JARS v44n2 - President's Column

President's Column
Austin Kennell, Waynesboro, Virginia

There are some wonderful people in the American Rhododendron Society to whom I'd like to pay special tribute - those who have been awarded the Bronze Medals by their Chapters. I really wish I could call the list of names of all who have been so honored, but I can't. I know some of them, primarily those in my Chapter, but not the rest. And unfortunately, Society records do not reflect this honor roll.

The Bronze Medal is something special. It is the highest award and greatest honor a member can receive from fellow Chapter members. Surely, there's no higher measure of one's contributions to any cause than to be so recognized by those who know you best. Since I feel so strongly about the uniqueness of the Bronze Medal and those members, past and present, who are entitled to wear it, I am taking this means of telling them and the Society in general how I feel about them. Even though I can't tell them in person as I would prefer, it's no less sincere. I'd like them to know the ARS is a far better organization because of them. I want them to know how special they are. And, most of all, I want to say "thanks". No group deserves it more! Don't forget to sign up a "One For Austin" new member.