JARS v46n2 - Truss Carrier

Truss Carrier
Ned Brockenbraugh
Seattle, WA

Reprinted from the Seattle Chapter newsletter

Ned Brockenbrough of Seattle has designed this flower/truss carrier. Those of us who have carrier 6-12 trusses to a show will immediately recognize the advantages of this design. It is light weight, fills easily and is resistant to spills because its a balanced unit. It will sit flat on any surface and allows ample room for your trusses. The best thing about it is it is easy and inexpensive to assemble. To make one of your own, you need the following lengths and quantities of ½" PVC pipe:
4 - 1½" lengths
5 - 5½" lengths
4 - 8" lengths
4 - 4" lengths
10 - 6" lengths
2 - 10" lengths
1 - 16" length (This is the handle. Trim to length.)
4 - "L's"
14 - "T's"
plumber's glue
2 pieces of cork

Truss carrier