JARS v46n2 - Bronze Medal Awards

Bronze Medal Awards


Louise Winkler and Walter Winkler (posthumously)

The Maine Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society is proud to present to you the Bronze Medal for distinguished service. We present this award to your late husband Walter, an active New Jersey hybridizer who willingly shared his knowledge. Walter learned much about hybridizing from his association with the late Guy Nearing. Approximately 25 years ago you and Walter courageously moved your entire garden to Maine, proving to all of us you can grow rhodies here!

We present this award to Louise Winkler for your constant help with our chapter activities; for your eagerness in opening up your lovely waterfront garden to our members, both for garden tours and meetings; for your constant good spirit and nature at our meetings; for being our unofficial hospitality person to welcome new members and sharing with us memories of Walter's hybridizing; for your many vital contributions of time and energy to our chapter during its fledgling stage. This award is given gratefully to acknowledge all these contributions, April 27, 1991.


Dave and Lila Gruger

The members of the North Kitsap Chapter take pleasure in recognizing Dave and Lila for the influence their 15 years of service has had on our chapter. When our secretary was asked to review our records for a list of your activities and accomplishments for the chapter she said, "I give up, they have always been involved in everything." It is for that generous and dependable involvement that your fellow members now pay tribute.

We honor you, Dave, for teaching so many of us lesser gardeners over the years about the cultivation of rhododendrons. It is with chagrin we also acknowledge you have walked off with more blue ribbons at our truss shows than any other member. The quality of the trusses you produce each year has raised our show standards. Lila, we honor you for so many things from your tail-gate soup at work parties to your role as behind the scenes advisor to past and present chapter officers. If you have a problem and need help or advice, just call Lila.

It is with appreciation and affection we present you both with the Society's Bronze Medal Award, March 30, 1992.


Robert K. Peters

Bob, you have been collecting, raising and involved with rhododendrons and azaleas for over 40 years, first as a member of the Valley Forge Chapter and then as a charter member of the Susquehanna Valley Chapter where you have worked tirelessly to promote its success and growth. You have served as a vocal member of the board of directors almost continuously since the founding of the chapter and as treasurer for many years in which position you initiated and chaired the ways and means committee.

We are indebted to you for working in many capacities over the years to make chapter activities a success; by planning numerous bus trips to gardens and conventions, by chairing and personally contributing to the activities of the banquet committee and by helping to make our truss shows a success by participating with many beautiful entries each year. Bob, you have also promoted the genus Rhododendron , this chapter, and the society by giving talks to garden clubs, by always having your garden open to visitors, and by generously snaring cuttings and plant material on request.

In recognition and appreciation, the chapter is proud to present this medal, the chapter's highest award, on this eleventh day of October, nineteen hundred and ninety one.

William L Rhein

Bill, you have pursued a lifelong avocation to enjoy, study, and record the beauty you found in nature. That pursuit turned to the genus Rhododendron some 27 years ago when you began collecting and planting at your new retirement property in the country. You became a hybridizer and in the process developed a network of knowledgeable contacts, joined the Valley Forge Chapter of the Society and later became a charter member of the Susquehanna Valley Chapter. You have created many beautiful and more hardy hybrids for the central Pennsylvania area, especially yellows, flowers with prominent blotches and flowers with many delicate shadings. You used your photographic skills to create impressive and beautiful slides and prints of the genus Rhododendron . They have been seen by many at presentations, in shows, and in the print media and have won awards for excellence.

Over the years you have shared your knowledge, seedlings, and plant materials and have opened your garden to visitors from near and far. In doing all of these activities, you have enhanced our gardens and brought honor to yourself and the chapter. In recognition and appreciation, the chapter is proud to present this medal, the chapter's highest award, on this eleventh day of October, nineteen hundred and ninety one.


Margaret Buffam

Eleven years ago you helped to found the Victoria Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society. Ever since then you have helped its development in countless ways. You have produced the name tags made of rhododendron wood for every member and for the thousand participants who attended the convention in Victoria in 1989. You have managed the sale of plants at the dollar table ever since it started. You have served on the executive and the nominating committee and have assisted at every function and activity of the Society. The Bronze Medal of the American Rhododendron Society is awarded to you in gratitude for your unfailing interest in rhododendrons and this society.

David Dougan

Your love and knowledge of the genus Rhododendron has been cultured over a period of more than 40 years of growing rhodos on Vancouver Island. You have shared this love and knowledge with others through your writings, your garden and plants and through your activities in the societies devoted to rhododendrons. You presided over the Victoria Rhododendron Society as vice-president, then as president for five formative years during which you oversaw and guided the incorporation of the society and the organization and successful completion of the international convention of 1989. You have assisted in the development of our sister Cowichan Chapter of the ARS and have served on its board. In gratitude for your service and in praise of your accomplishments, your fellow members of the Victoria Chapter ask you to accept the Bronze Medal.

Leslie Drew

The Bronze Medal is the highest honor that a chapter of the American Rhododendron Society can bestow. It is awarded to you by the Victoria Rhododendron Society in recognition of the excellence with which you have served the society and the genus Rhododendron . Through your researches with your husband Frank, and your writings on historical aspects of the culture of rhododendrons in British Columbia, published in international journals, you have preserved knowledge that would otherwise have been lost. Your help with the writing of the constitution of our society has given guidance for years to come. Your part in the formation and development of the Cowichan Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society also merits recognition. You richly deserve the award of the Bronze Medal. December 5, 1991


W.A. "Bill" Stipe

The Whidbey Island Chapter of the ARS proudly awards the Bronze Medal to W.A. "Bill" Stipe in recognition of his many and varied contributions of time and talents. Bill is a very active and valuable associate member of the Whidbey Island Chapter, serving as a board member; helping with plant sales; caring for the sale plants and preparing computerized data sales sheets. He organized a rhododendron study group for the Whidbey Chapter and assisted in the registration process for a Western Regional Conference.

Bill also attends and actively participates in the Seattle Chapter (SRS) study groups and is the prime organizer of the Meerkerk Garden "study" group. He is a willing and able volunteer for the SRS shows whether as clerk, judge or setup help. He has also organized and managed the SRS exhibits at the Pacific Northwest Flower and Garden Show. Additionally he collects and enters N.W. Hybrid Test Garden ratings into his computer for continuous records.

He and his wife Mary are employed as co-managers of the Meerkerk Rhododendron Gardens and through their leadership and hard work the gardens have shown vast improvement. Bill actively promotes the ARS, SRS, Whidbey and Komo Kulshan activities and continually encourages ARS membership.

Katie Schusler

The Whidbey Island Chapter is both pleased and proud to present the Bronze Medal to Katie Schusler in acknowledgement of her many contributions to the well-being of our chapter. These include serving as a director and as newsletter producer, editor and publisher, which also includes a great deal of creative writing. We appreciate the hours of help at our annual plant sales and for the chapter programs and study group sessions. Your dedicated volunteer service to the Meerkerk Gardens at work parties, as Site Committee chairperson and then as chairperson of the Garden Committee is notable. We thank you for being a valuable member of our chapter.