretary and other services on the executive.

All of the members of the executive have appreciated your never-failing good humour and willingness to take on more than your share of duties. We sincerely tender our gratitude and admiration with the presentation of this Bronze Medal.

Evelyn Weesjes

We present this Bronze Medal to you proudly, as a token acknowledgement of your endless services and contributions to the growth and development of the Victoria Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society. Your generosity has enriched the gardens of many members of our society and your plants have been a part of our monthly raffles for as long as the society has existed. You have done a tremendous job on the executive and in organizing our dollar table. The garden that you and Nick have created is an inspiration to all and you have been so very generous in allowing the chapter members to share it with you and to allow it to be used as the anchor garden for the bus tours at convention time. We feel that this is a very small token of our deep admiration and appreciation.

Norman Todd

The Victoria Chapter owes you a great debt of gratitude. As a charter member and first president you had a great deal to do with the formation of the chapter. Your profound knowledge of the genus Rhododendron has been generously shared with us all. After ten years of service you have again taken on the responsibility of the office of president. Your chairmanship of the convention committee was largely responsible for a very successful and well-attended function and your ever-present optimism and good humour have indebted us all to you. We are proud and honoured to present you with the Bronze Medal as a token of our esteem.